vBulletin upgrade: merging accounts


Official Tahmoh Taster
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Due to the Trek BBS user database merging with Talk CSI, it's important that we sort out the user database now as much as possible to aid for a smooth transition to vBulletin.

There is a very slim possibility that your display name clashes with a Talk CSI user. In these cases I am contacting people privately. If you don't hear from me on this point, you're okay.

If you have never registered for a Talk CSI account, you do not need to read any more of this message.

If you have a Talk CSI account, it's important that the email address matches your Trek BBS account. If you have an account at Talk CSI, please ensure you have the same email address on file for BOTH accounts. So make sure your Trek BBS and Talk CSI accounts have the SAME email address. This will ensure your accounts are merged.

Additionally, if you have a different display name on the other account, please private message me telling me a) Your Trek BBS account name b) Your Talk CSI display name c) the name you'd like to maintain of the two. But again, make sure the email address on both accounts is the same first. If you do not specify a display name to me, your Trek BBS name will take precedence.

If you have any questions, let me know.