The Star Eagle Adventures: EVS3 - Homecoming

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    She has a valid point, and Leva's entirely too cavalier about dismissing it.

    Let's hope he doesn't get caught out in all this.
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    Ugh. I think she's going to have to club Leva over the head and drag him off, at this point.
    And I thought I was dense about women...
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    The Romulan delegation which had been brought to Earth by the Turing had been housed at a Starfleet compound in Shanghai for the duration of their visit, close enough to Paris and San Francisco where they would spend most of their time, and yet not close enough to the very nerve centers of the Federation and Starfleet to possibly pose a threat. It was a subtle message by the powers that were that the Federation was hoping to normalize the mostly hostile relations that had existed between their respective people for centuries before the Dominion War, but that real trust between the Federation and the Romulan Empire was not yet a reality.

    Leva had been one of the few individuals who had been cleared to visit the delegation, thanks to his connections with his fellow Romulan in exile and on-again-off-again mentor Osanus Dar. Dar had apparently been instrumental in making these talks possible.

    Security, however, remained tight, many had not forgotten the events that had taken place the last time a Romulan delegation had visited Earth four years earlier during the Antwerp Conference which had ended in disaster when the Dominion had detonated a bomb, killing twenty-seven people. The incident had become infamous for not only marking the beginning of the Dominion aggression against the Alpha Quadrant but also for being the deadliest attack on Earth in over a century, shattering a period of unprecedented peace that had been enjoyed by its populace. Of course, the Antwerp bombing eventually became nothing more than a prelude to the devastating Breen attack on San Francisco during the height of the Dominion War.

    Leva met Donatra in the beautifully maintained inner courtyard of the compound she was staying at, judging by her smile, she had been waiting for him.

    Jolan tru,” he said, using the traditional Romulan greeting.

    “And hello to you, So’Dan.”

    He was immediately struck how much better she looked in person than over the view screen, still wearing her short, Romulan military-style haircut which highlighted her perfectly tapered ears, her gracefully upswept brow as well as her expressive eyes and her bright lips. He couldn’t help but find her attractive even in her bulky gray Romulan uniform.

    “Welcome to Earth,” he said.

    “Glad to be here. Gladder still you cold be.”

    He nodded. “How have you been?”
    “It’s been a tough few years," she said, her voice taking on a more serious tone now and Leva could certainly sympathize with the sentiment. The war had been hard on the Romulans as well, while they had not exactly been forthcoming with precise numbers on their losses and while they were likely much lower than those of the Federation and the Klingons who had fought the Dominion for longer, the Romulans had suffered a great deal as well, after all there had been no half-measures when they had joined the war effort, they had thrown everything they'd had at the enemy and even that had very nearly not been enough.

    Leva was pleased that she seemed to have survived the war intact. "Yes, for all of us."

    “But that’s behind us now, isn’t it? Time to look forward and all that.”

    “I believe that’s what has brought you here.”

    “Quite an interesting development, wouldn’t you say?”

    He nodded but didn’t speak for a moment. He continued before the silence between them threatened to become awkward. “I understand I have you for the rest of the day.”

    “That’s right. I have been handed over into your care. I am all yours as they say. My official mission is to immerse myself in human culture to better appreciate our former enemy and perhaps a potential ally one day.”

    “You almost make it sound like a chore.”

    She laughed. “I suppose that all depends on my guide.”

    “I shall try to make this as memorable as I can. But remember, I’m only partly human. I might not be the best person to make you appreciate this planet’s culture.”

    “Something tells me I won’t have any complaints. Where do we start?”
    Leva took a moment to take in his surroundings. The compound was just outside of Shanghai and completely walled in but did allow a peek at the large city's impressive skyline. "We could start right here. Shanghai is one of Earth's most vibrant cities."

    She frowned. “I got to see some of it on our shuttle ride in. To be honest it’s not quite my kind of thing. A lot of modern super skyscrapers. I’ve seen this on Romulus and countless other worlds.”

    He nodded. “Shanghai has changed much over the centuries. It didn’t fare well during Earth’s various wars and was rebuilt a number of times. I suppose it has lost some of its unique character, but it remains a great melting pot of Western and Eastern influences.”

