Tilly was reminding me of someone something fierce. It just clicked. We have our new Ezri.

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by Quinton O'Connor, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Rhodan

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    At first I kinda disliked her for being "every sympathetic socially awkward character ever" but she grew on me. I´m highly courious what Discovery will do with character development.
  2. Jadeb

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    Jul 11, 2017
    I hope they don't write her so on-the-nose going forward. Right now, she seems like a too-obvious audience identification character designed for maximum adorkability on Tumblr. They have a tricky path ahead, but I hope the praise heaped on the character by the cast means the production team has managed to avoid a Wesley 2.0.
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    A Trojan Redhead. The most adorable infiltration imaginable.
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    Between static cling and sheer volume, Isn't her hair going to be super attractive to the cosmic spores when it's not tied back?

    A sneezing fit might launch Tilly into another Galaxy
  5. JasonJ

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    Sep 13, 2016
    That bolded part.... I see that as one and the same. There is a significant different between "oh, new information!" and "Oh God... my arch nemesis whom I was about to kill is actually my wife?!?!?!" One may delay your actions, the other will almost certainly change them.

    Simply introducing new, unexpected information is not in and of itself important, but what it actually is, is significant. But I think we are just stating similar things, differently.
  6. Kor

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    From a normative standpoint, Tilly may be considered annoying due to her quirks.

    But if she is indeed meant to have a form of neurological diversity that is still stigmatized and pathologized in the 21st century, then this is a step forward. Just as there is no "standard" human race or culture, there is no "standard" human brain type. Rather, the latest research shows that there is a broad range; and there is nothing "bad" or "wrong" about being different in this way. But society is still a long way from truly accepting this type of biological difference as just another expression of human genetic diversity.

    It makes sense that the enlightened Federation of centuries in the future would have a place for all in Starfleet, especially since various alien species might have forms of neurology and mentality that would be radically different that the nominally "normative" human range. For instance, Vulcans might be considered sociopathic from a human normative standpoint due to their lack of emotion. Or would such species be forced to have therapy sessions and take pills that make them more like humans so that they can work with humans, just because they are different?

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    Feb 27, 2003
    Just listened to a podcast where someone's first impression was that Tilly was sorta the new Barclay. :vulcan:

    Ezri, Barclay, Hoshi. All characters who don't entirely have their sh*t together. It's interesting.
  8. Scotty's Scotch Bottle

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    Sep 25, 2017
    I didn't find her annoying, but I did find her character as out-of-place given the tone of the show.
  9. Charles Phipps

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    Sep 17, 2011
    I always felt they couldn't replace Jadxia, so they tried to make her exact opposite.


    My view on Tilly is that she's just an awkward cheerful person who is perfectly at home in the Google-esque Starfleet which was how it was supposed to be between Enterprise and Kirk's time. There's nothing wrong with her but she's an explorer and not a soldier.
  10. Mr. Laser Beam

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    Never mind the spore drive. They should make it the Tilly's Hair drive.

    It could harness the radiation of awesomeness coming from Tilly's hair and win the war with the Klingons in two hours.

    (Ordinarily it would be one hour, but you've got to allow one hour for the crew to bask in the awesomeness and thus be inspired to fight on. Because Tilly's hair is just that awesome.)
  11. Kemaiku

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    Nothing would make me happier than Tilly being the ultimate mastermind behind all this, sitting in the captains chair surronded by the crew's corpses and a devastated Klingon fleet.
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    Agreed. Lorca appears to be an out of the box thinker (even in personnel issues) and is perfectly wiling to look beyond some obvious "superficial" peculiarities if he thinks the person will improve his crew (even cadets). Likewise I don't see the persnickety Stamets accepting a crewman into his department who wasn't completely qualified to handle whatever tasks are assigned, although Lorca could easily have overruled him on this.

    I find Tilly interesting in a NOT Wesley Crusher kind of way. Her growth should be worth watching.

    I think she is supposed to look out-of-place, at least on the surface. But as we saw when she was on the Glenn, maybe not so out-of-place.
  13. Michael

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    She strikes me as exactly the kind of character that's needed in a series populated mostly with professional no-nonsense type characters. She's likable because she's normal and even a little awkward like many of us.
  14. LaxScrutiny

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    One of my classmates in college was a woman named Michael. We did a group project together and she told me about her name, but it was so long ago I don't remember the details. Anyway, something being atypical doesn't mean it never happens.
  15. Albinator

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    Jan 17, 2016
    Good call. I'd seen her more as Barclay, but Ezri makes sense too.
  16. Nerys Myk

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    Only the ones in science.
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    Three of my favorite characters. I hope Tilly lives up to the comparison!
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  18. Qonundrum

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    Yeah, but she's also fairly original as a character. She';s refreshing, if not annoying at times but the complete package is pretty cool.

    Heck, and why not, if this weren't Star Trek, the character trope would end up as the 20th potential girlfriend for Raj in "The Big Bang Theory". :lol:
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    Hoshi was nervous about deep space travel and freaked out over dead alien bodies and feeling the warp reactor shuddering but for the most part she wasn't a bag of frayed nerves who adorably blathered her way through conversations. Archer kept her under his wing from the day she boarded Enterprise and she was a regular presence on the bridge where both her captain and her friends could keep an eye on her. We don't yet know how often Tilly will interact with the rest of the lead cast or if she'll even appear in every episode.

    So yeah, similar...but not so much.
  20. { Emilia }

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Tilly is pretty shit so far. Guess an "adorable" female character was needed, "innocent and pure"?

    The character is a walking stereotype. And her speech at the end was just stupid writing. Basically announcing character growth, like we're all stupid people who wouldn't pick up on it simply by watching the show. If there's more to her then meets the eye at first, let us discovery that, instead of telling us outright. Is "Show, don't tell" that unpopular now?