"The Three Saaviks"

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    To be honest, I have doubts that Alley would have been contracted for multiple pictures in 1982, since not even the "regulars" were contracted for multiple pictures. It doesn't make sense that she'd be optioned for another film when other actors were renegotiating their contracts film by film.
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    According to George Takei and Walter Koenig, each ST movie contract did have a clause that was more like an expression of interest rather than a watertight agreement to do a sequel for a set amount. Such a clause supposedly makes the negotiation process easier, since the parameters for proposed future salaries are already set up. But yes, each movie was renegotiated as a fresh contract, despite the media reports that would say things like "and they have agreed to three more movies".

    George himself held out on ST II till the second day of principal photography. There was no contractual compulsion that he had to participate. Harve Bennett promised the promotion-to-captain scene as the final bait that Sulu wouldn't just be sitting in the helmsman's chair for the whole movie.

    When I interviewed Billy Van Zandt about ST:TMP, he commented that the extras and bit part actors also had a presumption that, had TMP gone back to telemovies or a "Phase II" series, that there were jobs for them. I also read an interview with a bit actor about ST III (in "Cinefantastique") where she said that the background actors and stand-ins from ST II were pleased "to be back".
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    Agreed. The depth of the whole plot would have been aided. I never really liked Curtis as Saavik either. She was much better cast in her role on TNG. I actually agree with Meyer. Cattrail would have been an excellent Saavik from the get go.

    Ultimately, I don't think of Saavik as beloved at all, mainly due to the recast. Had one actress played it throughout, she could have been, & then to use a character like that, in a situation like the Valeris story, would have been fantastic drama

    An unfortunate loss that it didn't work out that way
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    Am I the only one who really liked Robin Curtis as Saavik? She was really good as a Vulcan. I only learned the part-Romulan backstory much later, never cared for it, and it's not canon anyway.

    And yes, it would've been much better if Saavik would have been the traitor. But it should have been Curtis' Saavik, as that was the version of Saavik that was present when David was killed by Klingons, and that's the connection which would've made it aweseme.
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    ^That's good - it would have provided a good motivation and an interesting comparison with Kirk's own feelings. Especially since the death of his boy was referenced in the movie.
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    You're not alone, on any of those thoughts. :)
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    I think Alley and Curtis both did a good job. The problem is that they were playing two different characters.

    Slap the name "Saavik" on them both all you want. But Alley was playing a character who was half Vulcan and half Romulan. Regardless of what made it to the screen, the statement to that effect was filmed, that's how Meyer intended the character, and that's how she was directed. Curtis, by contrast, was directed by Nimoy to be a full Vulcan with none of the hints of emotion that Alley played.

    Both are valid choices. However, if Nimoy wanted a totally different characterization than what had been done in TWOK, he should have made it a different character, particularly when you have a totally different actress playing the role. There really was no particular reason the character in TSFS needed to be Saavik. It could have been changed just as easily as Saavik became Valeris in TUC.
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    ^ I suppose I feel the opposite about Alley's portrayal in TWOK. I've never really liked the half Romulan aspect myself, even though I understand the reasoning for it conceptually, and I'm glad it was omitted for the final cut. It's true that her Saavik was more inclined to show emotion on occasion, but I don't see her as breaking the Vulcan rules regarding such displays. Aside from shedding tears at Spock's funeral, she's pretty contained and her chemistry with the rest of the cast works better than the way Curtis was directed in TSFS.

    I agree with your second paragraph though. I don't think Saavik would have worked in Valeris' place as the traitor in TUC, because I can't see her throwing away her career and relationships simply to get vengeance on the Klingons for David's death. I'm not sure she would do that even if one counts Romulan heritage. :D Valeris works for the role because she embodies the fear that the Klingons simply can't be negotiated with, they're "animals" as Kirk says in the beginning. The enmity between governments is so old she can't imagine them being anything else.