    Donatra didn’t look impressed.

    “Tell you what,” he said. “We’re actually not too far from the place I spent most of my early years after leaving Romulan space. It’s still quite a historic place, even today.”

    At that, she lit up. "I wouldn't mind seeing your old stomping grounds. The place that tamed your wild Romulan blood," she said with a smirk.

    “Don’t know about tamed,” he said and then nodded her way. “Before we leave, perhaps consider changing your attire?”

    She looked down at her uniform. “What’s wrong with it?”

    "There aren't many Romulans on Earth, so it depends on how much you want to stick out."

    Donatra nodded. “I guess it’s only fair. We made you change into more local garments when you came to visit.”

    Twenty minutes and one outfit later, the two set out via shuttle, heading east, Donatra having changed into a simple, tan suit which if it hadn’t been for her ridged brow made her look almost Vulcan. Leva had remained in his uniform.

    “So where are we heading?” she asked as the shuttle left the Chinese mainland behind and headed over open waters.

    “A place called Kyoto on the Japanese island. My father lived there for some time before he met my mother and we kept our principal residence there. If you are looking for Earth culture and history, you won’t find too many places that offer more on this side of the planet. It’s a city that hasn’t changed all that much over the last few centuries.”

    In the shuttle it took them mere minutes to reach Honshu, the Japanese main island and Leva slowed them down once they were back over land to allow his passenger to take in the green and hilly landscape below.

    “This almost reminds me of Romulus,” she said as he turned to look at him. “No wonder you chose to live here.”

    "Not sure if I would use the word chose. In fact, I couldn't wait to get away from here fast enough when I was younger. Joined Starfleet as soon as I was old enough. I think in hindsight I was probably a little too rash with my decisions. I suppose I was a fairly angry young man back then."

    She grinned. “Some insights into So’Dan Leva’s inner psyche. This trip is certainly full of surprises.”

    “Well, don’t expect many of those.”

    He brought the shuttle down at a landing port near the center of the historic city where they disembarked and began to explore the town on foot and public transport, Leva taking her to see a number of majestic Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples which had survived for centuries and proudly reflected historic Japanese architecture which Donatra admitted to being impressive.

    “Considering how violent I hear Earth culture has been in your history, I am surprised to find so much of its architecture has survived,” she said as they strolled through the gorgeous moss garden of the Saihō-ji temple.

    “Earth has also experienced nearly two centuries of peace before the Dominion War.”

    “Maybe. But for thousands of years before that humans were at war with each other over petty national and religious conflicts. Trust me, most people outside this solar system are stupefied how Earth and its people managed to not only survive but also become the center of a galactic superpower.”

    He offered a smile. “I did not know you were a scholar of Earth history.”

    “Romulans believe that knowing their enemy is essential to securing victory.”

    “I didn’t think we were still enemies.”

    She shrugged. “We were when I was taught about Earth.”

    He nodded and then stopped when they had reached the temple proper.

    “What is it?”

    “Two hundred meters behind us. A woman in a dark suit. I think she has been following us since we left Tō-ji.”

    Donatra uttered a little, amused laugh.


    “She has been following us since we left the shuttle. Her and her partner. What I cannot tell is if they are just bad at trying to be inconspicuous or if they are just not trying very hard at all. Letting me know that we are being watched.”

    “They’re with Starfleet? Federation Security maybe?”

    She nodded. “You didn’t honestly think they would let a Romulan walk around on Earth supervised solely by one Starfleet officer who himself has some Romulan blood coursing through his veins.”

    “I suppose not.”

    "I don't blame them. Besides, it's not as if we weren't watched when I took you on a tour of the capital back on Romulus. Trust me we had a lot more eyes on us then we do now."

    Leva nodded slowly. “You spotted them pretty quickly though.”

    “I tend to be pretty mindful of my surroundings. Particular in unfamiliar territory.”

    But he didn’t look fully convinced and Donatra could tell. She smirked. “You think I made them because I’m a spy? An agent of the Tal Shiar?”

