Voyager: Final Thoughts

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Brannon Braga got more than his fill of '**** you fans' killings in 24. You know that character we just got you emotionally attached to? Well we're going to kill that character off just because all characters but Jack and Chloe are disposable even though the plot doesn't really call for it and we have to contrive an absurd situation to make it happen.

    I think Seven's death could have been done right but I don't think the Voyager writers were capable of doing it right. DS9 I think did a good job with recurring character deaths but a terrible job with Jadzia, it was just a random 'Wrong place wrong time' coincidence.

    All Star Trek's best character deaths were ruined by renewing the contract. If Picard died in BOBW, would have been a great death. Kim in Scorpion? Pretty good death.
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    Trek is almost as bad with death as it is with love. Almost.