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    Might as well post WIP as I’m in hospital and can’t create anything lol Here’s an update from a previous WIP pre-texturing and edge rounding:


    Design pillars

    1. ⁠A rectilinear superstructure atop the primary hull that would have
    2. ⁠same rising curves and lowering curves into the neck, blending to to an
    3. ⁠Elongated swooping secondary hull that blended into large sweeping pylons with its apex at the negative delta space of the
    4. ⁠Sweeping pylons principally made of two geometrically similar overlapping wings folded into one another, where the leading edges traded height along the edge (combined height at front is the same). The bottom broadened out like a wedge so it looks more aerodynamic from the side, which allows for a nice flare where the pylon pieces are effectively one at the rear. The
    5. ⁠Nacelles are actually nothing related to DISCO/KK but rather inspired by Boeing’s Bird of Prey. Very neat looking craft! I wanted the buzzard collectors to look more powerful - black holes scare me so I thought black would look best in renders. The pylons and nacelles used to be much smaller owing to advances in fields and materials technologies, but couldn’t get away from the Excelsior’s beauty.
    6. ⁠Minimal overt windows - not from laziness but felt that transparency/holography would be fairly easy to implement, which leads me to the
    7. ⁠Primary saucer’s rings (black parts), which are intended to be cavernous “sky windows” as I’d imagined the inside to more of an open concept using 6’s concepts to make everything feel larger. Speaking of, I love the deflector-grid style bands along the TMP 1701 saucer so used that idea for
    8. ⁠Varying sensor strips, above which you may notice the placement of
    9. ⁠Tri-sets of phases on either side of the saucer, which I imagined when preparing for use look like bowls of of swirling dark-matter-like granules. To complement this
    10. ⁠Vertical launchers for probes and other ordinance are located near the bridge and neck superstructure.

    I could go on but it’s boring - was trying to decide between a copper deflector in the shape of a delta or more a deflector like the face of the new Lost in Space robot. Maybe the deflectors are on the nacelles. Meh...
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    Awesome looking ship!
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    Wow, that is a cool design!
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    Cool. Could work as an H or J.
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    That's an amazing design. It just looks fast. Well done!