Top 42 Episodes (Seasons 1 and 2)

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    Hi, all. I'm trying to create a "symmetrical" Star Trek Viewing Guide that uses a 20-22-24/26 format (20 episode Season 1, 22 episode Season 2, and 24 or 26 episodes for the remaining seasons) for each season in the franchise's live-action Canon, but am pretty much unfamiliar with the Original Series and therefore cannot figure out which episodes to include in said Viewing Guide, which is why I'm turning to people who are far more knowledgable than I for advice.

    To that end, I pose the following question:
    What are your Top 42 episodes (20 from Season 1 and 22 from Season 2), and why, bearing in mind that I intend to order each episode by Stardate and therefore would like to avoid issues of "overlap"?
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    With that many, you'd be better off asking us to list the 10 or so that wouldn't make the cut.