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Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Welcome Jester808
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    Hello all, I am a twenty year old student, im in love with Riker and Chakotay, I love watching star trek, I own all seasons of TNG, Ds9 and Voyager. I finsihed them in order recently and have started over. I am on season three TNG, Krisher just came back and picard saved Qs life. Anyway I am a geek/nerd. Video games, computer games, computer programming and always opinionated about star trek. I love making new friends, escepically those who know their trek.
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    Hey there. You can all just call me Nerf. I just turned 22. TNG is my favorite Star Trek series (along with the Enterprise D being my favorite Enterprise and favorite ship class), with S6 & S7 being my favorite seasons (and strangely those being the only two I don't yet own on DVD). I just got the new TNG movie collection, with Generations and Insurrection being so much better than I remembered them being. I would say Picard is my favorite main character from the show, my least favorite being Geordi.

    I'm very into sci-fi and supernatural shows, with favorites like Stargate (all series), Charmed, Smallville, Buffy, etc. And of course Star Trek, favorite being TNG, followed by VOY, then ENT, then DS9. I don't like TOS.

    I'm currently in a Star Trek mood, watching it all the time, and it's why I found and joined this board. Can't wait to get into the discussions, meet some people, and have fun. :)
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    Greetings. Umm, I didn't introduce myself, so here goes.

    Hi! ;)
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    whats up fellow star trekkians ;) ... im Sycho W. Nosk.. and the W. stands for "gettin paid"
    yea! im a startrekkalo from the south west side, and i love the next gen! i grew up on it and got my first phaser before i knew how to crawl! i usually post random stuff and nonsence to amuse myself... but on occasion i will drop in an intellectual nuggit of awsomeness straight up into your brain hole! ... im sort of new here, thoe i have been commin to the bbs for years under different names... but i usually screw up, start cussin and they deelete my threads< lmao.. its all in good fun i sware! i beleave in two things.. the constatution/ ammendments and Gene's view of the future... and with those 2 things i believe that you humans will be trekkin the stars on dayton rims in no time!
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    Hello All!!!
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    I'm 24 and a ship nut. My mom was a hardcore fan and I became one by default, hell the first movies I had in the house was a vhs of Encounter at Farpoint and the Star Wars films. Every new series that came out I watched religiously but TNG had to be my first viewing choice. Picard is a badass, and that's it... Kirk was more gungho, but all in all didn't have the character of Picard or the reserve that he had. Not to bash, I love Kirk but I watched TNG every week from my first memory until they killed it with All Good Things. I love ships, Every class of ship I can find I have the Schematics of, from the Nova to the Botany Bay. It's great to be here, thanks for the warm welcome guys. :)

    Make it so, number one.
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    TNG was my introduction to Star Trek and holds a dear place in my heart. My brother and I used to watch it every evening at dinnertime (from around season 5/6 onwards), and we'd regularly rent/borrow video cassettes to fill in the first few seasons. Recently I've started a TNG watching spree (just started season 2); a nerdy voyage through the interwebs led me here.

    Despite being a Trekkie/internet denizen for years I've never joined a Trek forum, and this seemed as good a time as any...
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    10 Forward

    I am 31 years old and a life-long Star Trek fan. I work in media in Canada. My husband is a deep fan too. He has a PhD in English and Linguistics and will eventually write a paper on the worlds.

    I grew-up watching the Original Series on re-runs on weekend mornings. My Dad explained it all to me, as he had first watched them while they were actually airing.... and I'm sure he was the only one in his social group doing so.

    My Mom loves it too. My sisters watched with us, but I'm not sure how much they still think about it.... I am obsessive by nature and have always hung on to it.

    I loved the Original Series, especially the Big Three. I deeply admired Mr. Spock, as I have always had a deep sense of logic and reason.... even as a small child.

    I respected Dr. McCoy's passion for life and, as most of my family was involved in Health Care.

    I was in LOVE with Captain Kirk. He was my ideal man, along side of Christopher Reeve as Superman. He might have been quick with the phaser sometimes, but I valued his deep sense of justice.... AND, I thought he was actually quite the chivalrous and romantic man, unlike the shallow "skirt chaser" label that seems to have been stuck to him by people who didn't actually watch the show... sorry, that was almost slipping into rant territory.

    Some of my earliest memories are of the OS episodes and the lessons some of them taught. I was really touched by the story of Horta and many other forms of life encountered by the crew.

    The premiere of The Next Generation was an event in our home. We marked the date on the calendar, turned the lights off on our den and popped popcorn. I was nine years old.

    We were mixed in our response. I was unsure of this new, bald captain. Why did the Klingon look like that and what the heck was he doing on the Bridge instead of the Brig? Where was my VULCAN?! But, my friend from Reading Rainbow was there.... and the Android seemed curious and cool enough... so I was hopeful.

    BUT, the ship was just.... wow. I remember how I felt when I saw it sssssssssstretch into warp during the opening credits. I felt as if I had been truly transported into another galaxy. When the Saucer section separated? Seriously? That was the coolest thing I had ever seen, and the way the Drive Section spun around and zipped off was just mind blowing.

    We stuck with it and watched every episode.... and my life is richer for it.

    Captain Picard became my gold standard, I could write essays about him. He is perfect because he is imperfect. So just and passionate and thoughtful and measured and subtle and earnest.....

    I have deep affection for Data, as my handle suggests, and his wide-eyed search for humanity... all the while possessing such a moral and admirable soul. Yes, I think Data Lives. Geordi will get that hardware in B4 upgraded, using his old head, the memories will upload and wash over his systems then Data will sit-up, blink at him and ask if the rest of the crew is alright. :wah: If the book writers don't start it, I will write it myself.

