Why saucers?

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    1947 was when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a group of mysterious "flying discs" behind his plane. This was just two years after WWII, and Americans had been conditioned for years during the war to watch the skies for enemy aircraft. So that ingrained habit was still there but lacking any actual enemy to focus on, and I figure the "flying disc" report gave it something to latch onto and triggered a nationwide mania of sightings of what the press called flying discs or flying saucers, including the Roswell weather-balloon foofaraw a couple of weeks later. Before long, the notion that flying saucers might be alien spacecraft took hold, and thus we started to get flying-saucer spaceships in film from 1950 onward.

    (Edit: Well, the saucer mania is a fact, but the connection to WWII air-raid readiness is my own conjecture, given the timing.)
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    Cause trek was, in some ways, a 25% different copy of Forbidden Planet
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    Best true flying saucer, ever. :bolian::bolian::bolian::bolian::bolian:
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    Well that sent me a-Googling.
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    Of course, in-universe in 1947, there was an emergency crash-landing on Earth by an alien shuttle that looked nothing like a flying saucer. :techman:

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    ...Which no doubt is why USAF sent up all those saucer-shaped weather balloons when Venus was high in the sky, to misdirect the public attention from the real deal.

    What is curious is the general absence of flying saucers from Star Trek. The show has had its share of Grey jokes and abduction stories, but not even the Benny Russell storyline featured classic saucers. I can see why TOS would have avoided those, but what's the excuse of the later shows? General Sternbach aesthetics? Still thinking saucers are silly (even when B5 and the like got mileage out of those)? Other? Simple geometric shapes certainly aren't banned in the Trek school of starship design...

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Probably because flying saucers had the reputation of being representative of cheesy or cliched science fiction, and the very self-conscious Berman era of Trek wished to avoid that at all costs.
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    Mic drop.
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    From the wiki

    Arnold described them as a series of objects with convex shapes, though he later revealed that one object differed by being crescent-shaped. Several years later, Arnold would state he likened their movement to saucers skipping on water, without comparing their actual shapes to saucers, but initial quotes from him do indeed have him comparing the shape to like a "saucer", "disc", "pie pan", or "half moon", or generally convex and thin.

    They're called "pelicans"

    Then too...
    http://greyfalcon.us/The Horten Ho 229.htm

    Live-in saucers

    Now if you want a real saucer--and I'm not talking Avrocar...

    Now they did lie about it being a weather balloon. It was a chain of balloons called Mogul

    I think it carried something like an infrasound array to detect Soviet atomic tests.

    I don't know quite where to put flying saucers in modern sci-fi.
    Would Klaatu's craft be more or less sophisticated than Enterprise.

    The Ent' looks more souped up--but maybe Klaatu doesn't need ugly nacelles any more.

    My fav book on saucers:

    A nice UFO recognition manual would sell well.

    I'm not a big believer in saucers--but found this chart a hoot'

    And last but not least--what I think people are seeing
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