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It's been a long wait but we finally have a release date for the fourth and final season: August 8!

The io9 article has fun character posters for all of the cast members (yes, including Ritu Arya!). The final season is only going to be six episodes (instead of the usual ten), alas, but we do know that we'll be seeing Nick Offerman, Megan Mullaly, and David Cross joining the madness.

I mentioned prior to the third season that I bought the boxset of the original graphic novels and wanted to wait until the third season conclude before reading them. I did start reading them before getting distracted and never got back to them. Clearly this is the time finally get back to them and read it all properly. From what I recall, things were far, far weirder (which I knew ahead of time but wow).
Yeah, it does feel longer. On the other hand, we had the same wait between seasons two and three.

What really sucks is the reduced episode count.
If they make each episode count, it doesn't matter how many there are - 6 or 10

A show should only be a long as it needs to tell its story and build its characters.

For me, S3 felt a little stretched and could have done with a reduced episode run, so a 6-episode season doesn't give me any immediate concerns

Hugo - could, however, watch 10 episodes of Klaus taking drugs and talking to himself and his imagination
If they make each episode count, it doesn't matter how many there are - 6 or 10

A show should only be a long as it needs to tell its story and build its characters.
Yup, you're absolutely right. Hopefully they use those six episodes wisely.
We finally have a trailer!!!

Plus, here's the official season four synopsis (courtesy of io9):

The Hargreeves siblings have scattered after the climactic showdown at the Hotel Oblivion led to a complete reset of their timeline. Stripped of their powers, each is left to fend for themselves and find a new normal—with wildly varying degrees of success. Yet the trappings of their uncanny new world prove too hard to ignore for very long. Their father Reginald, alive and well, has stepped out of the shadows and into the public eye, overseeing a powerful and nefarious business empire. A mysterious association known as The Keepers holds clandestine meetings believing the reality they’re living in is a lie and a great reckoning is coming. As these strange new forces conspire around them, the Umbrella Academy must come together one last time—and risk upsetting the shaky peace they’ve all endured so much to secure—to finally set things right.​

With so many lingering questions (I'm going to have to dust off my list from last season) and only six episodes, I wonder how many answers we'll get (probably not many from my list...but hopefully at least OG Ben's death!).

Either way, I'm so pumped for this one last hoorah!
Can't wait, Can't believe it's been two years (I remember it vividly because I was having to self isolate as I had Covid and UA helped keep me sane!)
haha a TCA Airbus Throttle

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That billionaire guy on the submersible was using a $40 Logitech game controller so...

(didn't work out to good for them tho, prob not the controllers fault.)

guess people have forgotten Riker’s infamous manual control joystick from Insurrection :)
And now a new full trailer!

Now that we know more details of this one last apocalypse, I'm even more excited. I love that they're tying it in with Ben's dual existence. Plus we're finally going to learn about the Jennifer Incident, which even the comics haven't even covered!

...but it still sucks we're only getting six episodes. They have a lot of ground to cover in such small amount of time.
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I've enjoyed this show but am glad it's ending. Never read the comics. Though 6 episodes does sound like not enough.
The comics are drastically different in tone, most notably the graphic violence. It's also far more bombastic with its sci-fi and otherworldliness, much like many popular graphic novels that are adapted as shows.

Plus, some of the best storyline and character arcs seen in the show originated there and not the comics, like the existence of Lila, Klaus' main arc, and everything Ben. Really only Five, Luther, and most of Diego are largely the same.
What's interesting is that the series makes some big departures from the comics but (from what I've seen at least) it doesn't seem to get hated on for that like others that have done the same.