Who wants to see a TAS Remasered project?

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    Even with more fluid motion I don't think I'd want to recreate Filmation's style for a new TAS. I think better could be done.
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    I don't think I can possibly emphasize how bad of an idea I think this is, to "re-do" a show by a studio that has been dead for a quarter of a century, especially one that has been dragged through the mud as Filmation. (FUN FACT: Star Trek is one of the few Filmation shows you can get on DVD that isn't some combination of edited, time-compressed, or poorly restored with DVNR.)

    What gets my goat, though, is that I have a feeling that CBS would like to indulge in this idea. They already changed the sound effects to "More Tribbles, More Troubles" to "fit" TOS on the Season 2 Blu-ray "Tribbles disc" with effects (the photon torpedo sound, for one) that Filmation only acquired for their effects library some time after TAS ended.
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    Agree. :techman:
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    Jan 26, 2014
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    Wow! Well done. Thanks for sharing!
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    I've commented on SECRET OF VULCAN FURY before and I passionately would love to see if the material does still exist. Now the files would be owned by Interplay which was sold to a French company I think.

    The first thing you would need to do is find out where it is IF it still exists. That would mean someone exploring all possible avenues and breaking down barriers to speak to possible contacts. If [god forbid] the files don't exists, try and find out where it all ended up in t he very last instant.

    As a Doctor Who fan I have followed the story of episodes found again from foreign stations or private collectors after the BBC burnt hundreds of original copies in the 70s, believing that in the new world of Colour Television no one would give a toss about the black and white stuff. Of course now people ARE interested in the world of repeats, VHS and now DVD.

    If the files exist somewhere and can be located in an archive or something (or easier if the Director/Producer has spares in a box in the attic!) then they would need to be bought, either privately or through CBS - ANYTHING commercial be it a game or DVD/blu-ray/Cartoon Network special will have to go through the rights holders.

    Of course it would be a wonderful find and hopefully someone with time and resources will care to go looking - this is potentially a feature-length project with the entire cast of TOS some in their final appearances (though I hear Deforest Kelley unfortunately had to be replaced due to ill health) as lead actors.

    If not then maybe D.C. Fontana could adapt the story into another form? This isn't just an 'unmade' project this sis something that was started, maybe someone could research into how much work was actually completed. The videos and pictures on TrekCore are stunning, and if there is a final product I hope some of that vision is preserved.
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    While I love the vintage work of Tatsunoko, it would have been a bad fit for Star Trek.

    When adapting live action with characters / actors as universally recognized as the TOS crew, the goal (outside of being a faithful spin-off) is to capture the essence of the actors. One of the reasons TAS quickly eased pre-release fears was the combination of a straightforward capture of actor likeness combined with a style that was not too much of a departure from the live work (unlike Filmation's My Favorite Martians or Hanna-Barbera's Jeannie).

    In 1973, Tatsunoko had a defined style (as seen in Gatchaman the previous year). I doubt the studio would have taken another approach in dealing with ST, so I have a strong feeling the usual, large eyed, somewhat exaggerated anatomy would have been force-fit over ST, rather than the style fitting the need of the content.