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Hi all! In honour of Family Day tomorrow, our theme for this week's contest is Families. Your entry should consist of family members from television, movies, comic books or video games, in whatever form that family may take. Your entry doesn't necessarily need to include every member of the family, but there should be at least two family members in the image.

Standard avatar contest rules apply: entries must be no more than 200 x 200 pixels and 1MB, and must be SFW. Please identify your characters and what show/movie/etc they are from. I'll allow some SF&F for this contest, but (and here's where I get all arbitrary) it should a) take place on Earth, and b) be set no further in the future than basically "modern day", based on when the work in question was produced. (The intent with this rule is to allow shows set in the "present" (or past) that have some fantastical or science fictional elements, but to exclude your Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) Each person may enter up to three avatars. The contest will be open for about a week.

Have fun! :techman:
Set on Earth? Check. Not set in the future? Check.


The Sinclairs; Dinosaurs

Superman Family, including Clark/Superman, his wife Lois Lane, their son Jon/Superman, Clark's clone Connor/Superboy, Clark's cousin Kara/Supergirl, Kara's Earth-2 double Kara/Powergirl, and the family dog Krypto.

Gotta be honest, this is a bit of a mess of a picture, and probably ends up being a placeholder. It's just very hard finding a good picture with all the mentioned characters (and ideally would also include Clark's parents Jonathan and Martha Kent), but also, if I'm honest, this is probably my favorite family in all of fiction. There are good Superman Family pictures out there, but they either exclude Lois, or only include Clark, Lois and Jon. So I'm gonna keep looking if I can find a better picture representing the Superman Family.


So, I ultimately had to modify a picture to add a few characters (or rather, move them from other spots in the source image), as well as remove characters that weren't part of the family. Unfortunately, Powergirl was not in the source image, and honestly I don't think I'll add her, so this is probably my entry for the Superman Family:
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Last call! I'm hoping to put the poll up around 24 - 27 hours from now, so now's the time if you still want to enter!

Here are my entries:


The Rose family, Schitt's Creek


The Simpson family, The Simpsons


The Addams family, Addams Family Values