The scary/creepy moments of TNG

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    Is that what you think misogynistic means? I never accused you of stalking anyone or trying to make anyone's lives miserable, so I don't know where that's coming from. I just think you frequently express some rather anachronistic views about women.

    I don't remember the episode all that well, but wasn't the reason Picard ordered Data's conversations terminated because it was a potential Prime Directive violation since they were a pre-warp society? No mention of a Lolita situation between Data and the alien girl being on Picard's mind, that I recall.

    Also, your description of Data fails to take into account that despite his outward appearance, age since activation, and great intellect, he is in many ways like a child himself. Inexperienced in social interaction, extremely curious, eager to learn new things. So he would actually have a great deal in common with a child, which is a point they made on multiple occasions on the show (and in Insurrection).

    I find it comical that you seem to think an adult male and an unrelated child should never have any sort of interaction whatsoever, much less one via radio where there was no expectation of contact (at least not until the end, and not by choice). It's not like Data was luring her to a sexual encounter like something out of To Catch a Predator. It's the worst kind of child molestation paranoia that takes a legitimate concern but blows it completely out of proportion to the point where you can't even have fathers on a playground without them getting suspicious looks.

    Data's Peter Pan essentially. If you want to see that as something sinister, again, that's on you. There was never any intent on the writer's part to suggest anything negative about it.
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    I never saw that! I'll have to go back and watch that scene again. :D

    In the three dozen times I watched that episode, I have never had any inkling of any kind that would lead to see it as anything other than what it was: a being who wanted to protect the innocent and vulnerable. How do you read anything else into it? I mean, there is really nothing else there that would even remotely suggest anything at all on the level of which you're saying, and I mean nothing. Nothing, sir. Not one jot, nor one iota, not a gossamer of a wisp of a hope on a prayer dancing on the head of a pin. Nothing.
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    Alright, well ... I have nothing else to add, so. Guess that's it.
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    Sounds like Michael Jackson.
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    I told you before, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

    (p.s. oh don't you start too!)
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    The final version of the holodeck table actually looks very dissimilar to the "real" table. To be fair to the holodeck though, the real table doesn't even match the descriptions they gave. The unreliability of memory. :)
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    Yeah, it's impossible for an adult man to have a friendly talk and relationship with a young girl. It's amazing how adult family members can have any meaningful contact with younger family members without coming across with a perv. I mean the looks I get from people when I give my 10-year-old niece a friendly hug. But, I guess I can understand their point of view. I mean and adult male making any kind of contact with a young girl? Scandalous!

    That, or, it IS possible for an adult and child to have a simple relationship that means nothing more than "these two people know each other."
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    The scene in Timescape where Picard beings to go loopy, draws the smiley face in the frozen exhaust from the warp core breach, and does that really disturbing and quite maniacal laugh. What really does it for me is that Patrick looks creepy when he smiles.
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    In my opinion, perhaps the best 'horror scene' in trek, ever, was the already-often-mentioned- morgue scene in 'Night terrors'. So simple, only 15 seconds, yet so incredibly effective.

    I found 'phantasms' pretty creepy, as well. The concept of a very sympathetic and innocent person like Data 'out of nowhere' beginning to have nightmares filled with dark and bizarre imagery that become steadily worse (and us being there to actually see them) was unsettling to me. More so because he became totally obsessed by them.

    Ironically, with the discovery of the peptide-sucking (or whatever) interphasic parasites, the episode becomes a whole lot less frightening to me. ("pfew! I thought Data was going mad but it's just a bunch of alien parasites!")
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    "Eyes in the moon circles" For some reason that one phrase spoken in that weird whispering voice in "Night Terrors" gives me the creeps more than anything in the whole series!
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    I’m watching Violations right now and this episode is pretty creepy.
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    Indeed. That morgue scene was particularly creeply espeically when one remembers what it is and what it represents. Have to say that Genesis was pretty creepy too when the whole crew starting to de-evolve.
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    Not at all. :)

    It's an underrated episode, "Skin of Evil". Armus deserved a follow-up, there's enough background story about these titan beings... and surely that Federation probe launched would intrigue the Romulans and every other enemy of the Federation to beam on down to investigate?? But the horror element works great with what the crew are put through, though they're quick when Roscoe P Coltrane - I mean Leland T Lynch - gets the warp drive going again despite the extremely by-the-numbers scene involving avoiding the checks, there was a missed opportunity in that as well as a potential sequel, Armus was slimy enough - no pun really intended...

    Another gem, despite some off moments, is "Datalore". The threats Lore uses about getting Wesley to shriek is pretty horrific. As is actually doing what no villain has done before and actually fire on one of the heroes (Beverly) and visibly injuring her. And, of course, Worf being punched and quickly keeling over by Lore is definitely award-worthy since Worf often gets into scrape without issue -- along comes Lore and *POW*. It's a shocker. and, of course, Lore kicking Data in the head is fairly horrific as well. Again, not a perfect episode but many little set pieces make up for the story's problems.

    I vaguely recall other horror-worthy scenes in season 1. Appropriate to the story, not how horrific season 1 is overall in terms of trying to get people to stop watching.

    "Contagion" had some great examples of horror as well. Both on plot level and production level, the trickery used to show Geordi being pummeled inside the turbolift is rather effective, as is seeing the Yamato explode for no reason and with everyone watching. (Sadly, the episode also becomes a trope namer as "warp core breach, abandon ship!" would become the ubiquitous go-to crutch every time they had to put the ship into peril, which in turn makes Geordi's exposition on how improbable the situation is look unintentionally laughable in retrospect. )

    And while BOBW pt 2 has aged better than pt 1, and even though I had figured out the cliffhanger early on, it's still something of a shock to see Picard as a Borg at the end. It is a jaw-dropper nonetheless, partly because you think "naah, they're not going to do it - they made it way too obvious" and yet they do it despite the obvious build-up. The make-up department might be the reason why, they did a really great job. It's still a shock, even if one could predict it. What's sad is that the $2000 laser in the headgear and later repurposed to read compact discs with now costs only $2 and is used to pinpoint a chart on a wall and/or to entertain cats.

    And, of course, Troi chocolate cake with mint frosting. I've to eat my broccoli first, then go for the chocolate afterward.
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    Wesley trying to warn everyone that Lore was impersonating Data and was planning to kill everyone, only to be met with a "Shut up, Wesley!" from the Captain of all people, the one man he respected more than anyone else who had a close friendship with his own mother... that was truly horrific to my childhood mind.

    It was like, here, let me totally destroy any respect you used to have for me with this totally unjust betrayal and dismissal of your very valid warning because you're just a kid.

    Imagine if it had been Riker who the Captain met with a "Shut up, Will!"
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    It has been mentioned before but I'll mention it again.

    I remember being spooked when Barclay-spider jumped up in engineering in 'Genesis'.
    Not by how he looked but how it was done, SURPRISE!

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    Agreed that "Time Squared" is genuinely creepy and unsettling.

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    going to nod night terrors and genesis... dark page has really dark imagery just rewatched it.. when Lwaxanna speaks and its Picards image that part freaks me out... just that whole episode dark and creepy
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    also. timescape 6th season... when the romulan jumps out at Geordi and at first Geordis like hey. wasnt that guy over there... that part if I dont psyche out before hand 9 times out of 10 gets me.. those kind of scenes in movies. i really hate those.. makes me jump
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    The one with Geordi when he turns into chameleon. Was terrified of that episode in my youth. Wicked work with the costumes on that 1⃣
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    Known as the Van Halen effect in TV world.