Why “Deep Space Nine”?

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    Isn't the issue mentioned in the pilot? Bashir talks excitedly about "frontier medicine" and Kira snarks that for her it's home.

    The Federation had hundreds of ships and stations so would have needed a system of designations, but for Bajor it was the only one so they might not have even needed to give it a name.
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    You might enjoy this thread we had going for awhile: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/no-longer-deep-space-renaming-ds9.298006/
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    Well, to be clear....the Cardassians forced the Bajorans to construct the mining station for them. I’m just going by what Memory Alpha says on this point.
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    How little do you know of the historical circumstances of slavery.

    In times of great need, a man will sell his own children into slavery, so that the others may survive for another year.
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    Bad Thoughts
    Care to reread what I wrote?
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    I always just assumed that after the Cardassians withdrew Bajor would've been quite happy to leave the station abandoned or scuttle it, given it's role in subjugating the population, but when the Provisional Government asked for Federation assistance (as well as petitioned for entry) and Starfleet was assigned to administer relief aid (and assess them for membership) they were gifted the station to use as a base of operations. With no official designation from the Provisional Government or Militia (other than Terok Nor) they wouldn't really object to Starfleet naming it for their own administrative and operational purposes.
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    "You have two choices: Starbase 759 or Deep Space 8."
    "Uh, we'll take the latter."
    "Too slow, you're Deep Space 9."
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    Sisko's first station log was enough to figure it out; its enough to understand the Federation is there and the station will be designated (DEEP SPACE NINE) as such as long as the Federation is there. No spelling it out why, I never said that.
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    I don't know. Everyone in this thread understands the name “Deep Space Nine” and why Starfleet would name one of its stations like that. But the question was why it didn't have a Bajoran name. The Federation coming in to support the Bajorans doesn't necessarily explain why they wouldn't give it a Bajoran designation. You made it sound like the pilot does in fact give an explanation for that, which I don't think it does.
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    You mean, you interpreted what I wrote and assumed the following. That was not what I wrote. DS9 was not a series that spelled everything out; it really thought its audience was smarter than that and could understand what was there.
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    Deep Space 1-8 were not entirely successful. :D
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    Deep Space 4 disappeared Into a space/time anomaly 24 hours after becoming operational.
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    This is the story of the last of the deep space stations. It was our last best hope for peace...it failed. But during the Dominion War it became something more: out last best hope....for victory.
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    Just reading that put a vivid image into my head of the Defiant turning around in front of a purple nebula right before a lens flare sweeps past and the Deep Space 9 logo appears.
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    I can absolutely hear the seventh season intro featuring a montage with voiceover quotes like
    "No one here is exactly what he appears" - Garak to Bashir when they first meet
    "Nothing's the same anymore" - Sisko after the loss of the Odyssey and the warning of Eris
    "Why don't you eliminate the entire Bajoran homeworld?" - Dukat to Weyoun when negotiating to join the Dominion
    "General Hague Admiral Leyton has signed a decree today, declaring martial law" - FNN announcer
    "Now get the hell out of our quadrant!" - Sisko subjecting the female Founder to his trademark yell
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