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    King Daniel Beyond
    Unlike TNG and DS9, Voyager was fun. It had some of that adventurous spirit which made TOS great. Kirk and Janeway beamed down into peril and/or took on monsters from outer space. Picard took on conferences and staff meetings. Sisko had all that magical Bajoran religious tedium to wade through.
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    Best thing about Voyager?

    Seven of Nine.
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    I thought Voyager had some of the best mindf*ck episodes in the franchise, thanks to Joe Menosky and Brannon Braga. Episodes where you're completely baffled, the weirdness never entirely explained, but manage to be sufficiently oddball enough to make you ponder the possibilities. And Seven of Nine. The character works for me, and not just because she's attractive. She provided the shipboard conflict that Janeway needed, which should have been what Chakotay was doing all along.
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    One of my favorite parts from Voyager....

    Tuvok I understand
    You are a Vulcan man
    You have just gone without
    For seven years, about

    Paris please find a way
    To load a hypospray
    I will give you the sign
    Just aim for his behind

    ther's also quite a colorful behind the scenes story I heard about this scene at a convention once
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    You misremembered my post, Bad Thoughts. As Brit indicated, I had amended the comment to say "while she was on it."

    And I don't remember ever saying the other Captains didn't HAVE the balls to do it, just that they never had to do/prove it.

    We claim we'll do a lot of things, but in the last moment before everything goes "boom"... is there a glimmer of doubt, of regret?

    That's why I say there was no doubt when it comes to Janeway's resolve.

    Not only "would" she do it, like the other men most probably would... she DID do it.
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    I liked Voyager's Megaman level adaption. 'You show us how to use Borg tech, we got Borg tech. You let us scan your slip-stream drive, we got slip-stream drive'. Each show did this but Voyager did it on the level I would expect with their technology. That's why I didn't Like "Endgame", with all the technology they came across, I think they could have done an 'All or nothing' upgrade without future Janeway's help.
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    The thing i liked the most is also the thing that disappointed me the most.....and that's the idea of a "travelling community" was played with occasionally but ultimately abandoned to make way for standard Trek story telling....but it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever i start to rewatch Voyager and think about the possibility of this small community travelling for decades together, having families, bickering, being isolated, being away from Starfleet etc

    Wish there could have been more of that...i've gone negative, haven't i....i'll leave
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    Why? that's what some of the audiance wanted but as you say they abondoned in favour of the familiar i.e. TOS/TNG type stories (for the most part).
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    I forgot to mention that I also found the ship design interesting and unique.
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    Voyager was a worthy trek series that I go back to often. I liked the cast, I liked most of the episodes, and despite not fully realizing it, I liked the premise.
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    I liked the characters, especially Capt. Janeway (ok well one person I have mixed feelings about but nothing's perfect lol), and the "family" feeling of the crew together. And there were some interesting stories too. Also, the premise was intriguing, and the ship Voyager was a little different and to me unique.
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    Technically speaking, Year of Hell never happened as it was handwaved away by the reset button. Deadlock's a bit more of a shade of grey, while the reset button was employed that other crew minus a baby and big baby were gone. But status quo was maintained.

    That was one part of Nemesis that surprised me. Picard's my favorite Captain, but even as I was watching the Enterprise loom larger on the theater screen I was like... he's not going to do it, that's a Kirkesque move. ;)

    Now... to the topic. Without a doubt the vast majority of my favorite Voyager episodes do revolve around the Doctor in some form. I don't know why, but be it singing, making snide remarks, ogling Seven or engaging in his other antics, I just can't watch enough of Robert Picardo. :)
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    There's tons I like about Voyager. I like the cast (Even Kim), I like the way they handled Seven, I like the premise of being alone in the Delta Quadrant, I like the Kazon arc in S2. The Doctor is one of the best characters in all of Trek. And at least 30-40 of the episodes are quite good episodes.

    DS9 characters weren't flawed? It's true Voyager's crew is flawed but they made those flaws their defining character trait, which often made them seem like gimmicks.
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    It doesn't matter if it was a reset button, or that she doesn't remember it, she still did it. And Deadlock isn't a reset button, it's a duplication but again we see Janeway making the decision and following it through.

    That one scene made me write fic you know. I could just see Picard standing in dry dock waiting to explain to the designers just what he had done to his ship LOL. He could even be met by an Admiral, "Picard, that is one hell of a hull breach!"
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    Definitely a flawed show, but in the spirit of the post:

    Tuvok - while not a super interesting character, I liked seeing a stoic vulcan who wasn't conflicted about who he was.

    early Tom Paris - I liked the "we need this somewhat reformed character" angle, as well as his background of being both a failure in Starfleet and the Maquis.

    USS Voyager - The ship is great looking, inside and out. TNG's interiors always looked too much like a cruise ship, but Voyager struck a nice balance between being a military ship but being built by a utopian society.

    EMH - the Doctor is a great character and Picardo is a hell of an actor.

    Viidians - an imaginative way to do an enemy race. Taking people who would otherwise be allies and making them assholes because of a devastating disease is brilliant.

    Reginald Barclay - for a show that had trouble developing a good bunch of recurring characters, they did a good job with utilizing Barclay.
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    Things I Love About Voyager, by teacake

    I love Captain Kathryn Janeway. As to why I love her, see previous 20,000+ posts.

    I love the FUN, the CAMP, the lack of taking itself too seriously.

    I love the humor, the outright comedy episodes and the amusing moments that bounce around in all the other episodes. I love how Kate Mulgrew and Picardo can add humor to any exchange with just a look, and do so.

    I love the EMH and his interactions with everybody, how he brings out the other characters by prodding at them with his superiority.

    I love 7 because I adore her story arc, I relate to her more than any character in Star Trek.

    I love ALL the time travel.

    I love seeing real food being cooked and the way they used Neelix's kitchen needs and cooking/mess as a place to bring people together.

    I love Naomi Wildman, best Trek kid ever.

    I love EVERY double episode, they are all well done adventures and a joy to rewatch.

    And finally, I love the Voyager fandom. They are just like the show, they are very funny and warm and don't take themselves seriously (except of course during the war to bring back you know who) and they enjoy being fannish fangirl fantastic fans all over the internet. They brighten up my life whether on tumblr, facebook or forums.
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    The Ship! Such a weird and wonderful looking ship with moving engines.

    The Captain! A woman, the voice and that ever changing hair style.

    The Doctor! Kes! The Vulcan. And the arrival of Seven!


    All the wonderful and different aliens. Mostly new! Lets face it - those klingons can be a tiny bit boring.