What do fans think of...Rod Roddenberry?

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    I am then in error as to ages. But my impression remains the same. Rod did not really know his father, I think. Which is perhaps a not uncommon state for fathers and sons.

    Or does anyone here think that Rod has bold, new insights into Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry's life and work?

    I respect him. But he is no writer, not a producer, not a creator of anything. He is a latter-day spectator, trying to find familial meaning in the past.

    I honor his search and I welcome his unique input.
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    Re: What Do Fans Think Of ... "Rod" Roddenberry?

    Just posting to get the subject line to show up. Again.

    But I agree with you on some points. What has Roddenberry Jr. to say to us? Not much, I guess.
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    ^^ The Roddenberrys are on record that "Star Trek" was not discussed at home, unless it was in Gene Sr's office, so Rod's appreciation for ST is probably similar to many fans', in that he associated with ST fans at conventions as a kid, and saw ST permeate popular culture, and knew that his parents worked hard in the film and TV industry.

    But your sweeping claim that Rod "did not really know his father" is based on a few interviews (which would always be edited to trim out anything extraneous). Perhaps he chooses not to tell all in interviews. Usually, an interviewee only gets to respond to what's asked.

    BTW, Rod also appeared as an extra in TNG's "Justice" (as one of the scantily-clad blond, tan aliens).