What ships SHOULD they have used in the Dominion War?

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    I once hypothesized that when the Federation was founded, Starfleet was a lot more militaristic than it eventually became in TOS and TNG. But then ENT showed me that Starfleet was just as militarily inept as it's always been.
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    Well, if your Organization is run by incompetence, guess what happens.

    And Archer wasn't the best person to choose as Captain, but he's the one we got.

    We all know the blunders he made in the first 2 seasons of ST:ENT.
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    I was going to hit like for this post until the last two sentences. I totally agree with the idea that traditional armor might be useless in Starfleet tactical situations. However, there's nothing wrong with being interested in how Starfleet works in a military/policing function.

    In fact, policing might be a better comparison. There's no guarantee you are going to be in a fight, but no guarantee you won't either. It seems most police organizations evolved from a more army-like structure, whereas Starfleet is more naval. A split heritage for Starfleet might be the very reason why some of their choices are hard to understand.
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    They should have rushed Defiant production First and foremost. The main reason for such a small ship designed to fight the Borg, is to minimise the number of crew required to operate the ship and thus prevent Wolf 359 again, 11000 personal were lost out of those 39 ships. Send a crew with 50 people on basically a weapons platform and thus thats why we have the Defiant. 11,000 divided by 50 means you can have 220 ships, instead of 40.

    In the DS9 episode "The Search" which chronicles the Defiant's first appearance and it's history. "The Defiant was the prototype, the first ship in what would have been a new Federation battle fleet." This would seem to imply Starfleet would not have deployed ONE ship but to have them in mass. In essence operate like a pack of wolves than a single predator. The Sovereign or Galaxy class is an Explorer-Battleship hybrid; meant to show the flag and serve it's diplomatic and scientific roles but if NEED be, defend itself or put up an offensive. Very large warships have historically been built for ego more than practicality as seen in World War II, as navies transitioned from battleships to aircraft carriers, infamous navies like the UK and US saw their pinnacle ships sank by cheap airplanes.

    The cost of production is not necessarily a factor, time to produce is. The Defiant's size simplified manufacturing, If I can make six to ten Defiant-class ships in the same time as it takes to make one big Cruiser, I will always take the fleet of ships over the one.