TNG characters in DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise

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    There have been a few posts lately about missed opportunities when it came to character crossovers (especially considering the different series overlapped). I was reading about 'These are the Voyages...' yesterday, and it got me thinking about all of the instances when TNG characters have appeared in other Trek shows. I've listed them below, but I haven't in fact seen all of these episodes. I'm really interested to hear everyone's opinions.

    How would you rate each of these appearances? Did they add anything to the character? Were they creative, pointless, or somewhere in-between? Did any of these instances strike you as being out of character?

    There are other things to be talked about as well. Why do you think Gates McFadden never appeared in any of the other Trek series, while other actors had some memorable moments (Frakes playing Thomas Riker again, etc.)

    DS9: 'Emissary'
    For me, the most dramatic use of a TNG character outside of TNG. It set up DS9 so well, and it was really interesting to see a protagonist have genuine reasons for NOT liking Picard.

    DS9: 'Defiant' (as Thomas Riker)
    I thought it was incredibly creative to have Frakes come back to play Thomas Riker. Having the audience believe Frakes was Will - only to reveal him as Tom - was an awesome moment.

    Voyager: 'Death Wish'
    Liked the episode. The idea of Riker randomly appearing (via Q) was pretty cool.

    Enterprise: 'These are the Voyages...'
    Haven't seen it (I never got into 'Enterprise'). I have watched some of the Riker scenes on YouTube, and it seems forced to me. I just don't buy that Riker watching a holodeck program is what inspired him to talk to Picard. I thought 'The Pegasus' was a very strong TNG episode, and it didn't need additional background. If anything, it took away from the episode.

    Enterprise: 'These are the Voyages...' [voice only]
    Seems a little odd that Spiner was called up to have a voice-only role. In some ways, I guess it's a cool fan moment. I've read what he said, but I haven't seen it in live-action. Worth it or not? Seems a little wasted.

    DS9: seasons 4-7
    Yeah, this doesn't quite count as a cameo, but I'd still like to hear what people think. I thought Worf fit in well on DS9. His conversation with O'Brien about the glory days on the Enterprise really stands out to me as a TNG moment. I think he was well-developed in DS9.

    Voyager: 'Timeless'
    I haven't seen this episode, so comments are definitely welcome. Considering this is Geordi's only appearance outside of TNG, I'd like to hear what your reaction was.

    Voyager: 'Pathfinder,' 'Life Line,' and 'Inside Man'
    Again, I haven't seen these episodes (I've only watched the first 3 seasons of 'Voyager').

    Enterprise: 'These are the Voyages...'
    See my previous comments about Riker.

    None! Did writers just have a creative block in how to integrate her into an episode or was there something else at work there?
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    Loved Geordi in Timeless, a nice little shout-out in an already great episode.

    Tom Riker in DS9 was fantastic, good writing that gave the character a nice, unique and compelling viewpoint.
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    You forgot Q & the O'Briens. I haven't seen all of the crossovers myself. I honestly think though that Worf & O'Brien really did a lot for the development of DS9. Frankly, they would have been a bit principal character starved without them
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    There is also Vash. :D
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    If Q, O'Briens and Vash count, then you also have to count in Lwxana Troi (DS9). And Alexander (Worf's son) had also an appearance on DS9 (alltho a different actor played him).

    Maybe noteworthy, that DS9 characters appeared on TNG (Bashir, Quark) and there was a kind-of crossover of VOY's Doc Zimmerman in DS9.

    Indirect crossovers: The Borg from TNG's "First Contact" and Spiner as Soong appeared on ENT.