    “After all we’ve been through, do you really blame me?”

    She turned away from him. "I suppose not. In fact, I probably deserve your mistrust."

    He took a step towards her. “You did work for them. You got close to me to get me to defect. Those are facts.”

    “Right. And what could I possibly say now that would make you trust me? To make you believe that I hated what I did to you. I hated it until I realized that I enjoyed your company so much, I was actually excited about the prospect of being successful in my mission. Of you staying on Romulus. With me.”

    Leva placed a hand on her shoulder. “And I almost did. Because of you.”

    She shrugged him off. “But now you’ll never be able to trust me again. Now, whenever you look at me there’ll be that voice in the back of your head, trying to warn you, telling you not to get too close because I might not be what you think I am.”

    He considered the ancient temple for a moment as he tried to collect his thoughts. She was right of course, everything she had said what absolutely true. It also meant that Lieutenant Donatra was either one of the best Romulan agents the Tal Shiar had ever produced, or a person desperately trying to atone for her past actions. Leva wanted to believe the latter. He turned back to face her even while she kept her back to him. “I don’t know about you, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

    She very slowly turned back around. “Are you now?”

    He shrugged. “As long as you don’t ask me to reveal Federation secrets.”

    Donatra laughed. “You really think that the Tal Shiar doesn’t already know whatever secrets you could share?”

    “Now that hurts.”

    They continued their sightseeing tour of Kyoto until the late evening and left the city after an extensive seafood dinner in one of the city’s famous eateries. Donatra had asked him to return with her to her room in the compound in Shanghai where she claimed to have a surprise for him.

    “I can’t wait to see it,” he had said with a gleam in his eyes.

    “You’re fortunate I’m not a telepath because I’m sure I don’t care where your mind has wandered off to.”

    He had smartly suppressed any further commentary after that.

    As it turned out the surprise had been a case of eight bottles containing an azure beverage.

    Leva could hardly complain as he quickly pulled one of the bottles out of the case. “Authentic kali-fal? Now that is a surprise.”

    “I remember how much you took to it,” she said and then produced a couple of glasses. “I think a few drinks won’t hurt.”

    He didn’t say no. After having spent a lifetime mostly reviling the beverage, he’d found a new appreciation for it after his journey to Romulus. He wasn’t entirely sure if this was because he had never before tasted the real thing—after all he had been too young to try it when he had lived in Romulan space as a child—or because his visit to his former home had somehow changed his complicated attitude towards his Romulan heritage which he had taken pains to ignore or outright deny after having turned his back on that culture. Perhaps it had everything to do with his budding feelings for Donatra herself after he had first met her.

    Regardless, he had joined her eagerly in opening a bottle and just like two years earlier, it hadn’t stopped there.
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    Oh boy...a night of drinks with an old flame. Oh well, what could go wrong?
    I think Leva is going to have some 'splaining to do when he gets home to Eagle. Yikes.

    I don't know how I feel about Donatra yet. I didn't trust her at first but now I...oh hell, okay I still don't trust her.
    It's not because she's Romulan either, she just seems a little too glib and disarming somehow. I guess we'll find out.

    The only problem here is that if Donatra is playing him, Leva will be devastated and probably won't ever trust anyone again.
    That means a certain interested party will pay the price because he won't commit to her or anyone else after this.

    Here's hoping I'm wrong!
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    Differently to their encounter two years ago, this time there had been no rushed departure by Donatra. Whereas last time she had attempted sneak away even before he had awoken, Leva found her just where he had left her the night before, lying in bed next to him.

    Jolan tru," he whispered softly as her eyes began to flutter open.

    Her response was a satisfied little purr.

    “Just as good as you remembered it?”

    She smirked. “Better,” she said.

    He nodded.

    “What time is it?” she asked through still only half-opened eyes.

    He turned his head towards the window and the sun streaming into the room. “Late morning, I’d guess.”

    She pressed herself closer against him. “Too early.”

    “Agreed.” He brushed his hand against her cheek and then moved in closer to kiss her. “We could stay like this the whole day as far as I’m concerned. I have nowhere I need to be.”

