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    Okay guys, I am new here... I am an artist and graphics designer. I also own my own comics company called capital comics studios. We have yet to publish some books but they will be out sometime soon maybe next year..

    I have spent the better part of last year culminating data, researching through countless Doctor Who novels, DVDs, Online Resources and comics to come up with what I believe is the definitive Tardis example in its own private dimension..

    now not everyone is going to agree with what I have put together, but the actualization of the design after careful study, left me in awe..Mind you it is not due to my shoddy line work, however it is due to the countless and consistent references made by Who material that I find fascinating.. the end result of all of a year of my life taking every free moment I had to find and store data, reading and reading theories, descriptions, fan speculations and fan art on the subject of the Tardis... I finally ended up with something tangible and in the final analysis, I see the brilliance of the design. One could see where the Time Lords establish themselves as a sort of religion being they are so close to the essence of the universe, and the ultimate questions of creation. Still As I post the images I have constructed of the Tardis, please allow me to explain that the design in no way conveys the true actualization i have for the machine..

    Now the schematic I am about to post below shows the Tardis from the Side angle..
    But before I get into detail about the design, I would like to point out that the description of what the Tardis Looks like from the Observation Towers, is quoted as such:

    "Massive towers give access to the "outside" of the interior of a TARDIS. When viewed from the top of these towers the interior looks like thousands of massive white domes connected by twisting white corridors. Each Dome represents one room. The domes rest on a flat plane with Corinthian columns (approximately a hundred meters in diameter) supporting a ceiling that is lost in grey and black clouds."

    This description is somewhat Vague But extremely Descriptive.. Now, though the description says that each Dome represents 1 Room of the Tardis, I have noted many instances through my research that the Domes themselves do in fact represent 1 massive large room, however, these massive rooms act like a housing, which in side partitions are set up, which determine separate spaces.. I liken it to an office floor, which is separated into many different work stations via cubicle partitions.. this is true for the "Rooms" or Domes of the Tardis.. which explains a lot of how the Ship's mechanics work..

    Are any of you familiar with carbon Mesh nano-Tubes?:

    anyhow, the organic nature of growing these tubes is amazing, and how they resemble the Tardis interior..the Hexagon is a super strong structure, and this is because it holds to other molecular structures on more sides then a normal molecule.. the Bee-Hive and it's Hexagonal structure is also a prime example of the flexible and yet superb design that occurs naturally in Nature, and also in nano grown Fibers.. this can not be coincidence.. theology aside, I marvel at the science behind the tardis.. anyhow, the design I have below incorporates so many little nuances that lead me to believe that this is the final end game of what a tardis inside the artificial dimension should be...

    think about these key points..

    1. the Tardis Exists within a cloudy sphere.. the clouds of pure artron and cosmic energies flow downward as if you were seeing this ship in a vertical wind tunnel, with an orb in the center bending the smoke around itself, and yet that smoke circles the bottom of the sphere and comes back to the top and swirls down again.. in a clockwork like motion.(genius! pure Genius who ever came up with that..)

    2. the Vortex below the main body of the ship is swirling from Black and gray clouds to a blue and white time vortex, which is directly affected by the housed artificial Eye of Harmony..(artificial Singularity) the true eye of Harmony is of course on Gallifrey..

    3. the tardis consists of domes massive white domes, and is connected by twisting organic looking corridors.. this is pretty interesting as it gives an almost DNA look to the ship (which is also fascinating because it is suppose to be grown and alive..

    4. The massive pillars of Destiny as they are called (or referred to as looking like Corinthian columns by some, Ace the doctors companion form her account from one of the observation towers in one novel) these Pillars at the top emit an energy field that bends it around the tardis exterior and also allows for a small pocket of atmosphere around the top portion of the ship itself..

    5. The Time Sceptre is the main section that drives the tardis, and runs right through the middle of the ship.. some examples I have encountered over simplify this, and show the doctor's control room just above it, however that does not jive with other sources and recounts which explain that there are rooms and bowels or lower levels the doctor must venture to reach the housing of the eye of Harmony within his own ship..

    6. there are also recounts and in the comics especially, mentions of the great 3 auxiliary engines that are in place should the eye of harmony need to be expelled.. and jettisoned.. these engines would allow the Tardis to retain it's form until it can be fixed by the Time Lord technicians..

