What happened to Olivia Woods?

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    There's not much more about Olivia Woods to be found than what's listed in Memory Alpha and Memory Beta or in the back of her novels, and her name hasn't come up in the recent discussions I've taken part in.

    I find this a bit mysterious. I quite enjoyed both her novels: the flipbook Fearful Symmetry was an inventive pairing of novellas charting the descent of Iliana Ghemor into hell and her Bajoran doppelganger's discovery of what happened, while The Soul Key was a fantastic entry in the ranks of the mirror universe. Woods wrote compellingly and with some humour, and had a very good grasp of the canon. She was great.

    Does anyone know what happened?
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    She was a writer brought in by Marco Palmieri, and he was laid off. A lot of other authors who worked with Marco haven't been brought back since his tenure ended. Different editors have different writers they work well with. You can see similar things happening with other editors. For instance, I don't think we've seen any books by Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch since John Ordover left.
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    I love Fearful Symmetry and The Soul Key and I'm not entirely clear on why other people don't. I'd be quite happy to have Olivia back for more.

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    And KRAD, for that matter.

    Btw, Ms Wood's books are going to be released in German this year for the first time.
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    Since "Sarah Shaw" was actually David Mack, I thought Woods might be a pseudonym as well.