    Donatra stopped suddenly and pulled back. “I do.”


    “Computer. What is the time?”

    A soft trill acknowledged the inquiry. “The time is ten thirty-four hours.”

    Her eyes opened wide as she rolled away from Leva and practically fell out of bed. It was only a momentary setback as she shot back up onto her feet and then rushed into the washroom.

    Leva smirked as he watched her naked, retreating form. “I take it you are late for something.”

    “The conference,” she called out from the washer as he heard the sonic shower coming to life. “Starfleet Headquarters in twenty-six minutes. Is that in walking distance?”

    Leva couldn't suppress a laugh. She may have studied Earth history but clearly, geography had not been part of her lesson plan. "Not quite. Another continent altogether."

    She uttered a colorful Romulan curse.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get priority transporter access. And even if not, I can probably pull some strings.”

    She emerged just six minutes later and Leva was impressed what she had been able to accomplish in that time. She looked spotless, already dressed in her uniform, not a hair out of place and even her lip coloring perfectly applied.

    "I'm a soldier girl," she said after noticing his surprise. "Being ready is half the battle."

    He nodded. “Will I see you after the conference?”

    She sighed. “I am not certain it will be possible. The schedule for the next two days is pretty tight. A lot of conferences and meetings and when I’m not in one of those, I will have review sessions with my delegation. This was really the only time I could make available for us.”

    "In that case, I'm glad we made such good use of it."

    Donatra smiled.

    “What’s next after the conference?”

    She walked over to a mirror to adjust her uniform even if Leva couldn’t really see the need. “I’ve already been assigned to a ship as a weapons officer. The fleet needs every available hand maintaining order in the Cardassian territory.”

    He didn't like the sound of that. None of the stories coming out of that area had been positive since the war had ended and the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans had divided up the territory which had formerly been part of the Cardassian Union amongst themselves. A number of former Cardassian military hardliners had taken arms to oppose the occupation by any means necessary. Blood had already been spilled on all sides, and as expected the Klingons and Romulans were particularly ruthless in quelling any unrest.

    “Could you not request an assignment somewhere else? Somebody with your diplomatic experience could be invaluable right here on Earth working for the Romulan mission.”

    She turned away from the mirror to face him. "I know what you're trying to do, So'Dan and I don't think I appreciate it. No matter what is happening between the two of us, I am and always will be a loyal Romulan soldier. And I will go wherever I am needed most. Do whatever I must to serve Romulus. You understand this, don't you?"

    He nodded slowly. “Yes, of course.”

    “Good, I wanted to make sure you knew where we stand.”

    “About that. Where exactly do we stand? What is this thing between us exactly?”

    She walked over to the bed where he was sitting up against the headrest and she leaned down to kiss him. Then she regarded him for a moment. "I like you, So'Dan Leva."

    He smirked. “Good to know.”

    Then she uttered a little sigh. “To answer your question, I don’t really know. This isn’t exactly conventional. But I think we need to be realistic about what is possible considering our respective positions. I like you So’Dan but I am not giving up my life. And I don’t think you are either.”

    He considered those words for just a moment. “Funny you would say that considering that I almost gave up my life under similar circumstances.”

    She frowned, clearly not sure how to respond to this.

    He waved it off. “Sorry, that wasn’t entirely fair.”

    “There’s some truth to it, I guess.”

    But he shook his head. “I am and always have been of two worlds and I have struggled with that all my life. Intentional or not, you opened my eyes to something I had tried to ignore for a long time. That I’m as much Romulan as I am human.”

    “And for what it’s worth, I think you represent the best parts of both our people.”

    It was a nice sentiment, he thought, even if he was not sure he shared it. He had made his fair share of poor decisions in his life after all.

    She headed towards the doors but stopped short and looked at him one last time. “We will see each other again, of that I have no doubt. Thank you for trusting me and for the time we got to spend together. Jolan tru, So’Dan.”

    “Until we meet again.”

    She gave him one last smile and then was out of the door and at least for now it seemed, out of his life again.

