Why not sequels?

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by Jonathan Peters, Aug 31, 2017.

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    This again?
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    Spinning the new series off the era in the last few movies makes sense to me. It's fresh in everyone's minds.

    Plus, as others have said, no magic technology which would completely change humanity if anyone remembered it after the 42-minute reset (although personally I would LOVE a new series to embrace humanity taking it's first, technology-assisted steps to becoming Q)
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    It would be awesome if the mods would combine every post made in the last 6 months either crying about "why won't Star Trek make a post-Nemesis show" or about "why does DSC need to air on a streaming service??? I won't pay!!!" into one giant thread called "whine here about things that won't change" and call it a day.
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    It's so quiet in this forum these days that I'm willing to allow a little leeway for variations on a theme.
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    Didn't stop the Thor films. Nor did it stop centuries of ancient Greek and Roman stories of Gods. I don't get why people think having "magical" technology suddenly destroys all storytelling possibilities, when humanity has had millennia of such stories.
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    But, does it fit with Star Trek is more the question. Star Trek has always made a (somewhat dubious) claim to be based in science, and then unfold with the characters and their reaction to those changes. But, we also have Q, Talosians, psychic powers and the like, so it's a mix.

    In my opinion, it would detract a bit from the characters and the world building, but I could be wrong.