Why no species fanbois in Star Trek?

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    Jun 30, 2004
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    A human inmate in "Whom Gods Destroy" wears an Andorian suede tabard. I often wondered if he originally owned the fluffly pink bathrobe worn by the facility's Andorian inmate.

    A group of dark-skinned humanoids in ST IV wear Zaranite clothing (from TMP). Meanwhile a humanoid woman in ST IV wears Arcturian clothing (also from TMP). Actually, that reminds me, in "The Conscience of the King" - at least in the script - the play of "Hamlet" is being performed in Arcturian-styled clothing.

    An Andorian Fast Food outlet (Shop 01-754) is located on the DS9 Promenade [as seen on the directory board in the television special, The Science of Star Trek].
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    Ensign Stefan DeSeve, who was actually in Face of the Enemy, though he told Picard he was with Spock's movement.