What make of car(s) do you currently own?

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    The 60 tells you the year and period (March or September) that it was registered.

    As an example, a car registered NX51 XXX would have been registered in Autumn 2001 and probably have been registed around Stockton.

    When it got to 2010, they started with 10 for Spring and 60 for Autumn if I remember correctly.

    Before 2001, it worked differently. As an example, from older cars that I've owned, the registration may have looked like:-

    S123 ABC (September 1998 - signified by the S. T would be March 1999) I think that they started going half yearly on new registrations in 1998.

    L123 ABC (Registered between Aug 93 and July 94 per the L)

    This commenced in August 83 with A registrations.

    Before that (and we come to the first car I've owned - chevette) the registration may have looked like:-

    ABC 123Y (Where the Y tells you it was registered between Aug 82 and July 83)

    According to Wiki, that went back to 1963
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    ^Thank you for answering. :) I've never come across anyone in Britain describing the age of a car by a year; it's always done by the registration number plate. Unlike in Canada and the US, when a car is bought or sold in Britain (and most other European countries, I believe) the number plate never changes between owners.
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