Voyager: An Alternate Journey 02: Voyager Tales

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    Star Trek: Voyager
    An Alternate Journey: Voyager Tales Part 1
    14 July 2374
    Personal Log: 14 July 2374.
    It has been several days since Kathleen and I joined Voyager’s crew on their now extended journey across the galaxy to their homes in the United Federation of Planets. We have been settling in. Today we will be taking Pre-WWIII 21st Century history. The Helmsman, Tom Paris, is teaching. I will also be in Astrometrics where Seven will assign me to her data analysis team. End Log.

    Daniel Howarth clicked off the PADD, saving the log entry to its memory and to the computer in the quarters. The door chime rang.

    “Enter,” he said.

    The door opened. “Hi, Daniel,” Ensign Katelyn Hawkins said.

    “What brings you here, Katelyn?” Daniel asked.

    “Please, call me Kate. I just thought that I would visit my new neighbour.”

    “Oh! You can come in but I have a history lesson in fifteen minutes,” Daniel said. He didn’t want to be late.

    “Of course,” Kate said as she entered. “You haven’t done much with the place,” she said as she gestured to the empty walls.

    “I haven’t had much time to unpack, and I didn’t bring all that much with me when Kathleen and I attempted to follow the invaders to their homeworld.”

    Kate was taken aback. “Of course,” she said “Sorry,” she said.

    “No need to be apologetic,” Daniel said sincerely.

    Kate looked up and smiled.

    “So, what do you want to talk about?” he asked.

    “So, what were you studying before the invasion?” Kate asked.

    Ten minutes later, Daniel entered the Forward Lounge on Deck 8, where Paris had decided to hold the informal history lessons.

    “So, where were we up to last time?” Paris asked.

    “I believe it was the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Centre in New York,” Kathleen said.

    “Ah, yes. 9/11. This was an event that defined most of American international policy for the first decades of the twenty first century...” Paris began.

    After an hour and a half Kathleen and Daniel left the Forward Lounge. “Very interesting,” Daniel said.

    “Of course,” Kathleen said.



    “That the US would occupy Iraq for that long,” Daniel said.

    “Definitely,” Kathleen said.

    “So, what are you up to now?” Daniel asked.

    “I’m joining Seven in Astrometrics. She’s going to teaching me about subspace and how it interacts with stars in normal space,” Kathleen said.

    “Sounds complicated,” Daniel said with a wince.

    “I know, but I’m certain that I can handle it,” Kathleen said with a little snark.

    “I know that you can,” Daniel said, quietly.

    “Good, so what do you have planned?”

    “I have an hour of holodeck time. I’m going to use it to try to figure out how to make one of those programs.”

    “Sounds interesting, it’s probably relatively easy.”


    “The computer itself could probably help you along. The programming language is probably close to plain English,” Kathleen said.

    “Probably, but there may be multiple levels of programming of increasing complexity,” Daniel said.


    “I’m sure that is how it works,” Daniel said.

    “What about one of those ‘holo-novels?”

    “I’ll try one of those too.”
    Tom Paris stepped off the turbolift onto the Bridge. “The Captain wants to see you in her ready room, Tom,” Commander Chakotay said.

    “Any reason?” Tom asked with curiosity.

    “It’s probably something to do with your students,” Chakotay said.

    “I see,” Tom said as he headed in the direction of the ready room.

    The door chime rang in the Captain’s Ready Room. “Enter,” Captain Kathryn Janeway said.

    Tom entered. “You wished to see me, Captain?”

    “Yes, I’m curious as to how your students are handling the lessons and how they are settling into life on Voyager.”

    “They are very easy to teach, Captain. They enjoy learning.”

    The Captain smiled. “That reminds me of myself at that age. I wanted to know everything. Of course, Starfleet Academy was a great institution, but it didn’t have everything.”

    “It wouldn’t,” Tom said.

    “But that didn’t stop me from learning what I wanted.”

    “So, you did some exchange courses?” Tom asked.

    “More than one, through Cambridge, those were great semesters,” Janeway said in remembrance.

    “I can only imagine. Myself, well, I was there for the flying.”

    Janeway looked at Tom. “That would explain a lot.”

    “I didn’t say that I don’t regret my Academy days, Captain,” Tom said with a penitent look on his face.

    Janeway refocused on the original intent of her asking Tom in at this point in time. “So, You think they are settling in?”

    “Kathleen is, but I’m not sure about Daniel. He tends to keep more to himself.”


    “Then again, Katelyn seems to have taken an interest in him.”

    “Katelyn?” Janeway asked, unsure of which of her crew that Paris was referring to.

    “Ensign Hawkins.”

    “Oh, of course.”

    They talked for another minute before Janeway dismissed him.

    Kate Hawkins approached Holodeck 2, where the computer had told her that Daniel Howarth was.

    Program active, you wish to enter?” the Computer said.


    You wish to be assigned a character?”

