Spoilers Who is the mastermind in Season 3 of Picard?

Jason Wyngarde.

These guys
I'm starting to think it's the Borg again. What if the rogue Changelings modified the transporters in Starfleet to infect everyone who used them with special borg nanoprobes and Jack is needed because of his special abilities, granted to him by being the son of Locutus.

The Face (who only ever speaks in plurals) needs Jack to activate the nanoprobes at Frontier Day to mass assimilate all of Starfleet simultaneously, thus instantly restoring the Borg after being crippled by Janeway and allowing them to assimilate the Federation with no resistance.

GooTuvok said that death would be a relief from what they had planned for the Federation.

GooTuvok turned into a grey Riker…now you’ve said it I’ve realised the grey Riker looked like a Borg but without cybernetics.
FNN Exclusive: Is your child a Borg?

Richter: Hello and welcome to FNN. In the aftermath of Frontier Day, we have with us Tom Paris, detailing the horror he endured upon realizing his daughter could be a Borg and a plea from him that all ex-Borg be ostracized from Federation society immediately.

Paris: So, after Frontier Day, Miral mentioned that she was having nightmares with a red room, tentacles, etc. And after hearing that, I knew. I didn't make a mistake marrying B'Elanna because she was part Klingon. I made a mistake staying married to her because she was ex-Borg, due to an insane mission by that nut Janeway back in the Voyager days. After the chaos of Frontier Day, I immediately filed for divorce, disowned Miral from any inherited assets, and feel the need to speak to the people now--Are your loved ones ex-Borg? Sometimes, you can't even tell. Remove yourselves from them immediately!

Richter: And there you have it folks, right from Mr. Paris' mouth. Admiral Janeway, another ex-Borg is currently being removed from Starfleet and is in the process of mandatory sterilization. To quote CNC Admiral Clancy, "We can't run the risk of Janeway having a one night stand and birthing another Borg monstrosity into our galaxy. People might assume that due to her senior age, the chances of her conceiving are unlikely but in the aftermath of Beverly Crusher's conceiving a Borg love child with Picard at an advanced age, you can never be too sure."

Starfleet has also taken immediate action to sterilize Captain Tuvok after his changeling captivity, another ex-Borg, before his next pon farr and the possibilities of any children he may have sired during his pon farrs following Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant are being reviewed. When asked for comment by FNN before his forced sterilization, Captain Tuvok stated, "I was better off with the changelings".

When asked to comment on whether ex-Borg Annika Hansen should be allowed to retain Federation citizenship following Frontier Day, the AI activist Voyager's Doctor, long known as an admirer of Ms. Hansen, coldly denied any continuing connection to her stating, "I barely know the woman you are asking about, ex-Borg are a stain on any society, AI or organic."

Starfleet has also arrested protesters at the Hugh Memorial and are tearing down the Memorial as we speak, with Admiral Clancy saying, "There should be no memorials for disgusting ex-Borg."

And there you have it. Is anyone you know an ex-Borg? If so, report them immediately to subspace address section31@starfleet.gov
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Mega spoiler below. Just got done with the Episode.
Well not Locutus. Someone new. Vox. And it is the Borg. And clever use of the Changelings
I got the DNA part right. Being assimilated changes your DNA. Borg made special modifications to Locutus-Picard as he was a "reciever" from the Queen. It was in Picard his entire life, that's why he could hear them (BRILLIANT, entirely logical retcon).
I got right it was passed down to Jack biologically by accident (Borg werent meant to sexually reproduce) and got changed and Jack is a reciever. Something new and unprecedented.
Others go the Transporter part right. i didn't see that coming. Very clever. VERY clever.
Enterprise-D is back, but not as the Galaxy-X.
I guess we have it confirmed the Enterprise-E was badly damaged or destroyed. Too bad. Nice to see it mentioned.
I wonder if we'll see the Borg Queen next episode or jut "Vox".
I guess this explains why they never returned after the Battle of Sector 001? Were they playing the long game.
AMAZING seeing a riff on the classic Borg designs again inside the cube, rather than the lousy Season 1 retcon design.

Let's be clear: it was never, ever going to be the Pagh Wraiths. I don't know how that even started. That's not even general "Star Trek" specific. That's DS9 specific and they've spent 0 minutes this season discussing the Bajoran religion. They would have had to introduce it a long time ago for it to make any sense if it were them. The Borg, meanwhile, are part of TNG's DNA, and Picard's quite literally.

It wasn't also going to be Redjac or other random shit. Come on people...

This show is amazing.But I'll repeat what I said earlier... the "reveal" was never the point.