TOS 80's Novel Continuity Read Through

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    Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! :) I really like giving them space to have their own canon, separate from what people might think of official canon.

    I sometimes wonder if I might have already read a lot more of these books earlier, if I had been born only four or five years earlier (even though I know that's technically impossible). I was never going to know the gap would have been like between TMP and TWoK. Star Trek was something I started to become aware of around the time of TSFS, I have hazy memories of seeing the movie in the theater. There's a magic there for me, too; just slightly different. It cheers me up to think that my parents were probably cultivating me as a new generation of ST fan, as a shared joy we could connect over, together.

    One of the movie gaps that I never really processed took on new meaning while reading these books and trying to contextualize what the authors might have seen by the time they wrote them. I never really thought about the years where TMP and TWoK were the only two movies...and they are so different! No way to predict what the third movie might have turned out to be; what if it had ended up as different from the first two as TWoK was from TMP! It really made me take a step back and think while I was reading through The Final Reflection, which wouldn't have been informed at all by TSFS.

    I haven't experienced some of those older audiobooks, but I've experienced something similar in the reverse order with some of the Star Wars bantam novels of the 1990's; Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Courtship of Princess Leia. I read the books first, and just dealt with the audiobooks as the best option for listening while driving. Nowadays I'm completely spoiled on the newer unabridged recordings of Timothy Zahn's novels, and love having the option to try similarly unabridged material in Star Trek (great narrator for TMP and The Captain's Oath), I think it would be hard to try the old recordings of books like, say, Strangers From the Sky; abridged from a 400 page novel.

    Ah, thank you for letting me know your impressions! I want to try to be optimistic about the movie, the trailer makes it look lavish and it has Pierce Brosnan. I take your meaning, though, about it being potentially ominous that it has been left on the shelf, forgotten.