    I love the rest of the crew too. I could go on and on for days.

    I was never popular in school, but I was never timid. I think STNG played some part in that, knowing that if the future can be this just and right and inclusive and curious, then, the highschool turmoil and torture must be the anomaly and I should pay it little mind. I quoted something by Picard in grade 12, and my (future) husband overheard me. He watched the show all by himself and was very shy at school.... I think that my quotation helped him speak to me.

    We own the series and the films and our young daughter is already dancing to the music.

    My husband hadn't seen the Original Series, and just recently realised how great it is.... neither of us had had time to watch DS9 when it came out and we saved it for later emergencies. That time is now. I have the OS and DS9 locked in my office desk with a Christmas Morning course plotted.

    We tried Voyager time and again.... but it didn't happen.

    We tried Enterprise and thought that the writers had lost it. However, we do own Season three, and will get Season Four, eventually.

    We watched the most recent movie and were totally depressed..... so we are turning to DS9 and the OS.


    I am moved by what some other fans are writing here... it is an honour to know how Star Trek has touched your lives, and to know, in a way, we all share something.

    Others on this thread have said it so well.... there is something precious and beautiful about Star Trek, and The Next Generation is the very best of the best.

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    I'm (only) 14 and I love Trek. TNG is my favorite series, but I also like DS9 and Voyager. I first watched Trek about two years ago (TUC) and became a fan a few months later. I've watched all films, TOS, TNG, DS9 and the first six seasons of Voyager and I'm planning on watching Enterprise after I've finished Voyager. TNG was the first series I watched as a fan and it's a big reason for it being my favorite series. It also introduced my all-time favorite Trek character, Reg Barclay. I've been reading Trek BBS for some time before finally registering.
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    Welcome, everyone :)
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    on the question of which trek is better, the original, or tng, i have to go with tng (by a nose) simply because of the overall consistency of quality.when the original was good, it was mind blowing, however when it was bad, you wanted to run screaming from the tv set.and that happened more than a few times ('catspaw', anyone? how about 'plato's stepchildren'? or maybe ' the way to eden'?) tng rarely had moments that bad
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    Hey everyone! I'm new here (as I guess a lot of people in this thread are!)

    I'm 18 (soon to be 19, downward spiral from here) studying Graphic Design. I'm a bit of an eccentric person especially when it comes to sci-fi and my parents (especially my Dad) were massive Star Trek fans. Growing up in the 90s I guess DS9 and Voyager were always the series of choice but I really got into TOS in the last few years, and the beginning of university gave me plenty of time to ignore actual work and focus on TNG box set which I have grown to love :)

    In non-Trek related interests I'm an Art student (yes yes they do exist and no no I don't spend my time smoking weed and discussing the ambiguity in Hirsts work) specialising in graphic design and print media.

    I'm also an avid sewer, which comes in handy for making costumes! I am really into 70s music, think I was probably born in the wrong decade! I like a real mixture of glam rock, and I think I'm a bit of a punk rocker in disguise. To top it all off I'm obsessed with antiques books and also lace. I buy lots of bits of old lace.

    I come from a really traditional country background here in the south of England. My Grandad is a gunsmith by trade and so I've grown up taking tallies on pheasant shoots and learning how to cook pigeon pie. I also come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. They've owned everything from shoe shops to groceries over the last 70 years, and we currently own an antique centre, my Mum runs her own web design company and my Mum and Nanny run a jewellery company (and I help packing orders and trying on jewellery!)

    I don't have a trekkie picture of me but here is just a normal one taken a few days ago:

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    My name is USS_Britain, i live in Gloucester, England and i am 22 Years old and i really like all Sci-Fi Programmes including Star Trek and Doctor Who.
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    I'm sophie, a 22 year old psychology student in Australia and I loooves me some TNG :lol:

    As well as most of what science fiction has to offer :)

    I first encountered Trek through watching the movies - I remember TVH was the one I liked best at the time - they were full of different ideas and passionate people exploring them.
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    Hello all TNG fans, I'm Keith1701 from Warner Robins, Georgia, I'm 49 years young, and been a BIG fan of all that is STAR TREK since I was 6 years old. TNG:techman: was the show that gave STAR TREK new life. With the success of TNG,:) we saw more spin-off shows such as: Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager and some of the TREK movies from that time frame. It was even nice seeing TNG actors support Star Trek Enterprise while it was on the air as well.
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    Hi! Sgt. Pinback here. I'm 37, which means that TNG debuted at the beginning of (or possibly just before) my first year of high school. I was not impressed with the show until its third season, and even said some negative things about the first two seasons when they were first broadcast. Early TNG has a very few merits, though. There are good early episodes here and there, and the generally really awful 1987 premiere episode "Encounter At Farpoint" made an unexpectedly excellent framing device ("bookending" might be a better term) for the final episode "All Good Things..."

    What I like about TNG is that the writers/ producers did not try to directly recapture the magic of TOS. What I sometimes don't like about TNG is that it usually lacked that magic, even in its better episodes; there wasn't the sense of "high-seas adventure" that TOS frequently had. Apples and oranges, I guess.

    I prefer Kirk to Picard, although that's another classic case of apples and oranges. Patrick Stewart is a virtuoso, whereas Shatner is an entertainer. It's no coincidence that I find Kirk much more entertaining.

    But I really am a TNG fan, no doubt about it. Seasons 3, 4, and 5 are almost uniformly brilliant, and seasons 6 and 7 are pretty darned good.

    "Best Of Both Worlds" may have the best cliffhanger ever devised in the history of television. :borg::borg::borg::borg: