VIDEO: All Episodes of TOS at Once

Discussion in 'Star Trek - The Original & Animated Series' started by Michael, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Michael

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    Here's a fascinating video experiment I just found on YouTube: All TOS episodes at the same time. (And here's the version which also includes the remastered episodes.)


    Even more fascinating: All episodes of the original Twilight Zone at the same time! I wish it were the whole episodes, though, not just the first ten minutes. Be sure to also check out the Mission: Impossible video and many others on this guys YouTube channel.
  2. Myko

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    This fact has been posted before, but a nice visualisation of which episodes have the shortest and longest teasers: Miri and I, Mudd, respectively.
  3. Timelord Victorious

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    The sound is scary...

    And somehow the whole number of episodes looks less impressive that way somehow...
  4. ToddPence

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    "I. Mudd"'s teaser is actually longer than its act one.
  5. Avro Arrow

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    OK, I have to admit, I found that kinda awesome! :techman:
  6. BoredShipCapt'n

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    There was a similar video posted earlier with only 56 episodes, but they were complete. Paramount had it taken down in a few days. :rolleyes: As if.

    Too bad the episodes aren't complete in this one. I watched the 56 eps all the way through with headphones on, and when they all started to go into the swelling pre-end-credits music it made this huge overwhelming crescendo like at the end of Sgt. Pepper. :cool:

    The babble of voices for 50 minutes was disconcerting, though. I went to bed right after watching it and had dreams all night about being in a noisy cafeteria. :wtf:
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    Sick. Completely sick.