    7. the Tardis is alive and grown, so the hexagonal shapes that are littered throughout the ship reflect that nano technology used in the materials to grow the ship.. It is just amazing to me how wonderful and how the nature of that nano tech mirrors the interiors of the tardis walls.. and in the design i incorporate this.. now it does specify that the ship rests on a flat plane.. so I made sure that the hexagonal (honey comb) design was beneath the domes, and conveys a sturdy structure that can withstand the tremendous gravitational and temporal stresses of time travel..

    8. The Tardis is also able to transmit a telephone signal through time and space.. and pick up psychic signals and distress calls, so since the main area that the tardis is focusing its energies on is the swirling enegies of the time vortex below its Time sceptre, I felt that the addition of the mentioned on occasion Transmitters (satellite dishes) where placed focusing in that direction..

    10. the Mythology and religion of the Time Lords..the Time Lords hold an almost mythic and religious view of time and space, and are certainly revered by other races throughout the universe, the shadow proclamation even called them the stuff of fairy tales and legend..still when you look at the Tardis from the side, it almost conveys a sort of image of tales of Arabian Mythology, which has these palaces atop clouds in the sky with long towers stretching upwards, and god like beings who reside within..controlling space it and time itself..this image didn't come to me until after I saw the final culmination of my line work..I was stunned..
    what gets me is that you have the greek looking influences of their citadels, and columns, and yet they are capped with these energy conductors which bend the sky, much like the caps you see in the Muslim regions.. and then there are the massive white domes which from a distance could look like clouds, and on top a palace where the gods reside... I am thinking Aladdin..anyhow, it could be construed that the this Tardis design and technology sorta bleeds through, since the Tardis is also psychic, and it's construction has influenced the designs of buildings and structures of Man, like some sort of psychic presence that bleeds through from the artificial dimensional gateway and inspires humans prone to that psychic wavelength.. Just an interesting thought..

    anyhow after all my drivel here is the final images I put together..

    Tardis Exterior within the Artificial Dimensional Pocket:

    Please also check out my 2D art and personal work for capital comics studios on deviantart:

    have a wonderful day and if you need to contact me, please feel free to via my email at

    a flow chart showing how the Artron energy and the Singularity form the Orb of energy or cloud of particles which create the artificial pocket in which the tardis itself exists.. it is a very useful FLOW CHART and shows just how the Tardis Works energy wise, and it explains a lot of how the ship reacts to different dimensional forces.. Take for example the episode of season 2 of the current Doctor Who show.. when the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey end up in the parallel universe..the Arton Energy cell is what the Doctor holds within his hands, and is a concentrated refined form of what is expelled from the Pillars of Destiny.. which act as smoke stacks.. the Artron energy is a by product of the singularity and the interaction of the eye of harmony, the time vortex, and the main reaction chamber...

    the lighter particles form the outer layer of the capsule of artificial dimension.. this is also because as you get closer to the center of the ship you are closer to the eye of harmony which is dense like the heart of a black hole.. the Artron energy closer to the ship is more refined as it is swirled below the ship and forced upwards, which it is then pulled into the Tardis and used like humans do blood.. the flow chart I will add tomorrow will do much to explain that interaction..basically the Arton energy makes it possible for the ship to exist in its own pocket capsule dimension..

    there are extensive sources of researched work done on many websites, however, they all at some point contradict each other or contradict itself within the website..

    so I believe what I have pieced together, represents the total of what would and could be the exterior of the interior of the Tardis itself..


    now the flow chart I have is basically showing how the spent artron energy field is expelled out of the top of the pillars of destiny, which creates the field of reality in which the singularity (artificial eye of harmony) has initially established..Once the Eye of Harmony is used to generate the sufficient energy to keep a pocket of dimensional reality stable.. the ship itself must generate a field of chronoton, graviton, and artron particles to exist.. these particles allow the ship to float at the epicenter of the pocket of reality or Time it forms a spherical cloud of reality..

    as the ship expands, so too do the Pillars of destiny and the bubble field, it also requires more use of artron energy to keep the ship operational..

