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    Everyone has watched a Twitch host play their favorite game and post comments. What if Twitch became a subscriber based game of interactions? The games would be created exclusively for Twitch but with a twist. A game similar to Fortnite would be started by the host where other visitors could sub to the Twitch channel and then get invited to take part in the Twitch game.

    The idea revolves around the Roman Colosseum that instead of simply cheering on their favorite gladiator they could get invited to join in.

    Or if a raid occurs both parties, the host party and the raiding party could duke it out until one side wins thus accumulating win points. The Twitch with the most win points at the end of certain period of time would win trophies to display on their Twitch Home page along with new Pogs and other things to beat the devil out of the brush with.
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    don't they do that on twitch or youtube gaming... I think steam has that with the footage of the games as they are played... yeah it was steam doing that :) nice

    twitch account name is xik6
    steam is xoet
    youtube is h92o..

    OK just commenting :)