TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Hello everyone, my name is Richie and I'm a Trekaholic. I'm 36 and grew up watching TOS every Sunday afternoon. Oddly enough it was my father who would watch it while falling to sleep on the couch. I was fascinated by the pastel colours, shinny objects and blinking lights the sets had to offer.

    On to TNG. I remembered seeing the first promo for the show in TV guide thinking "what's with the bald guy?" In actuality, I didn't care for TNG all that much in the first few seasons. I couldn't relate to the characters. I think I compared it too much to TOS and it didn't feel like Trek at all to me. Perhaps I even regarded it as stupid even. I thought Worf looked like a werewolf, Geordi looked like he was peering through an air filter and Data looked as though he suffered from jaundice. So, I pretty much gave up on the show about 5 eps into the first season, never to return until late season 3. It recaptured my interest when a friend of mine loaned me Encounter At Farpoint VHS tapes in 1990. Now think about it…back in the day, you didn't see TV series on tapes unless you recorded it yourself. Not like it is today where you can buy seasons of everything on DVD.

    Anyway, I really took interest in the show after viewing EAF a few times, which led me back into the series around the end of season 3 in both new and repeat episodes. I became a hardcore fan in 1995. It was the movie Generations that did it. Here’s why. I had suffered a horrible ordeal that just tore my soul to pieces. I hate to admit it, but I was devastated. I made a stupid attempt on my own life and was completely lost. My brother had purchased Generations through some video club membership but he wasn’t really into it, so he gave me the tape. That movie alone got me through some really tough lonely nights as I tried to recover emotionally. I believe I fell asleep to it every night for a good 6 months. There was something about it that movie that pulled me away from it al and gave me a safe place to hide. To this day, I get a feeling of peace whenever I watch it. Especially the part where they do the flyby of Scotty, Chekov and Capt. Harriman standing on deck 15 looking out into space from the torn bulkhead. God that scene made it feel like Trek was real and not just a fictional concept.

    So, as you can see, TNG is family to me.

    Here I am two months ago playing a show at a local club.

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    I'll be brief:

    Yep. TNG fan. Stayed my favorite series. Read the books. Liked the books. Wesley would have been a better character if his lines hadn't sucked. Worf and Troi as a couple is simply wrong on so many levels.

    I think that sums it up :)
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    TNG aging badly? Never! It's like fine wine. As it ages, it gets better.

    I'm Louie. I'm 30 years and am avid ST fan. (No Star Trek reboot!) I am a line technician with a major communications company due in part to my fascination with technology. ST did play a part in that fascination.

    My favorite TNG characters are Geordi and Tasha Yar. Had Denise Crosby chosen a better career path, she would have excelled. She still looks great, too.

    Favorite episode is "The Inner Light". Character driven episodes of Trek were my fav's.

    Uh...well...that's it.
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    Hello guy here.

    I'm a big TNG fan, and have been a Trek fan ever Farpoint. I'm also a big fan of Data, and just the overall camraderie of the crew. Other Trek series are OK, but truth be told, TNG comes first for me.
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    nice guitar!! :D

    hello everybody *waves*
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    Dec 6, 2005
    i'm new here....i want to post but need to come back after spending thought on this post. everyone's post is very well thought out.
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    Hello there fellow trek buddies

    I have to say that I became immersed into Trek by the great old threesome of Spock, Kirk and McCoy. I'd watch the repeats as a kid, and mum would laugh at how she loved it when it first aired and soon sit and watch it again with me. I even went and saw my first trek movie ST4 : The Voyage Home at the cinemas. But yes the all time favoruite that clinched trek for me was Wrath of Khan. Had to get it out on video, and after watching the motion picture, it certainly brought my interest up a thousand fold.

    I have to say, I never liked TNG, like Puppet Master, saw encounter at farpoint on video, groaned at how bad it was, the stiff acting, a bald captain who looked like he was from thunderbirds are go. And soon turned away to continue watching the new TOS movies that came out.

    Australian TV was a few years behind in trek and still is. I'm sure we never got to see TNG season three either. Played out of order etc it helped later on when I soon became immersed in the new and well improved TNG from the encounter days.

    A student was commenting on the graphics on a new star trek video called emmissary. Something called Deep Space Nine. So I hired it watched it and loved the whole story of the borg and Wolf 359. So searching the cobwebbed video store located best of both worlds. :borg:

    This is where I became a TNG fan. Riker on that battle bridge chair, in his accustomed slump just sold it to me. Well maybe the beard and smile did :drool: So yes, headed back found a few more of Season 5, then watched season 1 again as they were the only videos available. I looked beyond the awkwardness of season 1 and enjoyed the sotries instead. Watched it like I did as a kid with Dr Who and fell in love.

    And yup, from there on I became a TNG and TOS fan. And a bearded riker groupie too :angel:

    We unfortunately are too far for some actors, to hold great trek conventions here. Some in the past we've only just scrapped in with making it a huge sci-fi con rather than just trek. Stewart, Dorn and gates have made it here many many years ago. But now everytime we have Sirtis or someone else they pull out at the end. :( I guess what I am saying is, I would love to see a convention in the US, see what it's really like. And havea chance of seeing the beard...opps Riker in person :guffaw:

    Well there's my piece. I'm a fan. And I do cringe at what it has become. A drawn out series that was mishandled for many years. I only hope that one day it will rise again like TNG did from the TOS ashes. But hopefully not as woodenly :angel:
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    Greetings - Cherub here - thought I'd flap by and say 'Hi'.