    “No, create character,” Kate said, having read what the program was on the screen.

    Character parameters set,” the computer said as the Holodeck door opened.

    Katelyn entered the holodeck, into a large entrance hall with curved walls. The door closed. She looked back and saw a round door. She started walking further into the smial, for smial it was. ‘Very curious,’ she thought.

    She found Daniel in the library.“Lord of the Rings, huh?” she asked.

    “Yes. I thought it would be a good idea to try to experience parts of the story. An hour at a time. This is from the very beginning, An Expected Party. Apparently Bilbo is resting as the story begins.”


    “’I’ve just spent the last half hour exploring Bag End. It’s amazing what 400 years of speculation can do.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s not just the computer generating a holographic environment based on what Tolkien wrote. If it was, there wouldn’t be all the details that I have found,” Daniel said.

    “Of course,” Kate said.

    “I guess that there were some movies first?”

    “Yes, in the early 2000s, a New Zealand filmmaker made a trilogy, followed by a couple of movies based on The Hobbit a decade later. The architectural styles of this version of Bag End mostly come from those films.”

    “Cool, but I guess there were other adaptations later?” Daniel asked.

    “Of course, but you can just look it up the computer,” Katelyn said.

    “Of course,” Daniel said. “Computer, create scroll with list of adaptations.”

    The computer gave the acknowledgement signal and the scroll appeared on the desk. Daniel opened it.

    “Ah, yes. Lord of the Rings film trilogy, 2001 – 2003, various video game adaptations of the film trilogy, The Hobbit film duology, 2012 & 2013...”

    “And that’s just the beginning,” Katelyn said.

    “Yes, I see a comic book adaptation in the late 2010s, with an animated series in the early 2020’s,” Daniel said as he continued to read from the scroll.

    “So, you want to go out and look at Hobbiton?”

    “Not at the moment, plenty of time for that later,” Daniel said.


    An hour later, Kathleen was having a late lunch in the Mess Hall, when a member of the crew came up to her. “You’re one of the new people right?” she asked.

    “Excuse me?” Kathleen asked.

    “You came through that wormhole?”

    “Yes, I’m Kathleen Collins, who are you?”

    “I’m Janella Lambert. I would like to talk to you about what happened on Earth when you left.”

    “Right... What do you want to know?”

    “What was happening, there are very little records of an extraterrestrial invasion in Australia at that time.”

    “I guess that the information was stored somewhere where it was subsequently lost from, or Starfleet feels that an average crewmember on Voyager didn’t need to know?” Kathleen mused.

    “Possibly,” Janella said, in thought.

    “Anything else?”

    “Nothing else at this time, I was just curious,” Janella said. “I’ll talk more later,” she said as she left.

    ‘That’s weird,” Kathleen thought. She didn’t know what to make of the conversation that she had just had.

    Daniel and Katelyn entered the Mess Hall for lunch. “So you think that Crewman Lambert is up to something?” Katelyn asked, after Kathleen had told them what had just transpired.

    “Possibly,” Kathleen said. She shook her head “I’m not sure what her intentions are,” she said.

    “She has been a loner these past few years. Not even hanging out with her fellow Maquis,” Katelyn said.

    “We should keep an eye on her,” Daniel said.

    “Possibly,” Katelyn said. ‘She may not like that,’ she thought.

    “Or report her behaviour to Commander Chakotay,” Kathleen said.

    “He would say that it’s not much to go on,” Katelyn said.

    “If it happens again, I may think about going to Chakotay, or Tuvok,” Kathleen said,

    “Talk to us first though?” Katelyn asked.

    “Sure,” Kathleen said.She walked up to the servery.

    After lunch Daniel had a 4 hour shift in Astrometrics.

    Two hours into his shift he noticed something on the long range scans. “You have something to report, Mr. Howarth?” Seven asked.

    “Yes, Seven, the sensors are picking up the outer edges of the large nebula in our path about 111 light years ahead.”

    “I see,” Seven said.

    “Yes, but we may need to go around it,” Daniel said.

    “I’m aware of the radiation readings, Mr. Howarth,” Seven said.

    “Still, don’t you think that we should inform Captain Janeway?”

    Seven thought for a moment. “Agreed.”

    The senior officers had met in the Observation Lounge. “This is the nebula in our path,” Seven said, indicating the image of the nebula displayed on the screen. “The radiation levels are too high for us to pass through it.”

    “So you’re saying that we have to change course again?” Janeway asked.

    “Correct, according to my calculations it will not add any more than eight months to our journey, if we change course now,” Seven said.

    “I see,” Janeway said.

    “If we don’t change course until later, it will take longer to go around it,” Seven said.

    “Noted Seven,” Janeway said.

    “I see no objections,” Paris said.

    “Given that we are already off course to the Federation, I suppose it won’t hurt to take an additional diversion!” Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres said with heavy sarcasm.

    “Lieutenant!” Janeway warned.