    now with the flow of energy we see the blue as the spent particles.. the Time vortex replenishes the spent particles with the energy from the vortex, which then turns those spent particles into the "Golden Artron Energy" as seen within the tardis from the episodes with rose in the first season finale, and when the tardis ends up in the alternate reality where the cyberman are created..

    the yellow arrows personify the re-energized Artron energy..which is like the life's blood of the Tardis..

    this energy is like a mental energy and could allow the creation of materials and matter itself.. this is how the Tardis repairs itself, and can reformat its size within the dimensional pocket..Time lords are tied Genetically to the Tardis because it assists them in their regeneration process by allowing Artron energy to flow into their cells which is used to reformat their body..this is why a Tardis will only respond to a specific time lord and why they are tied together..the doctor can feel the tardis, and vice versa as a sort of symbiotic relationship..

    here in the flow chart.. if you were to render this ship design in 3D, remember that the spent energy field that is released from the pillars of Destiny are what flow downward and create the outer wall of the dimensional pocket which allows the inside artificial reality to exist..beyond the cloud of energy particles, is nothing..literally nothing.. the outer layer of that black and gray cloud is lighter particles, and is still energized, however, it is not the full golden energy that is needed to sustain the life force of the tardis itself.. until that cloud is mixed with the energy flowing inward to the Pocket dimension from the spiral time vortex below the Tardis..this hole in space and time is kept open by the eye of harmony..
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    now the Artron energy under the Tardis is mixed with the energy flowing downward from the top, which is then energized and becomes the golden Artron energy that the Tardis then pulls in and pumps t all of its systems like blood in veins within humans.. the central pump or heart is a reaction chamber below the Tardis control dome.. it excites the Artron energy and enhances it to refined capacity.. the excess is then piped out to the Pillars of Destiny which (hold back the reality and gravitational forces by its energy field) when the Tardis is caught outside of the normal reality and in that parallel world, it ceases to have access to the vortex, and thus is unable to process any of its energy replenishment..until the doctor finds 1 single power cell and excites it with his own Artron energy..this then allows the cells to self generate enough energy to power up the emergency generators which can create a sustaining energy field and power systems until the Tardis can get back to its own reality and have access to the vortex once more..
    On a side note, the reaction chamber refines the Artron particles into an energy source which then is charged and placed within the power cells below the main console of the Tardis.. though they look small these power cells are compacted, refined and house tremendous energy.. this is why those Artron particles are piped into the reaction chamber as they are excited with Pure chroniton particles..which flow from the Eye of Harmony..

    the exterior colors of the tardis should look like this 3d renders inerior colors..
    hough my ultimate dream is to see this ship, the interaction of the particles, cloud, and time vortex as shown in 3D, I would be equally happy just knowing that I have contacted those with the 3D skill and atleast showed them..thats all I can do for now.. maybe if you have someone who is interested in helping to realize this art dream, that would be cool.. I would welcome any 3D artists who wish to work on this with me.. my eventual goal is to submit a 10 second video of the ship as it expands a section of its inner hull, the clouded energy particles and their reaction to the vortex, and the engines roaring as the interstitial antenna teleports the police box about the galaxy.. (actually the tardis moves reality around it.. and then moves the entrance from point a to point b.. in some cases it dematerializes, and then rematerializes in the area of space it wants to go.. without landing..and is moved or flown (which is actually the tardis bending reality space around the pocket dimension it exists in via the vortex below the eye of harmony or singularity.) this is kinda akin to warp speed, which moves space warped around the ship, only this is done from within a separate pocket dimension..and it has access to the time corridor..

    anyways.. I appreciate your time and looking into what I have developed..this took lots of my free time to research, books, the show itself, websties, and quantum theorists students via emails...anyhow, if you know of anyone interested in helping me realize this in a 3d render.. or who wants to do one and put it on youtube that would be cool too.

    here is an additional colored version of the ship.. like you would see it in its own pocket reality..
    If you want to know what the particle cloud looks like as it flows around the tardis in a spherical pattern, it would flow downward towards the vortex spiraling below the ship..similar to how this video shows dry ice overflowing a sink..

    the culmination of all that research is what I find impressive.. once I understood how this ship of his works, it was like a light bulb went off... I was like wow!! Ofcourse!!

    all of the Doctor's weird adventures pertaining to the Ship, and things that center around the Tardis make sense..the ship is alive, and it grows..and the pillars of destiny grow too, and as the ship grows, it sorta looks like the doctor regenerating...with light spiky and flashing, as matter is created behind it..

