The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Yeah, its a bit concerning that [i[Daryl Dixon[/i] is getting a third season. At the end of season one, I believed the conflict with Genet would reach its boiling point in a second season (with Carol arriving to help), and it would reach a natural conclusion. With a third season greenlit, I fear the plot will shift to Daryl deciding to permanently abandon his family in order to establish some sort of "true" order for humans in France out of the ashes of a corrupt system (as rinsed and repeated with Woodbury, the Saviors, the Commonwealth and most recently, the CRM). The best plot option would be Isabelle, Laurent and Sylvie centering their movement at The Nest with Losang (assuming the characters are not killed off...), realizing that the nations-within-a state model has the best chance to work, rather than Genet's attempt to restore France and beyond.
Apparently, he did, I never imagined the Daryl Dixon series would have enough story to run 4 seasons. In any case, Reedus is talking up the season two finale, and with rumors that Carol will have some direct involvement with Genet's Pouvoir movement, that should be something to look forward to.
Not entirely certain, but six episodes per season seems workable, meaning they avoid the problem of running out of plot with 12 or more episodes, when the story can be wrapped up in six.