    “Sorry, Captain, but why can’t we just go through it?” B’Elanna said.

    “It’s too risky. Most of the crew would have to be placed in stasis. We don’t know how thick it is,” Seven said.

    “We would know when we get closer, correct?” B’Elanna asked.

    “Correct, but it’s best to change course now,” Seven said.

    B’Elanna’s only response was to glare at Seven.

    “Ladies!” Chakotay shouted.

    “Thank you, Commander,” Janeway said.

    “What is your decision, Captain?” Ensign Harry Kim asked.

    “We will change course. I’d rather not go charging into a nebula that’s filled with radiation without knowing if we could come out the other side,” Janeway said.

    “Agreed,” Chakotay said.

    B’Elanna left the Observation Lounge in a huff.

    “Lieutenant!” Janeway called out.

    “I’ll go after her,” Chakotay said.

    “Do so, Commander,” Janeway said. After Chakotay followed the engineer she turned to Paris. “Lay in the course, Lieutenant, confer with Seven about the most efficient route.”

    “Yes, Captain,” Paris said.

    Chakotay met Torres on the rear corridor of Deck 1. “What was it with you in there, Lieutenant?” he asked.

    “It’s just that lately things have gone really badly at home, and now we’re taking extra time to get there!”

    “I see, but that does not give you permission to blow up in a staff meeting,” Chakotay said.

    “I gave you my answer, Chakotay,” B’Elanna said. She then went to the gangway down to Deck 2.

    “Not a very satisfactory answer,” Chakotay said.

    “That’s all you’re getting,” B’Elanna said.

    Chakotay shook his head as he headed back to the Bridge.

    “That’s the coordinates for the nearest edge of the visual image of the nebula, Lieutenant,” Seven said. She transferred the information from her PADD to the Helm.”

    “Got it, Seven. I’m laying in the course,” Paris said.

    “Engage, Mr. Paris,” Janeway said.

    Paris pressed the ‘engage’ button. “We’re on our way,” he said.

    “Excellent, Mr. Paris.”

    Katelyn, Daniel and Kathleen entered the Mess Hall for Dinner. “So, we’re going around that nebula?” Katelyn asked.

    “We are,” Daniel said.

    “An extra eight months, on top of the extra nine years...” Katelyn murmured.

    “Still a bit less than the ten years than that push Kes gave you took off,” Kathleen said.

    “Good point,” Katelyn said, brightened. They then went to the counter.

    15 July 2374
    “Captain’s Log, Stardate 51537.1. 18 hours after we changed course to avoid the nebula ahead we’re now picking up subspace messages from what appears to be a large polity in our path. I’m eager and yet cautious about the upcoming first contact. We have dropped to warp 5 to give us time to prepare.”

    The door signal rang. “Enter,” Captain Janeway said.

    Chakotay entered. “We have picked up a space station five light years away, Captain,” he said.

    “It’s on our path, Commander?” the Captain asked.

    “Only half a light-month off.”

    “Then it’s certainly worth the diversion. Maybe we can get information about this polity in our path.”


    “We’ll get star charts of the region ahead in any case.”


    16 July 2374
    Personal Log; 16 July 2374, six days into the journey home. The crew is preparing for the upcoming First Contact at the nearby space station. In the mean time Daniel and I have another lesson with Lieutenant Paris.
    Kathleen clicked off the PADD. She was ready to go.

    Kathleen and Daniel exited the forward lounge. “Interesting,” she said.

    “In what way?” Daniel asked.

    “That the cyberwars between the United States and Iran weren’t more devastating,” she said.

    “Well, I guess that most organisations had gotten their act together about cyber security.”

    “I guess so,” Kathleen said.

    “Most of the Internet root servers were backed up outside the US at that time. It also seems to have survived World War Three.”


    Voyager dropped out of warp and approached the space station that she had detected the day before.

    The station was a rather large structure in orbit 0.3 AU from a red dwarf star. From their angle of approach the Voyager crew could see (if they were looking) the red light reflecting off the exterior material of the station. There were swarms of other ships arriving and leaving the station as Voyager came closer.
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    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 2
    “This is the Federation starship Voyager requesting docking clearance,” Janeway said.

    “Voyager, this is Kalio Station Control, proceed to dock 77,” came the reply.

    “Thank you,” Janeway said.

    “We have received the coordinates,” Paris said.

    “Proceed,” Janeway said.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Voyager approached the station and docked at dock 77 with the forward airlock connected to the station’s airlock.

    “We’re receiving a data package from the Station, Captain,” Tuvok said.

    “Upload it, Commander,” Janeway said.

    “Aye, Captain,” Tuvok said. He loaded the file onto his station, and opened it. “It’s a list of rules and regulations, Captain.”

    “I see,” the Captain said.

    “There’s nothing here to be concerned about. It’s merely a listing of illegal activities and punishments for them. The crew would not be tripped up.”

    “Good to know,” Chakotay said.

    Station Control to Voyager, how long do you wish to stay?”

    “Uncertain at this time, at least two days,” Janeway said.

    Two days, for a preliminary period?

    “Yes, we can negotiate the real length of our stay later.”

    Confirmed, Voyager, enjoy your stay.”

    “Thank you,” Janeway said.

    “The channel has been cut,” Tuvok said.

    “Two days?” Chakotay asked.

    “That should give us time to learn about the region ahead,” Janeway replied.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    “Notify the crew. Shore Leave is available for all off duty personnel,” Janeway said.

    “Aye, Captain.” Chakotay said.

    “Post the rules and regulations document to the network, Tuvok.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Kathleen, Daniel and Katelyn exited Voyager onto the station that the ship had docked at. “Look, a directory.” Katelyn approached it.

    “Wow, this place is huge!” Kathleen said.

    “Yes, it’s over ten kilometres long. The central core has over 500 decks!” Daniel said as he looked at the directory.

    “So, where do we go first?” Katelyn asked.

    “The main marketplace; we would be able to find out about the region that we are going into there,” Kathleen said.

    “It would also be crowded,” Daniel said, slightly timidly.

    “Don’t worry, just stay close to us,” Kathleen said.

    “I’ll try,” Daniel said.

    “Let’s go,” Katelyn said.

    “Sure,” Daniel said. ‘I guess if I get lost, Voyager could beam me back.’ He hoped that it wouldn’t come to that though. He followed Katelyn and Kathleen as they left the area of the docking port.

    Janeway and Chakotay exited the turbolift into the Station Control Centre. It was a large bustling place. They were met by a young humanoid female. “You are the Captain of the Voyager, correct?” she asked.

    “Yes,” Janeway answered.

    “And you’re the second in command?”


    “Follow me, the Commander is in her office.”

    “The commander cannot meet every captain personally,” Janeway stated.

    “She’s the second in command. She has other responsibilities, but she tries,” the assistant said.

    “I see,” Chakotay said.

    Half a minute later, they entered the Commander’s office. “The commanding officer’s of the Voyager, Ma’am,” the assistant said by way of introduction.

    “Thank you, you can go now,” the commander said.

    “Thank you, Ma’am.” The assistant said as she left.

    “According to the preliminary scan, Voyager is a military vessel,” the Commander said, all business.

    “Actually, it’s an exploratory vessel,” Janeway objected.

    “The operating agency is part of your polity’s government, correct?’

    “Yes, but Starfleet’s purpose is exploration and research.”

    “I don’t buy that,” the station commander said.

    “She’s right, Captain. Starfleet also defends the Federation,” Chakotay said.


    “Especially now,” Chakotay said.

    Janeway remembered the EMH mentioning a War against the Dominion after his recent trip to the Alpha Quadrant through that relay system. She turned to the Station Commander. “I concede that Voyager also has a defensive purpose.”

    “So it is Military.”

    “If you must be pedantic about it,” Janeway said.

    “Right, you are Military. What is your mission?”

    “We are lost on the other side of the Galaxy from home. We are trying to get back,” Janeway said.

    “Oh,” the Commander said in surprise.

    “If we have a mission, it is one of peaceful exploration,” Janeway said, ignoring the thoughtful look on Chakotay’s face.

    “Of course, so you would be willing to trade Star Charts of your home regions?”

    “If you allow us to stay as long as we want, you can have all the star charts you want.”

    “Deal, Captain,” the station commander said.

    “Good,” Janeway said, relaxing.

    “So you said you are going to stay a minimum of two days?”


    “So you are going to stay that long?”

    “No, possibly five days, but two at a minimum,” Janeway said.

    “I see,” the commander said.

    “Five?” Chakotay asked.

    “We may need the extra time,” Janeway explained.

    “If you provide the starcharts within two hours you could stay at the station for those nine days, if you wish,” the commander said.

    “I’ll be back with the files within an hour,” Janeway said.

    “Welcome to the League,” the Commander said.

    “The League?”

    “This station is at the border of, and run by, the League of Associated States, the largest polity in known space.”

    “I see,” Janeway said.

    “Perhaps would get more information on the League,” Chakotay suggested.

    “The information is freely available in the Station’s network, just ask the computer at a terminal,” the commander said.

    “Noted,” Chakotay said.

    “And now I have more interviews to conduct, three ships have arrived after your arrival.”

    “We’ll leave you to it,” Janeway said as she left the office.

    Janeway and Chakotay passed two of the other ship captains as they left the Commander’s office.

    On Deck 25 of the Station, Daniel, Katelyn and Kathleen were drinking in a small ‘Coffee emporium.’ “It appears that no matter where we are, that there is some kind of ‘Coffee,’ Kathleen commented.

    “That’s true, almost everywhere in the Alpha Quadrant, and here in the Delta Quadrant too,” Katelyn said. “Except the Cardassians, they have hot fish juice. You should try a raktajino when we get back to Voyager.

