TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    HOOKED, there's no going back for you, we got one more gang. :)
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    sometimes it's hard to believe STNG is 30 years Welcome.
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    What up TrekBBS people. I'm intergalacticdude. I'm transmitting these messages through a wormhole within a singularity onto your screen. I've viewed your "Star Trek TNG" and though it was some pretty good stuff. Not much about Trek I don't like to talk about.

    TNG is my favorite of the spin-offs, but I like them all. My favorite is TOS which I grew up watching. Favorite characters?

    TOS- Kirk, Spock, McCoy
    TNG- Picard, Data
    DSN- Kira, Odo, Quark
    VOY- Seven of Nine, baby. Greatest character in the history of Trek by my standards. Also like Tuvok and Tom Paris.
    ENT- Trip, T'Pol, Phlox

    Welp. Guess that's it. See you around.
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    Feb 4, 2016
    As I have been re-watching the series, I went in search of a group that may fill in some questions I have along the way. Glad to find you all here.
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    You'll find a good mix of facts and opinions here. We'll look forward to your own observations as well.
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    Hey everyone! I'm Dearra and I got into Star Trek in August. Binge-watched the original series in about 2 weeks. I started The Next Generation a few months ago and I love it! I've been watching with my sister and it's been a blast. My mom has been a huge trekkie since she was a teenager, as well as my dad to a lesser extent. She always tried to get me and my siblings into it but you know kids, anything your parents like must be lame so she didn't get very far with that. Now that we're older (I'm 19), we finally came to our senses. Star Trek is just in our genes! Hahaha.

    I love TOS but I think TNG may be my favorite, I don't know, I love them both in different ways. Data is my favorite character. Some of my favorite TNG episodes are Darmok, The Measure of a Man, Clues, Chain of Command, The Outcast and many others. My sister and I got to season 7 recently so we're almost done! I'm sure we'll watch DS9 sometime after we finish.

    Anyway, I'm new and I look forward to discussing all things Star Trek on here.
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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Dan. I've been watching TNG since I was little, led to my love of Star Trek and science fiction. I'm more of a DS9 fan, but TNG will always hold a place in my heart.

    I couldn't name a particular episode as my favourite, but in general I have more of a preference for seasons 3-7, as I feel seasons 1 & 2 are a little rough around the edges. My favourite of the movies is definitely First Contact.

    I share a lot of inside Trek jokes with my wife, who when we first met 10 years ago, was not a Trek fan. I watched a few episodes of TNG with her and now she's a Trekker too. We watch primarily TNG and VOY together.
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    I've been a Star Trek fan since the early 70s, so when I first heard about The Next Generation, I was enthused! The mix if futuristic designs, solid characterization, and science fiction storytelling has always kept me interested in TNG. In fact, I remember how it felt as I watched part 1 of "The Best of Both Worlds", as I realized this 'new' Trek series really had what it takes to make its mark!
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    Hey ya'll, I remember growing up seeing TOS and TNG on TV. I was born in '84 so TOS was obv reruns, and certainly my recollections of the first few seasons of TNG were reruns as well. Actually, my most vivid memory of TNG, is during the theme song. My sister and I would go to opposite sides of the living room, and hold our arms out in a circle with the tips of one hand touching the other, mimicking the saucer. Then, when the ship would zoom by in the intro we would run across the room, again mimicking the ship each time, lol. Occasionally the poor Enterprise crashed into itself if we happened to collide!

    I never gave Trek much thought after TNG ended until a few years ago, when I decided to start watching from TNG's first episode. I got up to early 2nd season before I had to put it on the backburner until late 2015 when I started watching an episode per day (sometimes two) while eating dinner, assuming I was home for dinner. I'm currently into early season 6 and I've enjoyed rewatching the show and seeing what I remember (aside from the main characters, I didn't remember a whole lot in terms of plots, lol, probably the most vivid would be Best of Both Worlds and the subsequent Family).

    Anyway, glad I have a place to chime in on the show now, lol. See ya around
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    Feb 22, 2016
  11. Kittybandit

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Hi Guys!

    Star Trek TNG was my nexus point to all things star trek. I started to watch TNG few years ago on reruns on BBC America. Picard will remain my favorite trekkie captain. There's so much things he have said in the series that really resonated with me. In the series, I think my favorite character is data. For me he's definitely one of the better written and consistent characters in the show. He's also a cat person.

    On that note, ode to spot!

