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    Hope this is the right place for this:

    Over the last three days I've run all 12 Trek movies in order. I won't go into long reviews because I'm sure it's been done to death, but here are a few thoughts...

    TMP: Still a great movie, even though it's slow in spots. I love the flyaround of the refit.

    TWOK: The shots of the "Reliant" bridge make it look tiny. Montalban was great, and a perfect foil for Shatner. The "KHAAAAAN!" worked for me, as a continuation of the ruse to throw Khan off the track.

    TSFS: I don't like the "Planet Hell" sets, but it's still a good story. Kirk's line "My god Bones, what have I done?" is classic.

    TVH: Always as much fun as when I saw it in the theater back in 1986.

    TFF: No complaints. I like the story, even if it isn't what was intended.

    TUC: One of my favorites.

    GEN: It's ok. I like Star Trek movies, and this is one of them.

    FC: Better than GEN.

    INS: For all the hate, I actually like this one.

    NEM: Meh. Looking back, it seems like Tom Hardy might have used his experience with Patrick Stewart to do a bad impression in Dark Knight Rises.

    ST09: Flaws and all, not a bad reboot. Casting Karl Urban as McCoy was a stroke of genius.

    STID: Not as bad as some people say, but it could have been much better. I expect more from the next film.

    So, after all this my favorites are still the first 6 movies. I grew up with Shatner and Nimoy in those roles, and it will be a long time, in my opinion, before anyone can do Trek better than they did.