    “Raktajino?” Daniel asked.

    “Klingon Coffee,” Katelyn said with a smile.

    “Pass,” Daniel said.

    “It’s actually quite good,” Katelyn said.

    “If it has any ingredients like that gagh,” Daniel shook his head. “No way!”

    “No, nothing like gagh,” Katelyn said with a straight face.

    Gagh?” Kathleen asked.

    “Vermicular life forms that the Klingons eat live,” Daniel said with a shudder.

    “Oh!” Kathleen said. ‘I wouldn’t eat it either,;’ she thought.

    “So, you would try a raktajino?” Katelyn asked.

    “Sure,” Daniel said.

    “So, what do you think of the League,” Kathleen said.

    “More complex than the Federation is, it seems that the members have more autonomy,” Daniel said.

    “Actually, it seems that they have varying levels of autonomy,” Katelyn said as she read from her PADD to which she had downloaded the information.

    “Closer to Russia than Switzerland then,” Daniel said.

    “I guess so,” Kathleen said.

    An hour and ten minutes later, Janeway returned to the Commander’s office, carrying a PADD containing star charts of the Alpha Quadrant, the regions close to the Gamma terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, the region’s that Voyager had traversed since leaving the Ocampa System and the location of the Ixazeroan Homeworld. She had also wanted to include regions known to the Borg and to Neelix, but Seven wasn’t cooperative and Neelix was somewhere on the station and busy in some transaction or other.
    The same assistant from earlier pressed the intercom panel next to the door. “Captain Janeway of Voyager to see you, Ma’am.”

    Send her in,” the Commander said.

    “You can go in,” the assistant said.

    “Thank you,” Janeway said.

    Janeway entered the office. The commander looked more tired than before. “Don’t worry about me,” she said when she noticed Janeway’s look.

    “OK,” Janeway said.

    “So, you have the starcharts?”

    “Yes,” Janeway said.

    The commander gestured to the desktop unit on her desk. “I’m ready to receive.”

    Janeway set the PADD to upload the starchart data to the commander’s computer. The starcharts were uploaded in less than 5 seconds. “Done,” she said.

    “Oh, you weren’t kidding about being from the other side of the galaxy,” the commander said.

    “We still have decades of travel time left.”

    “I see,” the commander said.

    “Could you tell me about what we can expect about the route ahead; in the direction of that point indicated?” Janeway said. She uploaded Voyager’s planned route, around the nebula ahead and towards the Ixazeroan Homeworld.

    “Uh-oh,” the Commander said.

    “Uh, oh?” Janeway repeated.

    “The first 34 light years are in League space, so that is safe. However, after that, it’s Kalanari space. The Kalanari are xenophobes, it is unlikely that they would allow you passage.”

    “We have crossed xenophobes’ space before.”

    “The Kalanari have well armed warships, they are quite ready and eager to defend their borders.”

    “Upload their borders,” Janeway asked, gesturing with the PADD.


    The borders were uploaded to Janeway’s PADD. “I see that their space extends another 21 light years and then it’s more League space,” she said.

    “Yes,” the commander said.

    “Going around will add ten weeks to our journey.”

    “That’s not long, considering,” the commander said.

    “True,” Janeway said. She then examined the borders of the Kalanari polity with the League. She quickly found another option. “There is a region where the Kalanari space only extends 10 light years across. Crossing there will only add five additional weeks to our journey as opposed to the ten,” she said.

    “The Kalanari still won’t like it. Their relations with the League are tense at the best of times,” the commander said.

    “I guess so, given that you surround them on most sides.”


    “If nothing else, I need to return to Voyager and discuss this development with my officers,” Janeway said.

    “By all means,” the commander said.

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 3
    Daniel, Kathleen and Katelyn left the Coffee emporium and entered the shop next door, which advertised ‘strange items from all over the League.’ “This seems interesting,” Kathleen said as she picked up a small object that resembled an elongated ocarina.

    “That is a fluarina from the rainforests of Ilamol on the Olipal continent of Taloprenii,” the proprietor of the establishment said.

    “Fluarina? Are you sure that you just didn’t make that name up?” Kathleen asked, unsure if the Universial Translator had goofed in trying to parse the word into English. ‘And now back into the League’s trade tongue,’ she thought.

    “That’s what it’s called. The peoples of Ilamol are isolated, they hardly get any visitors from offworld.”

    “You have any music to go with it?” Kathleen said. She could play both the flute and the ocarina, but wasn’t sure about how to go with that strange instrument.

    “Of course.”

    “I’d like to have some.”

    “I’ll just get some sheets,” the proprietor said.

    “I’ll wait,” Kathleen said.

    “You think it’s worth it?” Daniel asked.

    “I think so,” Kathleen said.

    The proprietor soon returned with the sheet music. “Here it is,” he said.


    “That will be 20 credits.”

    Kathleen grumbled as she handed over the credit square. ‘I’m almost out,’ she thought.

