Voyager "Infinite Regress"

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    When Damon Torot ( Ferengi)was complimenting Voyager he questioned if it was a Galaxy Class (Which looks nothing like an Intrepid) and when they walked into sickbay he said The sickbay was much talked about. Since he was assimilated most likely by Seven years before Voyager was even designed. How would he know about the sickbay especially when he mistook it for a Galaxy Class.
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    Since the crew were trying to guide 'him' to Sickbay, he was probably referring to that, since 'he' was likely trying to go in every other direction for profit opportunities.
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    They did use Voyager's sets to represent a Galaxy class ship (and later Excelsior) in the Star Trek: Borg interactive movie. So maybe some looked like that inside.
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    Maybe it was an in joke because the Voyager sets were mostly reused TNG sets, only the bridge, ready room and conference room were new, everything else was essentially an overhauled "galaxy class".
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    I think the ready room was Picards ready room redressed.
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    And the Galaxy class was essentially an overhauled "Constitution-Refit" class.

    Mind = blown.

    I used to own this game. Played it quite a few times. Although looking back on it, I'm not sure where it fits into the ST universe time-wise. I rewatched the first few minutes with the cadet briefing on the VOY sets, with TNG uniforms and the VOY/DS9/FC combadges (lol what a mix). Does this part take place before or after First Contact? I'm assuming before because of the uniforms, but the cadet instructor mentions that the federation has defeated the borg twice before, so I'm thinking Wolf 359 + First contact unless I'm missing something? Q also mentions a few minutes into the video that Wolf 359 was ten years ago, so I'm not really too sure when this takes place.

    Still that was quite the nostalgic watch on youtube.
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