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    Hi everyone, longtime listener, first time caller, Reefmonkey. I grew up aware of TOS because my dad was a fan and would watch marathons on UHF back in the 80s. I had 8" Kirk and Spock action figures someone had given me that I played with, and I was aware of the movies of the early to mid 80s, but didn't really get into Star Trek until TNG, which premiered my 6th grade year. I remember watching Encounter at Farpoint when it first ran. I enjoyed the first two seasons when they were in first run (though I never liked Pulaski), but season 3 seamed like such a relief, I had always thought the neckline of the spandex uniforms just did not look right, and it was good to have Crusher back. I never remember having a diminished interest in TNG (unlike, say, The X Files, which I pretty much stopped watching after about season 6 or 7) and it's one of the few long running series I can say I watched avidly from the premiere episode to the finale. I never got into DS9, or Voyager, and though I wanted to like Enterprise because of Scott Bakula and the general premise (have always been interested in the early years of Starfleet and the Federation) it just didn't work for me. I found the First Contact movie mildly enjoyable because of my interest in pre- and peri-Starfleet founding, but in general disliked most of the TNG movies. I guess TNG episodes were so theatrical, it was hard to make the movies top that, they just ended up like prolonged episodes. And I hated the anticlimactic way they killed off Kirk in Generations (he should have actively chosen to sacrifice his life manning a spacecraft - his Kobayashi Maru), and Nemesis, every time I drink too much I hope the non-synthahol kills off the part of my brain that remembers that movie exists.

    I've seen some people here say TNG is dated - I STRONGLY disagree. Remember that TOS was ~20 years old when TNG premiered, and TOS seemed not just dated, but outright antiquated back then. The sets, the costumes, hairstyles, everything, especially the technology (computers, etc) that looked like 20 year old technology that had already long-since been surpassed in 1987, TOS aged poorly, but apart from an occasional furniture, hairstyle, or civilian clothing choice that was obviously inspired by late 80s, TNG episodes look pretty fresh almost 30 years later, especially 3rd season on, and most of the technology, the PADDs, the computer consoles, this all looks like stuff we use today.

    And I disagree with criticisms of the mostly episodic nature of TNG. It may be personal preference, but I like the fact that you can pick any episode out of TNG on Netflix (except two parters, obviously) and watch it in isolation and it is thoroughly enjoyable. Even back in the day when the show was first run, if you missed a couple episodes you weren't completely lost like you are in story arc-driven series, which often led them to lose viewers in pre-streaming, pre-DVR days. Plus, I think story arc-driven shows must by necessity be darker and heavier, and that wasn't TNG, its draw came from its optimistic view of the future and Humanity's peaceful exploration of space.
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    I have always enjoyed Star Trek The Next Generation.
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    I used to watch TNG all the time when I was younger. I love the characters. I have recently been rewatching episodes with my 10 year old daughter, who loves it.
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    Our girls grew up watching TNG and remain fans to this day. Not a bad form of entertainment to inspire progressive thinking and grand imagination.
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    I grew up in a house full of trekkies and am just finishing up a binge watch of the Next Generation. i love the episodic nature of the first 2 seasons, its is nice to see the characters get fleshed out more but only within the context of the themes of the episodes.
    I'm all about the Data, Riker creeps me out and i wish I could talk though philosophical and ethical questions with Picard, Picards constant attempts at unbiased reasoning make me happy.
    the character driven story line episodes reck my head, like these no room is space for interpersonal drama as far as I'm concerned, looking forward to watching voyager and the Orginal Series, if i don't get cheeped out by the retro-ness of it. TNG seems totally ageless to me and I feel like i'm gonna be rewatching it soon enough if Voyager doesn't deal with mad new lifeforms.
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    I remember I almost held out on watching TNG, I was so attached to TOS and those characters and movies, that I was afraid to "boldly go" on and start a new series. But don't worry, I had the TNG fever within the first few episodes. I think I finished TNG rather quickly, but I do remember when I started season 7 that I tried to ration it out because I didn't want it to end. I'd say out of all the Trek, TNG is my favorite. I know a lot of people say that, but the whole cast, the writers, producers, everyone did a fantastic job on that show.
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    Feb 4, 2016
    I just completed my third rewatch and I am still hooked. While I have seen all series completely, TNG still is my personal favorite.
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    Those of you who know me from the VOYAGER fora are probably aware that I keep making ST VOY desktop wallpapers in my free time.
    Now, I don't really like the other Trek series - however, I occasionally make crossover pictures for Star Trek.
    Here's one of them - I hope you'll like it.
    If you do, please feel free to share or download it (Res.: 1360 x 768 for HD monitors).
    If you like VOYAGER, check out my other works at:
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    Hi, I'm a total newbie (this being my first ever post).

    My wife bought me the complete TNG blu-ray box-set for Christmas. I've just finished cherry picking my favourite episodes & have started to watch it chronologically.

    Anyway, back to the point. Without a doubt my least favourite character is Doctor Pulaski. She is far to arrogant also, the character reminds me of McCoy.

    Second least favourite character is Lieutenant Tasha Yards, purely because of Denise Crosby's terrible acting.

    Favourite recurring character is Lieutenant Regarding Barclay.

    Favourite main character is Captain Picard.