    Janeway had called a meeting of the senior officers for the mid-afternoon, ship time. She gave them time to return to the ship from their investigations of various parts of the station.

    Chakotay arrived first. “Something has come up?” he asked.

    “Apparently there’s a xenophobic polity in our path,” Janeway said. She loaded the path of Voyagerthrough League and Kalanari space on the viewscreen.

    Chakotay looked at the map. “I see, and going around it will take time?”

    “It would add tenweeks to our journey.”

    “That doesn’t seem that long.”

    “With all the diversions we have taken lately we’ve almost re-added the amount of time that Kes took away.”

    “If they’re xenophobic it may not be worth the risk.”

    Janeway was about to say something in response, when Harry, Tom and B’Elanna entered the observation lounge.

    “Something has come up?” Harry asked.

    “Certainly, Mr. Kim,” Janeway said all business.

    “A threat on our new path?” B’Elanna asked sarcastically.

    “You can say that,” Janeway said.

    “What is this threat?” Tom asked as he pulled out a chair.

    “A xenophobic species in our path. I will explain more when Tuvok, Seven and Neelix get here.”

    “Sure,” Tom said.

    Five minutes later, Seven entered. “I apologise for my tardiness; there was a lot of traffic in the station’s corridors and turbolift system.”

    “You could have called for a transport,” Chakotay said.

    “I would have if took a minute longer to get back to Voyager.”

    “Understood, Seven,” Janeway said.

    “Has some information of importance arisen?” Seven asked.

    “Yes, I will explain when everyone is here.”

    A minute after Seven arrived, Tuvok and Neelix entered the observation lounge. “I apologise, Captain, but Mr. Neelix insisted at stopping at almost every stall to look at some item or other.”

    “Only about half of them, Mr. Vulcan,” Neelix objected.

    “Please, sit,” Janeway said.

    “I have received information that we are headed towards a xenophobic state,” Janeway said.She indicated the diagram on the screen, which showed Voyager’s path through League and Kalanari space. “They are called the Kalanari.”

    “Kalanari?” Seven asked.

    “You’re familiar with them, Seven?”

    “Yes, although the Collective hadn’t encountered them for decades.”

    “I see,” Janeway said.

    “If I had known that their territory had expanded, I would have recommended a different route around the nebula, and indeed to the Ixazeroan Homeworld.”

    “They are that xenophobic?” Chakotay asked.

    “Yes,” Seven said.

    “So you say that we have to go around?” Janeway asked.


    “Seven, what of our original course to the Alpha Quadrant, would we have had to alter course?” B’Elanna asked.

    “No, Lieutenant, we would’ve avoided both the Kalanari and the League entirely, although we wouldn’t have avoided the nebula.”

    “And if we resume course for the Alpha Quadrant now?” B’Elanna asked.

    “We would avoid the Kalanari but not the League, and we would still be heading to the nebula,” Seven said.

    “Resuming course for the Alpha Quadrant is not an option, Lieutenant. We are going to the Ixazeroans, Seven what if we just alter course, so that we cross less of Kalanari space otherwise?” Janeway input commands to the viewscreen such that the course of Voyager shown changed. It then showed the alternate route she had talked about to the station second in command.

    Seven stood up and walked over to look at the alternate route. “The Kalanari would still attack us, Captain.”

    “How strong are they, could Voyager resist them?”

    “Against the Kalanari of a few decades ago, yes. But we do not know how they have advanced.”

    “We could find out, Seven. We find out from the League on the way,” Harry suggested.

    “However, there is an alternative,” Tuvok said.

    “What alternative, Tuvok?” Janeway asked, wondering.

    “It is a possibility that the League has faster warp drives. We could ‘hitch a ride’ in the bay of a sufficiently large ship across their space, and around the Kalanari.”

    “That’s a valid suggestion. I will investigate, but there is no guarantee that they would agree to ferry us in that manner, or that their drives are fast enough to overcome the extra distance,” Janeway said.

    “it’s still worth considering,” Tom said.

    “Agreed,” Janeway said.

    “I hope so,” B’Elanna said.

    “Today, we gain more information about the League. Tomorrow, if their drives are fast enough, I will approach them about hitching a ride,” Janeway said.

    “Agreed,” Chakotay said.
  4. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Captain Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 4
    After a long time looking at the Station, Katelyn, Daniel and Kathleen arrived back at Voyager.

    “It has been a long day,” Daniel said.

    “That doesn’t let you off trying a raktajino,” Katelyn said cheekily.

    “Thanks for reminding me.”

    Kathleen chuckled.

    “Commander Chakotay of Voyager to see you, Ma’am,” the assistant said.

    “Send him in,” the second-in-command said.

    “Good Evening,” Chakotay said.

    “I was just about to end my shift, Commander, what can I do for you?”

    “I was wondering if I could find out the specifications for the League’s warp drives.”

    “Oh? What for?”

