Weirdly Shaped Wormholes

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    I think that a wormhole would be created by not two gravitational objects, but by many gravitational objects residing along the conduit itself.
    Whole galaxies could reside along the conduit itself where the immense gravity of the black holes at the center of the galaxies would pull on the wormhole singularity itself.
    As the wormhole singularity is pulled on from all sides by the gravity of the black holes at the center of each galaxy, the singularity would create a conduit of space-time that would basically be like space-time was before the Big Bang.
    As galaxies orbited the conduit, the solar systems with planets and life on them in the arms of the galaxy would being able to travel to other planets and galaxies within the conduit very quickly.
    While in the conduits light, civilizations would come to understand how to re-create smaller wormholes that they could then use to travel to other parts of their own galaxy that hadn't intersected the wormhole's conduit yet.
    Theoretically a wormhole would be teaming with galaxy's full of life.

    Could matter that is discovered traveling through space without any definite origin possibly have entered a wormhole on the other side of a galaxy while that part of the galaxy was in the conduit and suddenly appeared thousands of years later in our part of the galaxy.

    If part of a galaxy is passing through a wormhole, collects matter and sends that matter to another part of the galaxy, is the worm hole able to curve through space time from its original point to a point outside of the conduit and into another part of the galaxy that hasn't passed through the wormhole yet?
    Basically, could it be possible for the center of a galaxy to bend a wormhole around an arc of gravity at the center of the galaxy where the entry point exists inside of the galactic arm inside of the wormhole that connects to a point that is not in the conduit?

    Is it possible for a wormhole to bent by the galactic core all the way around the galactic core to eventually return to its place of origin?
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    Im not sure where to start. How can one define matter that has no origin? A wormhole is pinched off from the 3D universe so I'm not sure how galaxy's reside along the conduit. Maybe central black holes are terminus for white holes, but it does not mean the galaxies 'reside' next to the wormhole as we are talking about different dimensions where distances may longer have any correlation.

    Another point, your basically asking can a white hole act as an ouroboros? As long as it doesn't violate general relativity it can do what it likes.