The Valtane Enigma

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    No, that wasn't Tuvok. I don't know what USS Triumphant is talking about, Tuvok's page on Memory Beta (the wiki for non canon stuff like the novels) makes no mention to Tuvok being on an intelligence mission requiring him to look human.

    Meh, that's hardly the fault of the Voyager episode. They stayed consistent with how Kang looked when he was on DS9.
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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    Dang. Now I'm going to have to skim my Voyager novels and find it.

    Nope, not worth it. Voyager. :blech: I'll just go ahead and say I was mistaken, which is possible, and also easier to deal with. :techman:
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    I disagree. I think DS9 took the easy road, while the solution ENT came up with was actually pretty clever--and also confirmed both Bashir and O'Brien's guesses; it was both a virus and genetic engineering.

    DS9 could have avoided the whole thing entirely if they'd just put Michael Dorn in TOS-era Klingon makeup while Worf was in the 23rd century.
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    I preferred DS9 simply acknowledging it because they had to and then writing it off as a joke over the ENT uber-anal fanwank. Did we need a follow-up episode to explain why ENT-era Klingons and TNG-era Klingons had hooked noses but the TOS movie-era Klingons in-between didn't? Or an episode about how the Trill went from bumpy-headed to spotty? It's ridiculous. Exactly how many episodes did ENT devote to a makeup inconsistency?

    I have to admit, that would have been pretty funny.
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    Yeah, having Worf just transfer to a flat head, without anyone noticing, would've been funny on it's own too. Though I'm just fine with the way it happened. Either way, I can't say I care for Enterprise's "explanation" of it. It's just one of those mysteries that disappoints you if you solve it whereas if you leave it a mystery, there's a novelty to it still.
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    And the characters don't notice. It would have been the best choice.

    That ENT episode was indeed uber-anal.
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    One thing that always fascinates me about watching Star Trek in retrospect is how well the tech actually manages to hold up. Admittedly the panels of TOS (and TNG too) do have an asthetic look which sometimes fails the tests of time, my last review of TOS seen me looking admirably at Mister Spock's little plastic data tapes as actually being a surprisingly accurate prediction of today's ubiquitous USB flash memory cards. ;)

    On the broader issue of Voyager having access to even the minutest details in their databanks, it is something which always annoyed me too. Surely it would have been more dramatically interesting..... if, perhaps, a little harder for the folks in the writer's room, who couldn't just fall back on the lazy plot device of asking the computer in order to provide exposition.... if Voyager's distance from Federation space meant it could no longer access that kind of information? There might be situations where the computer has got the answer, but others where the usual route (calling on external information, perhaps via Memory Alpha or a cloud service) is obviously unavailable, so the crew are forced to think on their feet and make decisions based on instinct and intuition, without being able to fall back on solutions discovered by previous starships.