    “Too see if their top speed is any higher than that of Voyager.”

    “Oh, I see, Your Captain wants us to ferry Voyager across League territory and around the Kalanari in less time than it would take if you had to do it on your own power.”

    “That thought is on her mind, yes.”

    “What do you offer us in return?”

    “On this PADD is the entire literary output of a region of Earth for a century,” Chakotay said as he handed the Commander a PADD.

    “That is a lot.”

    “It covers everything from the Island of Britain in the Elizabethan and Early Stuart Eras,” Chakotay said.

    “Important to your homeworld’s cultural development?”

    “Yes, look up Shakespeare.”

    The Commander looked up Shakespeare. “A playwright?”

    “A rather witty one, all his surviving plays have spread beyond the Federation. The Klingons even claim him as their own.”



    The commander then came upon some quotes from the plays. “To be, or not to be, that is the question, Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune... sounds pretentious.”

    “Well, in the context of the play it isn’t so.”

    The commander came to another quote. “I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heal'd by the same means, warm'd and cool'd by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? Ifyou tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, do we not avenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. Interesting, I take it that Jews were persecuted during the period in question?”

    “Very much so. They had been for over a thousand years, and were for hundreds of years afterwards. There was even an attempted genocide.”

    “Many of the League’s world’s have similar histories. I’ll read this The Merchant of Venice.”

    “Good,” Chakotay said.

    The commander came to a quote from another play. “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world / That has such people in't! What does this signify?”

    “Miranda was marooned on an island with her father since early childhood, and thus had limited experiences, and still possessed a child-like wonder.”

    “I guess I’ll read The Tempest too.”

    Chakotay smiled. “There are a great many more plays,” he said.

    “I see,” the commander said.

    “What’s your answer?”

    “There are a limited number of large high speed vessels, they may be nowhere near here.”

    “The Captain will be here in the morning.”

    “When I get back on duty I will check your specifications and the location of the relevant vessels. In the meantime I’ll read some of these plays.”

    Chakotay entered the Ready Room. “How did it go?” Janeway asked.

    “She said she will investigate the possibility and find where the relevant vessels are tomorrow.”

    “That’s a start.”

    “That it is.”

    “Personal log: supplemental; today was an interesting day. Daniel, Kate and I explored the space station and found that the League is very diverse. We’ll be going there again tomorrow to find out more about this polity that we’re entering.

    17 July 2374
    Personal Log; Stardate 51546.5. This is the second day of Voyager’s stay at the League space station. Daniel, Kathleen and I are going to explore it further once our duty shifts are over.”
    Ensign Katelyn Hawkins finished the recording and looked at the time. 0830. Still half an hour before she started her duty shift. But first she was meeting Daniel and Kathleen in the mess hall for breakfast. She grabbed her PADD and then dashed out of her quarters.

    The Mess Hall was busy when Katelyn arrived. Just under half of the crew were on the Alpha Shift. Therefore there was a usually a rush on the Mess Hall from 0800 until 0900. She quickly found Daniel and Kathleen in the line. “Hi,” she said.

    “Good morning,” Daniel said.

    “Hi,” Kathleen said.

    “So, we’re going to continue from where we left off?” Katelyn asked.

    “Certainly,” Daniel said.

    Five minutes later they sat down and started planning their day.

    Captain Janeway entered the Station’s operations centre on her way to the Commander’s office.
    “Captain Janeway?” someone asked.

    “You’re looking for me?” she asked.

    “Yes, some people have been asking to meet with you. They say it’s important. They’re waiting in the meeting room for you.”

    “Tell them to wait! I’m meeting the commander,” Janeway said.

    “Yes, Captain. They will wait until you’ve finished talking to the commander. But then they want to meet you.”

    “Noted,” Janeway said as she walked towards the Commander’s office.
  5. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Captain Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 5
    Ten minutes later the two agents (as she thought of them. There wasn’t any other explanation she could think of) followed Janeway out of the turbolift onto the Bridge. “Your office is next to the command centre?” one of them asked.

    “It’s soundproof,” Janeway said by way of explanation.

    “Who are these, Captain?” Chakotay asked as he rose from the command chair.

    “Someone who wanted to discuss something with me urgently, apparently,” Janeway replied.

    “I see.”

    Chakotay saw the mysterious duo enter the ready room behind Janeway. “It appears that the League may not be the only one’s interested in us,” he said.

    “That would be a logical assumption,” Tuvok said.

    Janeway sat at her desk. “Coffee, black,” she ordered the replicator. As the beverage appeared she asked her visitors, “Do you want anything?”

    “No, Captain. I want to get to the point,” the female of the duo said.

    “Some names may be useful,” Janeway said after she took a sip from her coffee.

    “Agent Merika Benyg,” the female said.

    “Agent Palitem Tetter.”

    “What is the purpose of this discussion?” Janeway asked.

