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    I could be putting myself in trouble here but I believe this is cannon. The bridge located on top of the ship has special shield parameters to protect it from incoming and from other parts of the ship. The engineers eventually deduce the fact that it makes little difference if the area is multy shielded and the enemy would get it anyway if it located more internally.
    Kirks fight with Khan nothing was mentioned about less security of the bridge. If Khan got the edge, though, that was the last of Enterprise.
    To see where one is going may have some viability but starships rely on sensors. Today the astronauts will be completely blind with their capsule in space and must rely on sensors.
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    Yeah, the human eye looking out a window is really only good for extreme close up work such as docking. Normal operations deal with things much farther out than a window would be useful for.
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    Thanks for the info
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    Why is completely made up Cochrane factor in this FAQ? It has absolutely zero canon support.
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    Because some of the best stuff related to Trek-based technology hasn't appeared onscreen in canonical formats, but has existed in fan works and other things over the years. The Cochrane factor was a way to reconcile how warp is thought to work (based on canon dialogue and non-canon sources like tech manuals) and how we should be able to calculate speeds and distances that make a degree of sense, as mentioned in the original post.
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