Spoilers Which season of Discovery had better villains?

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  1. Groppler Zorn

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    Apr 13, 2018
    Admiral Cornwell was in both s1 and s2. Like many admirals she was into some shady stuff - c.f. Her involvement with the Klingon genocide plot at the end of s1 and her work with s31 in s2. Granted, she redeemed herself with the torpedo, but for a semi-present admiral, Cornwell was probably an atypical villain that was fleshed out more than the Klingons, Leland, etc.
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    I know he wasn't a major character, but I really liked Rainn Wilson's Mudd. But major villains, I like L'rell, although she kind of became more of an anti-hero. Mary Chieffo gave a good performance.
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    May 15, 2016
    Why did Control randomly decide to destroy all life in the galaxy, other than "it just did"?
    They could've said, its threat analysis detected that humanity (and by extension, the rest of sentient life) was too dangerous to live.
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    As stupid as I found it that a super advanced computer program could be defeated with fists and magnets, although it should have infiltrated countless computers on countless worlds, starbases and ships by the time it got easily defeated, I still have to say season 2 had the better villains. It is just that the Klingons in season 1 were even more horrible and I didn't like Lorca either.
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    I could have sworn they mentioned this at some point.

    It makes sense though, that Control was motivated by a belief that the biggest threat to sentient life is other sentient life, so it's all gotta go.
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    It could've gone like Skynet and calculated that there was a considerable risk that sentient lifeforms will resist and attempt to stop it. As it was following its directives to eliminate threats, it would've concluded that its destruction would obviously deprive it of the capability to follow those directives, therefore the threats to its existence would need to be eliminated.
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    That's quite plausible, too. I hope they elaborate on it in season 3, but it really looks like the producers want to make a clean start.