What became of Superman?

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    No reason why he shouldn't. Aging isn't a singular process. Put simply, there are two processes at work in the body, cell growth/regeneration and cell damage/death. In the first phase of life, growth dominates and we develop and mature. In the middle phase, the processes are balanced and we stay roughly the same. In the final phase, decay outraces growth and repair and we deteriorate unto death.

    Since a Kryptonian under a yellow sun has nigh-magical regenerative abilities, that would cancel out the decay processes and cause the middle phase of life to continue indefinitely. But there's no reason it would have any effect on the first phase of growth and development (except maybe to make it go even faster, followed by much slower or nonexistent adult aging).
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    You can, but
    can you point out where the change happened? Where does the Golden Age/"original" Superman stop and the next version begin? From 1938 to 1986 all these changes happened organically. It would be like saying there are several versions of James Kirk in TOS.
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    My two cents:

    The Earth-2 Superman, which didn't officially appear in the DCU until 1966 (Justice League of America #73), is one iteration of the Golden Age Superman.

    There are several differences as pointed out here:


    And here:


    In fact, this page is a good source for the various ages of Superman:

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    Superman mortal:wtf: Superman in past tense:confused:

    Gimme a break. Unless Otis slipped kryptonite into Clark's coffee somehow Superman is immortal & mostly indestructible & airworthy.

    HOW would Superman keel over anyway?

    What became of Superman you ask?

    He lived eternally everafter, frustrated by the deaths of his loved ones, friends, lovers, aquaintances, even his adversaries.

    And how did/does Superman fake the passing of Clark Kent?
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    Tucker from Enterprise still reads Superman comics which are probably set in a contemporary era. ;)
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    :techman:Very good point.

    That being so, Batman & Robin almost definitely DC comix in ENT's time as well.

    Shoots my hunch about Spock being Robin's descendant into the poop-scooper huh:confused:

    So much for Burt Ward & Leonard Nimoy co-starring in a ST/BATMAN time travel crossover story re: Spock meeting direct ancestor Robin:scream::mad:

    Hey, forget DC folks on “Smallville”.

    How'bout 1 or more of these dudes guest-starring:
    Leonard Nimoy, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Gene Hackman, Katherine Ross, among others.

    If not in a guest-role, then playing themselves.
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    Maybe in the Star Trek universe those Superman comic books are based on the real person...;)
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    It has been a long time since I saw the episode but if i remember right it looked like he was going faster and faster then their was a burst of light. I always took that as the end of his life. I thought he was trying to approach the speed of light itself maybe trying to travel back in time or something.

    Being immortal would suck because everyone you know or have loved would die and you would be left alone.
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    Since he didn't actually see Superman, it could also be an allegory to the impact his life had on the universe. He may die, but his name will live on forever. That sort of thing.
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    I agree with Trekker. HUH??
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    I still think he keels over from the big one after a marathon lovefest session with Wonder Woman. :drool:

    Magic Lasso and Bullets and Bracelets are just too much for poor Kal-El.

    Poor guy, but somebody has to do it . . .
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    It's OK. Everyone has that reaction from time to time when they agree with me.