    Brilliant! I am still amazed by all of this..I am just glad I could get it all out so someone other then me can see it!!

    Now just for further reference, I am working on a Tardis Tool Kit whereby others online cane create their own tardis Schematics, and also add weaponry and things to their ships if need be.. so be looking for that..

    I am glad to be here, I love Star Trek, and federation commander..

    Later all,
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    In your Mind!
    Well that is interesting...
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    WOW! :eek:

    Nice :techman:
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    Very strong, high-quality work! Congrats!

    However, I have to register my objection to the basic premise of your work, which seems to be that the TARDIS interior is in some alternate dimension that connects to the police box through the doorway. I don't think it is.

    I don't think there is an exterior of the TARDIS interior. It's not dimensionally linked to the police box -- it's just inside the police box. The police box is just literally bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and that's all there is to it.

    Also: Your TARDIS interior isn't nearly large enough, I would argue. "Time Crash" seems to imply that the TARDIS is at least the size of Belgium (given that its explosion would leave a hole that exact size), and I'd argue it's probably larger than that.
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    This is the first time I've ever seen anyone actually try to envision the TARDIS' actual trans-dimensional appearance. I like it. It kind of makes sense with what we've seen over the last 40 years. How the heck did you manage to wrap your head around this?
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    Nice work, but I agree with Sci here in that it isn't nearly big enough.

    I believe Christopher H. Bidmead once described the interior as being roughly the size of a small moon, and though some fans disagree on the specifics, most fans of the classic series accept that it is very, very large.
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    Some beautiful work here, guys -- well done!

    A default response to this is that in theory it shouldn't be possible to map out the interior layout of the TARDIS because it is believed to be infinite.

    However is this actual canon fact, or is it FANON? I don't recall ever hearing on TV that the interior of the TARDIS goes on forever. I do recall either a Tom Baker or a Davison episode in which it is stated that a percentage of the TARDIS interior had been jettisoned -- ergo it can't be infinite because percentages are meaningless with infinity.

    Food for thought!

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    See that's even worse.

    Fans of the new series (and who have never watched the original) are likely to form the opinion that the TARDIS is just this one room that they see on the show. Since precious little else has been seen apart from the under floor maintenance & the wardrobe.

    I hope Moffat corrects this oversight and has some serious wandering around the TARDIS in the coming seasons..
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    I love what you've done here. My own personal interpretation is indeed that the size of the TARDIS interior is infinite, or at least has infinite possibilities. Of course the line in "Castrovalva" where they jettison 25% of the ships interior seems to over rule the infinite theory. Also you have to wonder, with a ship that is infinite in size, what would you do with all that room?

    Regardless, in reality I don't think there's any right or wrong answer, and gives talented artists heaps of space to imagine whatever they want.
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    I believe all those spheres orbiting the console room are the rest of the rooms in the TARDIS. The interior doors and passages probably all link up so that if you tried to draw out a map based on how you walk from one room to the next, it'd be one big illogical tangle, with rooms apparently on top of each other and such.
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    That's my interpretation on the Peter Mckinstry illustration of the TARDIS as well. Those spheres all connect to each other via transdimensionality, like the outer doors to the interior doors.
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    Ahh ok. Makes sense I guess. Though the artwork doesn't really make it that explicit. I mean they just look like asteroids or old potatoes or something..

    ETA - I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the 'organic TARDIS' business.

    Back in the old days it was a machine, plain and simple. Oh sure, the Doctor often anthropomorphised about it alot and would refer to it in the feminine. But then he did that with Bessie too.

    Alot like my grandfather used to do with his truck. "She's running well today" he'd say or "She's broken an axle" or what have you.

    Sure, there is an argument there for it being semi conscious (even perhaps superconscious?) but in the old days it was always, at least in a material sense, nuts & bolts.
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    Thanks for the response :D glad you like it..