    “We are representatives of an organisation that collects certain ‘oddities’ in League space and nearby sectors. Our scans identified energy signatures consistent with known examples aboard your ship.” Benyg replied.

    “You scanned my ship?” Janeway asked.

    “That’s correct, but merely for the energy signatures.”

    “You should still have asked first,” Janeway said throwing her hands up in the air.

    “Captain, we merely require the ‘oddity’ or ‘oddities’ and then we’ll be on our way,” Tetter said.

    “Really? You don’t know how many there are?”

    Benyg paced briefly. “We don’t but the reading was somewhere in the middle of your ship. There was interference.

    ‘Whatever their ‘oddity’ is its somewhere on decks 4 – 11. It would take them hours to search the ship,’ Janeway thought. “Why should I let you search for these oddities?” she asked.

    “That’s need to know,” Benyg said.

    “I think I do need to know if whatever it is is aboard my ship. What will you do with it when you find it?”

    “We’ll take it back with us to where we store the rest of the oddities,” Tetter said.

    “And if I refuse?”

    “We’ll be taking it anyway,” Tetter replied.


    “She isn’t listening to us, Merika!”

    “Let me ask again, why should I let you search for this oddity?” Janeway asked, her voice low.

    Benyg sighed. “I don’t normally give this out,” she said reluctantly.

    “Out with it!” Janeway said, as Benyg paused.

    “These oddities have various affects upon sentients. The effect varies from sentient to sentient.”

    “Effects, what kind of effects? Are they harmful?” Janeway asked.

    “They can be,” Benyg said.

    Janeway thought for a moment. “I’ll let you search the ship, accompanied by myself and my chief of security.”

    “That’s acceptable,” Benyg said.

    Five minutes later, Janeway, Tuvok and the two agents emerged from a turbolift on Deck 4. “What is on this deck?” Benyg asked.

    “Crew quarters, transporter rooms, a cargo bay, a holodeck and photon torpedo launchers,” Tuvok replied.

    “Thanks,” Tetter said, he and his partner started scanning the deck.”
  6. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Captain Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 6

    Twenty minutes later the agents exited Cargo bay 1, having not found any ‘oddities’ on the deck. “That narrows it down to the six other decks,” Benyg said.

    “It may be on the next deck,” Tetter responded.

    “A 12.5% chance,” Tuvok said.

    Janeway looked at her chief of security. “I hope it’s more of a chance than that,” she said.

    “Indeed,” Tuvok replied.

    “Let’s go,” Benyg said as she lead the way to the turbolift.

    They emerged onto Deck 5 less than a minute later. “And what’s on this deck?” Tetter asked.

    “Sickbay, crew quarters, sensor suites, various labs and a couple of lounges,” Janeway replied.

    Benyg thought for a moment. “We’ll look at the sickbay first.”

    The Doctor was examining equipment when Janeway and Tuvok entered Sickbay followed by two strangers. “Captain?” he asked.

    “They insisted on looking for some ‘oddities’ aboard this ship,” Janeway explained.
    “We’ll scan the sickbay if you don’t mind,” the female of the duo said.

    “I do mind!” the Doctor said.

    “This won’t take a moment, Doctor,” Janeway said patiently.

    He stood and walked over to the Captain. “Why are you allowing this?”

    “They have said that the ‘oddities’ have various ‘effects’ on sentients,” Janeway said.

    “Captain!” the female stranger said.

    “He’s my Chief Medical Officer. I think he needs to know.”

    The Doctor then noticed that the other stranger had picked up… “That’s my mobile emitter!” he said, his voice showing outrage.

    The female held a scanner to the mobile emitter. “It’s not an oddity. It’s incongruently advanced, but it’s not an oddity.”

    “Wait a minute, he said mobile emitter?” the male stranger pointed out.

    “You’re a hologram?” the other stranger asked.

    “Yes,” the Doctor admitted.

    “That’s unusual,” the male stranger expressed.

    “Our circumstances are unusual,” Janeway explained.

    The two strangers looked at each other. “Captain, there is something else you may wish to know,” the female said.

    “Which is?” Janeway asked.

    “That these ‘oddities’ become what they are because of unusual circumstances.”


    The male finished scanning. “There are no ‘oddities’ in sickbay...” the male started.

    Merika Benyg saw her partner’s hesitation. “What?” she looked at her tricorder.

    “What?” Janeway asked, clearly wondering what Tetter had picked up.

    “Indications of high levels of telepathic activities, overlaid with components of Borg nanoprobes...” Tetter said.

    “We did detect the Borg technology on Deck 8,” Benyg said.
    “True,” Tetter said.

    Merika turned to the Captain. “High levels telepathic activity also produce ‘oddities’, although that’s not as much a prerequisite as unusual circumstances.”

    “Also noted,” the Captain said, sounding slightly annoyed, at what Tetter had discovered.

    “The Doctor will join us on our search for these ‘oddities’,” Captain Janeway said.

    “OK,” Agent Benyg agreed.