The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by SalvorHardin, Dec 6, 2012.

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    My point is that you can't tell if the fingers have different lengths, because the pictures are taken at different angles, you can't see how bent the fingers are and in they are turned to the side in one of the pictures. They do look different though. Only Sherlock could tell.
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    by Orci's comments on Trek Movie, the goal is to provoke more misinformation than information in the trailers (remember Lost). They want to keep this discussion going for as long as possible, so do not expect clear answers in next trailers
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    Remember that shot they kept recycling in The Original Series, where Scotty pulled down the levers on the transporter? Those weren't his hands! (James Doohan was missing part of a finger)

    So, it could be Cumberbaddie even if it was a stand-in doing that touchy-hands-through-glass shot.
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    That's true. The very first time in Trek history we got a clear, unimpeded shot of Doohan's right hand with the missing finger was in TFF in 1989 when Scotty was holding the silver bag of Starfleet rations/snacks that Uhura hands him on the Enterprise-A bridge.

    There was a partial, very quick shot of his right hand when he helps guide a dizzy, disoriented Kirk out of the transporter room at the beginning of "The Enemy Within," but you have to look really close and sharp to notice the missing finger. It goes by fast.
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    Also here and here.
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    I never noticed the "Catspaw" footage before. Thanks for that. I guess so many of us were focused on the zoned-out zombie expressions on their faces we didn't pay attention to their hands.
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    How's this - in the new timeline, the Botany Bay is discovered by some other Starfleet vessel. Khan and company vanquish that crew, since Kirk isn't there, and take the ship. Khan dons a Starfleet uniform and reeks havoc somewhere, defeats the enterprise in an initial battle, heads to to earth for vengeance, and Kirk and the E get to earth for the final confrontation. There's your story.
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    Just a thought as I read the 9min preview story...access to healing technology....though he is not part of Starfleet in TOS's original history, a possibility struck me that it might be Flint.

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    If all these rumors are true it seems to me like JJ is trying to link his second Star Trek movie to THE second Star Trek movie.

    Looking to get some good Karma from Khan, JJ? I hope so because your trailer doesn't seem promising. I didn't see an inkling of a plot and alot of flashy cuts and SPFX doesn't cut it with all of us.

    Yours was the first Star Trek movie I enjoyed since Roddenberry closed his eyes, so please don't let me down with this one.
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    No inkling of a plot in a 60 second announcement teaser?
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    Did you think you were going to get the entire plot in a one minute trailer designed to show a bunch of SFX shots quickly?
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    Some people don't seem to understand what teasers are for.
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    The first time I noticed it was in the famous silhouette shot from Search for Spock where they are on the mountaintop watching the Enterprise burn up. The TOS screengrabs are a surprise to me. I never noticed them in TOS. He was an expert at keeping his right hand in a fist, hiding it from the camera, and doing things left-handed.
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    Hearing hints from the 9 minute prologue, its not ruined it for me, however kind of confirms that its the Enterprise under there monitoring the situation on this certain planet.

    Ive seen a few boards and twitter, mainly arguing a starship shouldnt/couldnt be underwater, also, wouldnt a retro fitted shuttle or, given the size of the ship, an actual submarine type thing for these kind of missions. To be fair, this is a rebooted universe and doesnt have to follow set rules.

    Now, am i the only one who thinks a starship underwater slowly ascending is damn cool!?

    Also, back on the whole 'Who is getting the vulcan hand gesture' debate, as said in this thread, could be Pike getting his gamma rays with Spock giving a farewell to his first captain.

    Heres how it could be unfolding. The Enterprise was called into service in Star Trek with a large cadet compliment, stands to reason the same this time around, with Pike being their mentor of sorts. During battle or whatever radiation is released, Pike makes sure his cadets get to safety while sacrificng himself in the process, hence Spock bidding farewell with a salute and direct TWOK reference.

    Also, i wont be clicking on the Cumberbatch/Eve character threads just yet, not at least until ive seen trailer two. So im in the dark, still. :techman:
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    I think it's utter absurd for a number reasons but I digress.