    I have to disagree, there have been extensive reports and even episodes of the Doctor who show that explain that the tardis is in another dimension and that the outer "box" is dematerialized and rematerialized to different locations.. there is also a novel which depicts ace and her view of the tardis from one of the observation towers.. I have also run accross several points of literature that substantiate this and the numerous references to the Corinthian columns holding up the ceiling above the Tardis body..which houses thousands of orbs connected by winding links, and all of that resting on a flat plane..

    as fro the size.. i just did the basics of what the tardis is described as needing.. I would assume that if the ship were to grow more parts it would add to its size, but would always have the extra outer layer with the Corinthian columns..

    It took a full year of research, and a fair amoutn of thinking and millions of questions to some quantum theorist friends at the University of Texas Physics 12B class.

    I have no problem with that.. though I just did the core of the ship.. had I did the rest it would have taken me years.. LOL.. this way you could add on to it if you like... My main point was to lay it out, and say okay from here, it can grow to the size of a small moon if need be..though there are instances that are contrary to that theory in the research i have done.. most of the Tardis is large, maybe the size of the galaxy class enterprise.. it can reach limitless potential in size, but why would it need to? the point is that the Tardis can become a huge massive ship, but that is just it.. it CAN be..they never said it was limitless..

    I have see his work, but I have to say that his design concept does not take into account previous descriptions of the tardis which tell of the Massive observation towers overlooking the body fo the ship which are thousands of dome shaped rooms littered on a flat surface surrounded by massive corinthian columns which disappear into clouds of black and gray.. that is the one constant that I have run into the entire time I have researched this concept.. that the tardis is that and also alive.. which when you think about the interior design and the relationship to carbon nano tubes and the strength of the honey bee hive, it all makes sense..

    so while Mckinstry does well to convey a more cosmic look to the tardis, it does not fall in line with established canon as it has been described over the last 40 years..
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    Alex you are correct, in all of my research it never says the Tardis IS infinite.. however a few instance sin the Doctor who magazine comics have suggested that the ship can "grow" to an almost infinite size.. this is because it exists in its own reality, which is created by the artificial singularity (the eye of Harmony) and is sustained by the energy fields derived from the time corridor and the conversion of chroniton and or graviton particles to the highly useful artron energy that regenerates the Doctor, repairs the ship, and creates the thousands of rooms that the tardis houses..

    the only official stance is this description given on many instances on the web, in novels, and in bits and pieces throughout the series:

    "Massive towers give access to the "outside" of the interior of a TARDIS. When viewed from the top of these towers the interior looks like thousands of massive white domes connected by twisting white corridors. Each Dome represents one room. The domes rest on a flat plane with Corinthian columns (approximately a hundred meters in diameter) supporting a ceiling that is lost in grey and black clouds."

    this statement has always been a constant in my research.. I have come accross it many times..much of my work is based on that..

    there have been some wondering around the tardis which had showed the pool in one episode, a floating antigravity room, and corridors.. 4th, 5th, and 6th doctor had some of that..but you are right the general thinking is that the tardis is just a bog room, no ship.. which is highly unlikely given what we now know about singularities, the universe, dark matter, and dark energy.. and their relation to matter..

    there is more touched on with Ace and the 7th Doctor..

    I like your thinking, and I have to agree.. in all my research it never said the tardis was infinite in size, only that it could grow to infinitely (provided it has a source of power to do so)..also the only real true refence I have is that the Tardis does have thousands of dome shaped rooms.. so I know it is atleast a thousand rooms big.. though in my design each dome is big enough to house 50 rooms.. if need be.

    see I disagree, if the tardis is trying to maintain itself in one reality (dimension) then why would it then create smaller pockets to zip to within itself when just moving one door way through time and space takes up tons of energy.. from what i can discern.. the ship looks like a winding mass of domes on a floor and supported by columns.. that is the official line I have read many places..

    "Massive towers give access to the "outside" of the interior of a TARDIS. When viewed from the top of these towers the interior looks like thousands of massive white domes connected by twisting white corridors. Each Dome represents one room. The domes rest on a flat plane with Corinthian columns (approximately a hundred meters in diameter) supporting a ceiling that is lost in grey and black clouds."

    I am not saying I am 100% correct.. heck I may be wrong about the entire ship design.. but all I am saying is that all of my work is centered around what I found in common from countless sources with a full year of research..

