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    His singing The Way You Look Tonight in the finale moved me, and I liked his relationship with Nog.

    Like Ezri, the hate is way over the top. These aren't bad characters, they just got too much focus in the final season at the expense of others.

    Would have liked this. I'm a huge Genesis aficionado :).
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    Consider Professor James Moriarty and Countess Regina Bartholomew who after Ship in a Bottle spent the rest of their lifes living (unknowingly) inside of a computer module, they didn't need a holodeck to live their lives.

    And it was the same way with Vic, he continuiously experiences his life in 1962 Las Vegas because his program is running 26 hours a day. However it wasn't neceassary for the holosuite to be playing that program all that time. None of the holosuites is dedicated to the program, the suite (all of them) can be used from other holoprograms, even while Vic's program is ongoing.

    Vic's program only occupies a holosuite when someone want to enter it.

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    Whoaaa that's a lot of hate. Just because you don't like him or his music doesn't mean other people can't. Go ahead and hate Vic all you want but you could hold back a little on the rest of it. You hate him. Good for you. Some people like him. Big deal. Get over it.

    I liked him. I thought he brought variety to the show and he was cool and funny. He wasn't overused in the least. He came in at the end of the series and was in a few episodes. Big deal.

    Plus I'm a sucker for any kind of jazz.
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    Vic episodes tend to be among my favorites. "It's only a Paper Moon" and "His Way" are up in my top 5 "feel good" episodes along with "Trials and Tribulations". "Little green men" and "Take me out to the Holosuite" for when I just want something light and familiar.

    It doesn't hurt that I grew up with and have a fondness for those Sinatra tunes he sings.
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    I thought it was Vic's request, and that someone (Sisko?) had to convince Quark to go along with it. Or did I imagine that scene?
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    ^ I think it was Nog's idea. Nog did it as a favor to Vic, who helped Nog cope with his injuries from the war.
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    That's my recollection as well.
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    I hate Badda Bing Badda Bang: it is stupid beyond belief in a multitude of ways, and totally pointless. Wost of all, it is a complete waste of an episode slot that could have been much better-spent telling a meaningful story.

    I love Vic Fontaine: he was great.

    "His Way and "It's Only A Paper Moon" are both two of the very best episodes of DS9, because it took a character who was an outsider to the station - Vic - to develop Odo and Nog in ways that the regulars of the station could not.
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    Of course they did, because Sinatra is the man.:cool:

    I could never understand why anyone would hate Vic Fontaine. That's like someone saying "I hate fun", but suppose that's where the phrase "square" comes from. I find him to be a lot of fun, and I do enjoy Sinatra tunes a lot and it worked great for the DS9 characters. For a bunch of folks going through war, you can't have a better place to kick back.

    Oh. And for those Trek fans who bitch about Vic Fontaine, here's a song for you: ;)
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    Forbid the concept that likes and dislikes are subjective. They're certainly not tied to one person's opinion and if anyone doesn't share it are open to ridicule like square, hating fun and bitching. ;)
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    um, I think Makeshift already covered this, GoRe...