    LOVE TNG - LOVE PICARD :angel:

    End of!
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    I suppose I should post in this. I watched over the Enterprise forum for 18 months and never bothered in their thread. :D

    Hi, I'm 29 years old from the Chicago, IL area. I'm an IT consultant. I'm also a pilot finishing up my commercial rating as I head towards a supplemental carreer as a flight instructor.

    I was a young kid watching Star Trek reruns for a number of years. Pretty much got on board with TNG from the start and never looked back. It is of course my favorite, and I can list all sorts of ungodly things a kid with no VCR used to do to ensure that he was in front of the TV Saturdays at 6 PM. ;)

    Don't get me wrong, I love strong characters. But I believe the ensemble and general image that was the TNG concept is one of the most appealing aspects of this series.
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    Hey everyone, I'm totally new and I love TNG. I'm 21 and grew up watching TNG, hell this is the first time since I can remember that there hasn't been a Trek show on TV. It's soooo weird. My fav character as a kid was Wesley *ducks*, but I've since grown to love Troi (maybe that's why I'm majoring in psych?) and she did not crash the saucer! LOL. My favorite recurring character was Vash, I love smart mouthed women :). The Galaxy-class is my favorite Federation ship, it's just beautiful. So hey everyone and I hope to be posting more!
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    Hello, ch'Rihan! Nice username. :)

    I hope to see you around the forum in the future...
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    Thanks Naraht, I take it you're a Duane fan too? Love the avatar too.
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    My screenname is evidence enough, right? ;)
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    I should post something, but have been rather lacking in posting in the trek forums for a long time as I've been hanging out in the lounges at lot (okay just the admirals lounge at the moment). Probabily my favourite characters are Picard and Worf, but there is a character I don't like either (including Wesley). Yesterday's Enterprise is one of my favourite episodes. I could be cast as DS9er/TNGer.
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    I'm a huge fan of TNG, though back in the late eighties when it first came out I was one of the diehard TOS fans who thought it was tripe. I remember watching Naked Now and Code of Honour (the first episodes I saw on rental video) and being utterly horrified. I gave the show a second chance and rented Encounter at Farpoint, which, while not as bad as the others, I still disliked.

    It wasn't until I met a guy at uni, in about 89 or 90, who had access to really bad bootleg copies (I'm in the UK) of season two that I started to turn around on it. Ironically, a Wesley episode (The Dauphin) was one of the first I really enjoyed. That was followed by Pen Pals and Q Who.

    I adored season 3, and still consider it on a par with TOS season one. My all time favourite TNG episode (indeed, my favorite of any of the Treks) is season 5's Darmok.
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    Hey, me too! Nice to see meet another Trek fan from the area. :)
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    I'll chime in. I remember reg'ng on this board years ago but never could find the time to post -- so here I am now.

    I remember watching TNG on Sundays back-to-back with the Simpsons. My neighbor and I had that time reserved every week - it really got me into Trek. I had watched TOS as a young'n with Dad but never much cared for it.

    About me, I'm 35, married with several kids, network engineeer for a large aerospace company, I like anything electronic('puters), motorcyles(OMG!), and HOCKEY! add trek to that and what a combo!
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    Hey I've only been here a few weeks and TNG is my favorite, I grew up watching Picard.
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    Everything wonderful about TNG has been said, but here's my short run-down list:

    Jean-Luc Picard. The greatest role model in tv history.

    1701-D. Big, bright, beautiful.

    The cast. Likeable

    Vision of the future. Optimistic, but not elitist.
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    Reading all these posts, and looking at the number of people who were turned on to ST through reruns and/or their parents is aging me.

    I started watching TOS the first time around - yes, way back in the 60's. I'll admit I was rather young, but having been raised in a house with an older brother who read tons of sci-fi and shared it with me, I was immediately hooked - then doubly hooked by the camaraderie of Spock, Kirk and McCoy.
    I suffered through the cancellation, the years of reruns, the countless arguments with my other geeky friends (we played games like, "Can you name the episode from one word of dialog - and who wrote it?"), survived the animated series, read the fanzines, and rejoiced when TMP was announced, and lived from movie to movie thereafter.
    When TNG was announced, I was cautious - even dubious! - to say the least. Love ST as I do, I also recognized that it had its weaknesses - and all of them were evident in that first episode. But I hung in there and became a TNG fiend, with just the slightest amount of interest in P/C and Data (as some of you may be aware.)
    DS9 was probably a better crafted series - but as I live in the Chicago area (Hi! jkladis! Nice to see another Chicagoan in the chat) the local station put it on Saturday afternoons, forcing it compete with the Cubs games - so sometimes it was on, other times it would run at midnight the following day - and so on. Hard to track, and I lost interest.
    I never found the allure in VOY; i thought that if they had really wanted to have a good series, they should have killed the captain, and left a less competent leader in place. The story possibilities were endless! But I'm sure they had reasons for doing what they did.
    I hoped ENT would escape the VOY production problems - and for a time, it seemed it would - but after the whole season arc about the Xindi, I suspected it was doomed. When the Nazi episode appeared, I knew the end was in sight. Could it get any more cliched?
    Ironically, my sone was born just before TNG premiered; ENT went off the air on his 17th birthday. He has been imbued with ST-ness all his life. (He was listening to his friends discuss some Trek-related issue the other day, and they deferred to him and his knowledge. He protested that he was not a geek, then immediately corrected them all, explaining that Worf hadn't married Ezri Dax, but rather Jadzia. The boy can speak Klingon for crying out loud. I guess it's in the blood.)
    I wait, with great anticipation and hope, the future of Trek that TPTB will give us - but in the interim, it's me and my computer and all our unfulfilled fantasies making do in the interim.