    I like his work but it just doesn't jive.. too much power to maintain those rooms, an to trans-dimensionally connect them seems like too much power to waist as well.. then the whole organic nature of the hexagonal tessellated membranes of the ship doesn't show.. I need to visit his site and send him my work.. see if he can get with BBC and find out if I am atleas tin the ball park..

    I see your point, however consider this.. the Tardis is built on the Gallifreyan ship building world (I forgot that name) and as the engineers excite the material that forms the ship it is like nano carbon tubes, or growing a crystal.. it's not really alive however it is to a point.. and the systems installed inside the ship, with the auxillary engines are done so by the Tardis engineers themselves.. installing the eye of harmony and the control systems.. the Tardis is grown around it being part machine that the doctor works on, but also living so it can repair vital parts on its own and with the Artron energy it uses to repair itself, it can also expand itself, reformat itself an help the doctor regenerate.. which explains why a time lord is tied to a tardis and why a tardis helps him regenerate.. cause the artron energy that tardis uses to build and grow itself or maintain itself is also the energy used to repair the doctors cells..since the Time lords are born inlooms, their bodies are then genetically modified to accept that artron energy to reformat and regenerate..
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    Hey, I like it, and I think it makes a lot of sense. It also supports the idea that sections of the ship can be jettisoned, which happened in the old series. It allows for that, plus the addition for more pods too if need be, a ship that can grow or lessen in size inside the pocket.
  18. starsuperion

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    thanks Brent, that was another part of the research I found fascinating was that parts of the ship could be shot off into nothingness, and would protect the ship from destruction or could lessen the load of energy needed to sustain itself within the artificial reality..

    if the universe is ever expanding and dark energy is pressing ever outward against dark matter, as science has told us, then our universe exists because of this interaction, the same can be said to be true about the tardis, as it too is creating its own smaller universe.. before the big bang, it is believed all that existed was the singularity.. a rip in the fabric of space and time. nothingness was what existed before that.. and then with the release of particles over time a large bang colossal explosion and then the universe was created.. so rassilon uses the heart of a black hole, a singularity, with which he is able to reproduce artificial ones, which power tardises.. and allow them to keep open a hole in space and time through which a tardis is grown and fitted with engines and control equipment and the artificial singularity (eye of harmony), but they need the original singularity to first punch the hole.. then the artificial can draw some energy from that and sustain itself..

    as the parts of the tardis grow, they look as if they are pieces of the doctor from his regeneration or a reverse of the dalek ships disintegrating in the episode bad wolf.. when rose had the time vortex (Tardis artron energy) running through her head..

    as each dome and platform is created.. it too can be jettisoned.. once jettisoned, it ceases to exist.. outside of the Tardis pocket of reality..

    sorry I don't mean to rabble on.. I just spent sooooo much time on this subject, it is nice to outlet it to other fans..finally..

    really sorry to ramble on again..

    By the way guys..

    I just emailed Mr. McKinstry a link to this research.. and other sites I have posted this on..I would love his feed back.. Ilove his work, man if he ever decided to take a crack at doing this version of the tardis, I would just pass out from excitement! seriously.. he's got mad skillz!! :D
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    See, that's all well and good if you accept that; a) The notion that The Eye of Harmony has any business being inside the TARDIS to begin with (it most definitely hasn't imo - watch The Deadly Assasin) and b) TARDIS' are grown as depicted in some of the novels..

    Don't get me wrong though, I think you've done a great job of depicting a view of the interior which is consistent with various novels and other media (which you have obviously researched very well). It's a thing of beauty and you seem to have a keen eye for graphic art of this kind.
  20. Sci

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    In what episode was this established?

    And if this is the case, why does attacking the police box endanger, or even affect at all, the interior of the TARDIS? Why would the Daleks throwing the police box into a zed neutrino whachamacallit in "Journey's End" endanger the interior, since it's not in the same dimension as the police box? Why have we seen people inside the TARDIS thrown about or experience movement as a result of the movement of the police box?

    I don't doubt that your work is consistent with the novels. But I would point out that the novels are not necessarily definitive or binding. Lungbarrow established that Time Lords are created by Looms and emerge from them fully grown, but "The Sound of Drums" and "The End of Time, Part I" have rather firmly established that Time Lords experience biological childhoods and reproduce sexually, with parents.