    Leva uttered a heavy sigh and let himself fall back onto the bed. As far as he was concerned, he really had nowhere else to be.
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    Well then. It seems these two have a real connection and I doubt we've seen the last of this relationship.
    I might have been wrong about Donatra, maybe she's not the shifty sort, after all. But one can't help wondering at this "chance encounter" and whether or not it's a set up towards some nefarious scheme down the road.

    Romulans are master chess players, and she may again be at the mercy of her superiors and a slave to her loyalty.

    Or not.
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    After a rather awkward encounter with the local Starfleet personnel running the compound during which he had struggled to explain his presence in Donatra’s quarters, Leva had decided to return to Eagle. After all the modifications on the tactical systems were still not complete and focusing on work, he figured, was favorable to staying on Earth which at least for the moment reminded him too much of the short but memorable time he had spent with Donatra.

    Eagle was still running with a skeleton crew and was mostly occupied by spacedock’s maintenance personnel and a few crewmembers who had decided not to take the offered shore leave.

    One of the first things he had done was to check in on Nora and had learned that she had since been fully cleared by Doctor Katanga and that she was apparently no longer on board the ship. He had taken some comfort in that. If she felt well enough to spend time planetside, she was probably over whatever had affected her.

    He had contacted Alendra next to meet her in main engineering to discuss the next phase of the weapons and shields overhaul they had started a few days earlier.

    The Bolian arrived late and Leva quickly noticed that she wasn't quite herself. Her facial expressions were difficult to read as if she was trying to keep them purposefully neutral. "Did you enjoy yourself, Commander?"

    He shot her a puzzled look at the unexpected formality which had crept into her tone. "I had a good time," he said nodding. "As I said, there was nothing to worry about, I have not been turned into a Romulan spy by evil Tal Shiar machinations," he added with a grin which completely failed to find any acknowledgment.

    “Anyway,” he continued. “I thought we carry on where we left off. I’ve already run a diagnostic on the primary phaser couplers and we’ve achieved a throughput improvement of nearly five percent. I think we can do even better before we move on to the torpedo guidance systems and the new shield grid.”

    “Right,” she said, “we’ll just pick up where we left off.”

    “Is there a problem with that?”

    She shook her head. “No problem, sir. Except that I’ve been thinking about what you told me before you left. I do believe I should take some shore leave,” she said and then presented him with a padd which she had been hiding behind her back.

    “What’s this?” he said as he took the device and glanced it over.

    “My request for shore leave, sir.”

    He frowned. The request she had put in writing would practically keep her away from the ship until Eagle was scheduled to depart for her next mission. There would be no time at all to continue their work together. There was no question that she was entitled to the leave, but it had not been what he had expected.

    Alendra noticed his confusion. “I am planning on visiting my family on Bolarus, I haven’t seen them since the war first broke out. Unless of course, you have an objection.”

    “I … no, of course not. I just thought—“

    She took the padd back from him. "Thank you, sir," she turned and began to walk away.


    She stopped to turn and face him again.

    “You are upset?”

    She laughed mirthlessly. "You're a trained tactical officer. Clearly, you can read between the lines."

    He wasn’t sure what to say to that.

    Alendra took a few steps back towards him. “You said you can see the obvious but to be honest I’m not so certain. I’ll be back in a week, maybe you’ve figured it out by then.” Her body went stiff. “Permission to be dismissed, sir.”

    He hesitated for only a moment and then nodded. “Permission granted.”

    She turned on her heel and this time walked away with purpose, leaving Leva behind.

    He looked after her with a blank look on his face, not missing the fact that Alendra was the second woman he had watched walking out on him on the same day. He couldn't help but start wonder if Nora hadn’t been right all along.

    He wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, the only thing he knew for certain was that just a few days earlier, the galaxy had seemed like a much less complicated place.
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    Alendra needs to get slapped upside the head. And I think I know a certain Bolian who would eagerly volunteer for the job! Things are getting complicated for everyone involved.

    This brings up a pretty fascinating aspect of the ST universe: mainly, that different humanoid species can become attracted to one another, even when there are likely large anatomical and aesthetic differences involved.

    Great character development, keep it coming.
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