What are your controversial Star Trek opinions?

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  1. Nyotarules

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    Swap McCoys insults in the 1960's for a IRL setup if Spock was a nonwhite human, e.g Sulu or M'Benga. In universe it is still unprofessional behaviour. As for Shran, used the term 'pinkskin' before he and Archer built up any respect, it was meant to be an insult. But because most of us like the characters we give them a pass, that they would not get in a real work atmosphere.
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  2. eschaton

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    Oct 2, 2017
    I think it was intended along the lines of "good-natured ribbing" that white ethnics used to give one another in the U.S.
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    Yes, and TOS-Spock was quite liberal in his insults about the human species, arguably as much as McCoy's (and many times without provocation / a response to McCoy or anyone else), yet some still cannot bring themselves to simply look a the series evidence of Spock being nasty / insulting an entire species.
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    May 17, 2009
    This was done for the second season of TNG and onward. The longer his hair got, the lighter it got.
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    Dec 22, 2022
    Indeed. He's practically auburn by the time he marries Jadzia.
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    Agreed with this… if McCoy had said “Why you brown-skinned cotton picking…” to M’Benga, we’d be raising the roof.

    McCoy picking up on the shape of Spock’s ears, the colour of his blood and continually challenging and demeaning what are arguably close to religious (or at least philosophical) beliefs of Spock is just plain nasty at times.

    And Spock doesn’t like it.

    All Our Yesterdays:

    MCCOY: You listen to me, you pointed-eared Vulcan.
    SPOCK: I don't like that. I don't think I ever did, and now I'm sure.
    MCCOY: What's happening to you, Spock?
    SPOCK: Nothing that shouldn't have happened long ago...

    This stuff has been pissing Spock off throughout TOS and he’s just very good at not showing it.
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    Mar 13, 2020
    O’Brien made a terrible Klingon. He looked like the ultimate village idiot of Qo’onos!
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    I said out, dammit!
    Yeah, true - now I'm remembering my Dad kidding around with his Italian, Irish, etc, pals in the VFW and Lions Club.
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  10. fireproof78

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    I prefer more anatomical insults like lily-livered, yellow bellied, spastic colon, you!
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  11. Nerys Myk

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    IIRC, the Vulcan make up was a variation of the make up used to make white actors Asian.
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  12. CorporalCaptain

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    Feb 12, 2011
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    The Vulcan High Priestess present at Spock's birth in the flashback scene in STV was played by Beverly Hart.

    (Also prior to VOY, Michael Mack had played Sirol in TNG "The Pegasus", not a Vulcan of course, though.)
  13. Shat Happens

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Bob. He call him Bob. It's untranslatable from the original Andorian(source:headcanon)

    That was me. Hello. Upon reading Voyager press kit I thought Tuvok should be dark green, because (as we all know) Vulcans have copper-based, so green, blood, different from (as we all also know) humans' red, iron based, blood, and logically their melanin should be made copper instead iron and green. I know better now (human melanin does not even have iron in its composition, so copper won't substitute anything). Tuvok is my second favorite Vulcan in all of Star Trek.

    They should have had a lot of scenes with Mayweather.

    I missed a big part os DS9. There is an episode with Klingon O'Brien? I'll have to check this out. Thank Zod for 21st century streaming services
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  14. CarnelianClout

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    May 21, 2022
    Discovery and Picard are terrible shows with a terrible premise. Would have rather they bring back Enterprise and re-do it, but better.
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    Using Mayweather more often could have solved a lot of Enterprise’s problems.
  16. Shawnster

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    Jul 28, 2008
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    That would require Mayweather being a character. Or, maybe that would have made Mayweather a character. Hmmm....
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  17. Citiprime

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    Dec 19, 2021
    I always felt like the direction they told Anthony Montgomery was to react naively about everything, like it's the first time he's ever heard of anything ever happening, and have a "golly gee willickers" expression to any event. And I think that undercuts the initial intention with the character. They set him up as a "boomer" that's traveled in space since he was a kid, and might serve in a sort-of Neelix-ish role that could advise Archer and the crew about some of the way things are done on the frontier. But that's only touched on in a few episodes, and Mayweather ends up being closer to a Wesley that just never has an interesting storyline.

    Mayweather has no arc over the course of the show. Who he is in episode 1 is who he is in the final episodes.
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    Apr 11, 2014
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    If only he said that.
  19. Paul755

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    Jul 21, 2018
    I always thought Mayweather should have been an older character. Maybe a Boomer captain who’d lost his ship and joined up with Starfleet.

    Maybe he was even in competition with Archer to captain Enterprise but got first officer instead. Create some tension between the two (Archer thinks Mayweather is always trying to undermine him because he is jealous, Mayweather thinks Archer only got the command because of his name, etc…) until they develop a mutual respect. Almost an O’Brien/Bashir kinda thing minus them becoming besties.
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    As Sisko would say, haven't you ever seen a blond haired Irish Klingon before?
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