Spoilers Why doesn't Pike just tell the admiral what happened on Boreth?

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    There are places in the world today (and for the last 45 years where I live) where taking on a spouse’s family name is legally barred from being automatic (can be done but is very complicated and expensive), so not sharing a last name is hardly a proof of a lack of marriage. Nothing else in the scene suggested marriage to me, but the difference in surnames was decidedly not one of them.
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    April: Chris, Section 31 has declared your memory of Boreth a high level security liability. Therefore, we are taking measures to remedy that, effective immediately.

    Pike: Wait, what?

    Spock: I'm sorry Captain. But orders are orders, and the Admiral outranks you.

    Pike: No wait you can't do this to me. This is a violation of Starfleet and Federation law involving private citi--

    April: Mind meld away Mr. Spock.

    Spock: My mind to your mind. My thought to your thoughts. Forget...


    April: :evil:
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