What are scientists of the Star Trek universe working on if anything?

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    As well as appling that tech to medical emergency situations.
    Instances where life saving aid could not be offered in time to save a life would have them instituting a transport holding pattern until said ministrations are available

    Artificial wormnholes would seem to be a worthwhile endeavor in an age where warp travel causes damage to space

    Duplicating artificial intelligent life seems to be a big interest, either holographic or robotic
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    Medical stasis is a thing, as of the TNG ep where the crew de-evolve (Beverley is placed in it after Worf sprays her with neurotoxin).

    DS9 ep Rejoined has the Federation working on this.

    Maddox' interest in Data and Lal agrees. The TNG novel "Immortal Coil" studies Data in the context of the androids and AIs we saw in TOS through the ongoing work of Flint (revealed to have faked his death) and the Exo III androids who are after a new prototype "Holotronic" android. This is later picked up in the post-Nemesis novels beginning with The Cold Equations.
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    and just think of all the history there would be to study!
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    Better medical technologies and procedures-DS9 and Voyager

    Artificial wormholes-DS9

    Better FTL travel-Voyager, DS9, TNG, ENT

    Computer science-TOS, VOY, TNG


    Creating a continent in the Atlantic-TNG


    There are quite a few episodes throughout Trek where the development of new technologies or improving old ones is discussed.

    Not to mention "non-technological" sciences such as astrophysics, biology, archaeology, etc... That are referenced throughout Trek.

    I imagine the Federation is awash with scientists in every field.