Time For The Return Of Thomas Riker ?

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    Wow, Relayer1. You are literally the first person ever in the world to make that joke. Well done. :rolleyes:
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    Well, to be fair, I stopped short of actually making it. Just about.

    Yeah, gets tedious I would expect. Apologies...
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    "No!", Deanna screamed as she wakes up from the terrible nightmare. She reaches for her Imazadi on the other side of the bed but he is not there. Terror reins her very soul until she hears the water shower versus the sonic shower, activated in the next room.

    She finally takes what feels like the first breath she's ever taken as she calms down, realizing her encounter with Thomas Riker, William Riker's transporter double, was just a nightmare brought on by a late night snack of a triple hot fudge sunday.

    Wiping the beads of sweat from her brow, she whispers to herself, "No more dark chocolate before bed. Next time I stick with white."

    Knowing the only thing that will settle her down would be the calming arms of the real William Riker, she gets out of bed, checking on her undisturbed and sleeping daughter, Natasha, on her way to the shower room. Lightly caressing the child's forehead and sensing her peaceful nature, a smile comes to her otherwise traumatized face

    She continues on towards the bathroom, needing the embrace of her first and true love, her Imazadi. As the doors open, hot steam comes out of the small room, obstructing the view of her husband, though she can see his back turned towards her. Her mood brightening, she slips off the silk nightgown she had been wearing, ready to bare her naked body for the captain of Titan.

    "Oh Will...hows about a little company?", she called to him in her best, seductive voice.

    She walks into the shower, through the intense steam of the hot water. As the clouds seperate she sees, finally, the face of the man in the shower, the man she's ready to embrace, when suddenly terror returns and turns her heart cold. For this fear was beyond Thomas Riker.

    "Good morning, Pamela." says Bobby Ewing with a smile.

    "No!" Deanna screams.

    I'm liking this Titan tale a lot more now. I can't wait to see what James Swallow comes up with!
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    King Daniel Beyond
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    For what it's worth, in the STO mission Badlands, Thomas Riker is mentioned: After the Dominion War, the Cardassians abandoned the work camp/prison planet Lazon II. Thomas formed a community out of the ex-Maquis, criminals, etc. He died of a broken heart when his wife, the colony's botanist and farming expert, died in an accident.

    The story was related by his son, Joshua Riker.

    When Starfleet learned of the colony in 2409, they sent a ship with medical supplies to fold the world into the Federation.