The U.K. and the European Union

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    I've explained British Euroscepticism in a nutshell. Europe can ignore it and watch the UK leave when it's given a referendum or they can accept it and make necessary moves to close the chasm and make us feel more European.
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    I would say that there might be a kernal of truth to what Into Darkness said sure in some respect Brit's might feel more cultural tied to places like the USA, Canada, NZ, Australia etc. and perhaps some of that is down to the British Empire and later Commonwealth. But that alone wouldn't explain why the UK is seemingly more eurosceptical than other EU countries. Eurosceptisim exits in many EU countries to differing levels. Just look at the most recent EU Paralimentary elections, EU leaders would do well to take note and engage with the electorate they are supposed to serve.

    Or are we just at the metaphorical seven year itch with the UK-EU relationship.

    But why can't we have an EU wide referendum on what the electorate wants from the EU a trade relationship or a political union? Just because you vote a certain way does not mean you agree with everything they stand for.