Was Mister Mott the most important person on the Enterprise?

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    As we all know, sometimes a good haircut is the key to a confident life. I don't reckon the Enterprise-D crew would be anywhere near so willing to Boldly Go™ if it weren't for Mister Mott keeping them all looking fan-TAB-ulous all the time? :cool: Observe:

    Picard: Mott keeps what little hair the good Captain has still got nice and trim at the back, while applying a liberal dose of wax to the head for that shiny-yet-sophisticated look.

    Riker: Mott keeps his beard trim. Remember, in "Parallels" we saw that Enterprise from an alternate reality, where Riker's beard was shaggy and overgrown? That wasn't because he was from a universe where the Borg have taken over... it's because in his universe, Mott left the Enterprise to set up a chain of intergalactic hair salons. Result: one messed up crew and one messed up timeline. And Riker as a member of ZZ Top.

    Data: Our android chum likes to claim (in "Birthright 1", for example) that he can keep his hair at any length he likes. The truth is he deliberately grows it out so he can experience the barber shop just like his human colleagues do.

    Deanna Troi: Mott keeps her nicely coiffed. Before he came aboard, she was wearing frizzy eighties hair and that horrid 'bun'. 'Nuff said.

    Beverly: Mott consults her on the best wig to wear each day (yes, the character wears a wig as well as the actress. Bev's just got to have just the right shade of red to look stunning in sickbay when she needs not to mistake preganglionic fibers for postganglionic nerves).

    Geordi: He can't see well enough to cut his hair, even with the power of a VISOR (lest alone the Power Of HEART). Mott keeps him looking casual but professional.

    Worf: Who do you think keeps Worf's wedge haircut looking just so? I expect Mott didn't put up much of an argument when Worf suggested growing it out into that ponytail in the last few seasons, though. Even a barber with a pair of scissors isn't going to argue when his customers could come back wielding Bat'leth.

    What do you think? Would the Enterprise-D crew be anywhere near as effective without Mister Mott's gentle (but unappreciated) influence? :bolian:
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    Uhmmmn, Mr mott... I suppose he IS a capable barber... I'll grant him that.

    But he's more annoying then NEELIX and thats saying something

    when I started watching voyager in high school, I found him weird, and a waste of the shows time... but didnt actively hate him.

    now... I see why many loath him... though he has good points...

    Enterprise should trade mott in for a barber hologram, ASAP
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    I never knew what to make of that character, seeing as at different times, four different people were seen in that costume





    So despite the fact that among the entire species I've only ever seen like two of them with hair, apparently the ENT-D had a Bolian Barber Corp.
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    It's part of Bolian culture. They're fascinated with hair since they don't have any.
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    Mott's the shit.
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    I thought he'd only appeared in Unificiation?
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    He's only mentioned in Unification. The actual Mr. Mot appears only in Ensign Ro talking politics with Picard, & in Schisms where he nearly gets disemboweled by Worf for holding scissors too close, & is mentioned again in Starship Mine when Picard pretends to be him

    Another similar looking, unnamed Bolian Barber speaking part appeared in Data's Day giving Geordi a debated cleanup on his haircut. Memory Alpha lists him by his script name, V'Sal. His appearance is before the 1st mention of Mot. So it's possible they were meant to be the same character
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    Mott was cool but the most important person onboard was Guinan. Good bartenders are worth their weight in gold!
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