Where'd This Phase II Cutaway Come From...?

Discussion in 'Trek Tech' started by Praetor, Sep 13, 2013.

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    It'd be an odd asymmetrical shape if that truly was a rear view. I chalk it up to TOS not showing the perspective properly and say they're the same ship, only with golden glowing shields activated in "Mudd's Woman"

    I guess it's quite possible the original artist intended the pointy end to be the front. Or that the glowing shield(?) was obscuring it's true shape. IIRC our first look at a Klingon battlecruiser was a similar golden blob smudge thing.
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    In the TOS shot, the ship is angled slightly to the left so I don't think it is a direct rear view.
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    It's interesting to note that the TOS-R version of this vessel in "Mudd's Women" looks nothing like either of these. It resembles more like a Galaxy Quest N.S.E.A. Protector with TOS-style warp nacelles.
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    To make things even Mudd-ier still, I think that TOS mudd ship was based on some of Jefferies early concepts for the Enterprise?
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    Hmm, I haven't heard that before, but would you be referring to this? I can see it, if so.

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    Man, I'm glad thet didn't go with that design, it looks like a flying toilet seat.
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    ^And your link has the exact same glitch. It's a problem with the BBS software -- it always leaves a final parenthesis outside the link.