Who should the next rival of the Federation.

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    But it would be a very inaccurate analogy to describe the UFP as having anywhere near the military superiority in the Milky Way Galaxy that the USA has on Earth. The USA has a far larger percentage of the land area, population, industry, wealth,etc. of the planet Earth than the UFP has in the gigantic Milky Way galaxy that it only rules a minute fraction of. There could be thousands or millions of other states with equal resources to the Federation out there, or possibly a single state with 359 times the military power of the F UFP or 1,284 times the military power of the UFP, or 45,915 times the military power of the Federation, or whatever.

    The idea that the new rivals of the UFP would have to be raiders, or guerrillas, or terrorists, or some other small scale foes, is not correct. There is no reason to assume that the UFP must have run out of foes with equal or superior military might in this vast and vastly unexplored galaxy.

    My favorite idea for a new rival would be the Dominion. I was very disappointed that the "The Search" identified the real Founders of the Dominion so quickly. So I like to think that the Changelings are not the real Foudners of the Dominion, merely a subordinate group that founded a province or state of the Dominion that was assigned the task of conquering the area by the Bajoran end of the wormhole and failed. So the real Founders of the Dominion may now assign the job to some other province or state.

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    Or a much smaller grouping that possesses superior technology.
    The south shall rise again.
    Seriously having a portion of the Federation, a few dozen members, declare that they decided to part company with the Federation and join another interstellar organization. And then a few sore ass remainders figure those are fighting words, and no-body gets to leave.
    Or, that the Federation and it's moral don't go far enough.
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    Good point. What if Picard, who doesn't believe that Starfleet is Starfleet anymore, convinces some of his friends in governments around the Federation to form a true, moral utopia again.
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    King Daniel Beyond

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    There holy galactic crusade to spread the the truth of The Picard!
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    And the rest of the Federation rejoices and shouts 'Good riddance to those pesky humans'!
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    The Spanish Inquisition

    You know why.
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    Blimey, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition would be a rival to the Federation.
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    Maybe an authoritarian movement from within, playing off fear of the Borg, Dominion and synths. Though I guess a lot of other SF franchises did that.
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    What about the Voth? When they give up or change their doctrine, they might want get their old homeworld back. And with their advanced technology they might be the biggest threat to the Federation beside the Borg or the Krenim...
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    A rogue group of Ferengi - calling themthelves the Warriors of Fortune.....:D
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    8472 could come into our space from anywhere — they’re the only life in their universe. They’re also physically more interesting than most.

    The Kelvins would be a baddie from “new” space we haven’t been to yet. These days, could also appear in their natural form.

    The Tzenkethi could play on our fears of class consciousness and genetic engineering, but maybe their time hasn’t come yet.

    The Conspiracy Parasites would be fun. But their punch is greater when there’s something to hold onto. I think we’re in a period of trying to redefine what we want.

    The Dominion or rival Federation might have been an interesting stand-in for China and alternative ideology, but DS9 already did a full-on war with them.

    Civil War just rubs me the wrong way. It’d be a step backward and a disgrace.

    A couple of things I like about PIC is the exploration of civilian life and the lack of baddie. The Romulans are looking to prevent a synth takeover, not destroy the Federation. The Borg are frightening but not active.

    There’s a huge established universe out there to play in. Maybe they do more with the current threats already established. Maybe the next series are a couple of police officers scouring the galaxy trying to solve a murder or a scientists trying to figure out a “The Chase”-like mystery, and it takes them from sexy Delta IV to post-war Cardassia to tense Tzenketh to a Dominion civil war to unknown space to the Q Continuum.
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    I've always thought three good rivals for a future series would be a the Breen, the Conspiracy aliens, and a new enemy we haven't seen before.
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    Given that we see the Hirogen hunting alpha quadrant race holograms in “flesh and blood” it would make logical sense for them to travel that far for the actual challenge.
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    Maybe The Typhon Pact from the books could make a good new rival.
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    A new race in the alpha quadrant beyond Cardassians or in the Beta Quadrant beyond the Romulans and Klingons would interesting.