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    GRs interactions with Asimov are well documented, and the examples here are mostly to do with character and storytelling instead of science.
    Whoever wrote #7 on that list is seriously confused between light years and calendar years and probably doesn't understand general relativity either. Bad science.

    The DeForrest institute's involvement with TOS is also well documented, but there are some fun examples here of what they picked up (and what was ignored).

    That quote is Roddenberry's attempt to explain away SDs incobinconscies with a "fudge". He admitted elsewhere he doesn't even know what it means. It's certainly not a magic formula used by the writers
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    The point is, that Roddenberry wanted accuracy and his quote speaks of Stardates referring to physical locations and not actual calendar dates. He didn't just spout some random words, he attempted to reconcile the differences of opinion in what a Stardate is. A "Roddenberry" is an accepted term, unofficially by scientists, to describe the distance and 'dialation' effects experienced by a traveler approaching "C." If Light traveled at a fixed rate for all observers, then the Enterprise would be several million years old when it returned to Earth - that's absurd. Remember, Roddenberry subscribed to Classical Physics. He also wrote his tests and was given his degree.
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    With regards to stardates, that would perhaps be best sorted in a separate thread, and perhaps in General Trek Discussion.