The Walking Dead Season 4

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    This was an awesome episode that did not disappoint.
    RIP Hershel
    RIP and good bye Governor:biggrin::beer:
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    At the time I assumed Rick had left Michonne to kill the Gov and instead gone to look for Carl. I think it wasnt until after that we find out Michonne left him to die.

    Im in the group that thinks Judith survived. I assume the bus left without her onboard and it's far easier to move quickly carrying just a baby than a bulky carseat/carrier.

    One more thought, I expected more people from Woodbury 2.0 to be reluctant to fight. It's one thing to arm up and look imposing to intimidate a group but completely different to acctually fight. Especially after being told it would be as peaceful as possible. Decapitation doesn't look too peaceful.
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    Not only a built in explanation with the sign the girl dug up, but an active demonstration by the Walker her mom was watching intently. That riverbed walker scene was one of the coolest zombies of the entire show so far. It's the first official dead rising from a grave type scenario we've had on WD. I can't believe it didn't get kill of the week on Talking Dead. The killing might not have been the most amazing, but the walker sure was, way cooler than that bloated well walker from season 2
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    Yeah the Woodbury 2.0 guys, sans the tank dude, shouldn't have been so quick to open fire and destroy the very thing they wanted. It's sort of like the guys who left with The Gov at the end of last season why would you follow a man who just nearly decapitated a defenseless old man.
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    ‘Walking Dead’ Winter Finale Draws 12.1M Viewers

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    Really enjoyed this episode. I know that Hershel died in the comics, but damn, his death was still shocking.
    The battle was pretty intense, which was great.
    I'm not going to totally rule out the possibility that Judith is still alive. Unless we see a body it's never a guarantee that someone is really dead on TV.

    Did we see what happened to Tara? I'm wondering if we'll see her again.
    The Governor's death was great, I'm glad we got to see him go.
    I wonder if they'll adapt any of the post-prison story lines from the comics. I just read through the synopsis on Wikipedia and it sounds like there are some interesting possibilities in the rest of the comics.
    Daryl taking out the tank, Lizzie killing Alisha were both pretty awesome. I'm very curious where they are going with Lizzie's story.
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    Oh, man. I was pretty sure Herschel would die-- he's been living on borrowed time since he was bitten-- but I was still sorry to see it happen. :(

    On the other hand, I'm glad the Governor is dead. I don't want to see him become a recurring antagonist.

    I do think that Judith survived.

    I don't like seeing the prison era come to an end. This is like turning back the clock and erasing a lot of the progress that was made in adapting to the post-zombie world. Community building should be part of the scenario. Now they're back on the run again.

    Rick should have done some more talking down at the fence. His attempts to turn the Governor's followers was too half-hearted. He should have mentioned that half of the people in the prison were survivors of Woodbury-- where the Governor practiced torture and kept heads in fish tanks. That might have convinced a few people.
  9. kitik

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    Nov 13, 2013
    There's no way Tara and Lilly will last long on their own. Therefore, it's entirely logical to expect them to meet up with some other survivors pretty soon in the next episode or two. I could see them running into Rick and Carl. (And Michonne?)

    Though if you let me choose, I'd vote for them to join with Tyrese and Lizzie and the other kids.

    Having to be saved by Lizzie, who killed Alisha, would be appropriate for this show.

    I don't know. I think the whole point is that the prison was pretty much completely overrun, and it's not just a small section of the fence that came down, but it was pretty much the entire fence.

    On top of that, there are now huge holes all over the walls from the tank. Also assume that the tank probably destroyed some doors/entrances. For example, you may now no longer be able to lock yourself into Cellblock C or D, if the entrances to the Cellblocks were damaged.

    So with the outside fence pretty much gone, and the inside walls full of damage, I think the prison is pretty much a lost cause. They'd be safer hanging out in a neighborhood house with a white picket fence.

    I'm with you on that one. After Hershel got beheaded by their own leader, it seemed that everyone except for Tara pretty much just charged ahead with guns blazing. Perhaps I'll just choose to assume that there were more non-combatants that they just didn't have time to show last night.

    At the very least, after charging up the hill and seeing people beside you get shot, you'd think some people would stop and re-evaluate.

    On the other hand, Daryl didn't take out the tank until pretty much the very end, and so long as that tank was there, you had to feel that your side was going to prevail.
  10. Mister Fandango

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    Why were they shooting at the prison with the tank at all? The prison is what they wanted, so why the hell were they destroying it for absolutely no tactical reason whatsoever? I'm sure those random walls and doors that had absolutely no one hiding behind them were a serious threat as they moved in, whereas the actual things people were using to hide behind were left unscathed. Seriously. What the hell?
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    Right here buddy.
    Good mid-season cliff hanger. Poor Hershel.
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    ^This is what I said to my hubby last night. That would've been the first thing out of my mouth. "Do you know who this guy is? People here escaped from him and we protected them." Or something along those lines.
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    I hear there is a nice little group of motor homes nearby that are recently vacated. Even have walker pits around them.
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    That was a pretty dumb move.
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    I think "Brian's" people were caught up with him by then. When he killed Herschel, they were committed whether they wanted it or not. Add that Mitch (Charlie from Fringe, right?) was waaaay gung ho to destroy just about anything.

    Tyrese is now beholden to the kids trained by Carol. In a sense, he's beholden to Carol. Ironic.

    I don't think Tara or Lilly have a chance of surviving unless they hook up with someone from the prison. I believe they're the only survivors from Woodbury 2.0?

    And Lizzie's got to be behind the rat. Bob the drunk doc wouldn't need to; no other character would need to. She's the only character with enough screen time.

    So, are Daryl and Beth gonna bond? He's warmed up to people from where he was (switching places with Carol) and Beth has gotten a lot tougher.
  17. Immolatus

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    is the governor dead? this show isn't shy about showing people get killed. We didn't see him die. what we saw was her pointing the gun at him then the screen went black then gun shot. maybe she was going to put him down then a walker got to close and she shot it instead. and he crawls away.
  18. .:: TSN ::.

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    So what was in Bob's box at the beginning of the episode?
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    The thing is, as in straight after the prison arc, Rick-talking-to-Lori-on-the-phone came after that in the comics, but they've already done that in Season 3. But from the look of the brief 30 sec trailer they'll still have him and Carl alone for a bit with Rick going loopy. Then I guess later they'll come across Michonne.

    Quite a good episode, but as others have said the attack didn't really make any sense. I feel like (and expected) this ep should have happened at the end of Season 3, but they wanted to drag out the Prison stuff a bit longer. A nice adaption of the classic #48 of the comics, loved that last shot! Right off the page.
    But there was nowhere as much of a death-bonanza as there was in that issue. Just Hershall, that was it?
  20. RJDonner&Blitzen

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    ^^ I wish the prison had become a permanent home for them.

    They way it was directed, it was like he just stood there and stared at them for ten minutes.